10 Things That Really Piss Me Off About The South Asian Music Scene




I was taught to never hold in feelings or thoughts which are bothersome. Otherwise they turn into a big ball of fire.  Well, too late….I’ve finally complied a list of what really bothers me about the South Asian music scene. It might be a harsh article, but it’s seriously how I feel. Read it, and weep.

Trance & House Bollywood Remixes – A Bollywood song is released. Whether it’s about Munni’s Jawani. Or about Sheila being badnaam’ed. Or about a Jawani being Halkat. Whatever it may be… you’ll have a house/techno/trance REMIXED version of it before you can  quickly say

“FilmyFaltuFelines” 3 times. At first, it was all cool…it was kind of nice having maybe a faster paced “item girl” song to dance to at Bollywood club night or whatever. However, now you have deejays (most of them being from the eastern countries) spitting out remixes that literally seem like they were FORCED to do because a) “DJ Shallow Hawaii” needed to compete and remix it faster than B) “DJ Neel Agnihotrinator” down the street.

Artists portraying to be “Righteous”

These is for all the artists who have naive youngsters looking up to them: I don’t care if you wear all white robes with blue turbans. Or have a bald head with Norteño tattoos across your chest. I don’t care if you have a long gutt (braid) with baggy clothes or wear scandalous clothing with your titties hanging out. It doesn’t matter to me if you use the words “humble” or “guru” in your artist names. It also doesn’t matter if you have an artist name that resembles the food we eat. It also doesn’t matter if you constantly big up a “Higher Power” or if your Twitter bio says “Striving for World Peace”. Your outward tendencies of portrayal HAVE NOTHING to do with who you are as person. Matter of fact, if you are continually putting up a “righteous act” through your lyrics, you are probably the biggest douche bag.. or the biggest bitch. And if you’re portraying yourself to be the biggest jerk through your music.. you might be a sweeter soul than you think. Don’t be fooled, youngsters. Stop. Think. And fully evaluate the artists you look up to. Just enjoy their music… but don’t make them your idols to live your mottos by.


It’s annoying as f*ck. Look buddy, we can see the tweet. You promoting your new song on Itunes or your next club gig on Twitter and Facebook is not going to get you much more exposure by typing the same message in CAPS over and over and over again. If it didn’t catch our attention the first time around.. it’s definitely not going to do it the second time around.

“DESI” Rap

Is it just me, or has this term gotten extremely watered down? Almost flat like soda when too much ice melts in your nice crisp Pepsi. It seems as if every Joe Shumuck around the block wants to rap.. in PUNJABI or HINDI.. sometimes even URDU. Kudos to you. However, make it a bit more original, yeah? And perhaps carefully re-evaluate your “content”, “flow” (rhythm and rhyme), and “delivery”…and if you don’t really understand those terms— It’s about time you looked up pioneers and the historical context of rapping roots before you run around claiming to be a “rapper”.

The controversary between “Urban Desi” and “Burban”

I still don’t get it and I really don’t care.

YouTube teeny bopper celebrities

Once again.. you have tons of youngsters looking up to you (unfortunately). Every other kid at gurdwara school wants to grow up and become the next JusReign. That’s cool, dude. But just keep in mind the content of your videos. Please. YouTube doesn’t have a sensoring or rating system for foolish stupidity.

“Hating” Miss Pooja

If you are repeatedly claiming to “hate Miss Pooja”, in real life or on your Twitter and Facebook… PLEASE don’t turn around and do a collaboration track with her. It looks bad on your credentials.

Traditonal Bhangra with Slutty Go-Go Dancers

Does anyone understand this? One minute you’ll have traditional bhangra dancers in traditional outfits busting out their chaals or jhummers at a club; but then a second later in another scene, in the same club, there’s some slutty South Asian dancers getting their freak on. Am I missing some concept here? Is there supposed to a bigger message about the union of a melting pot or something? If not.. why have we not progressed to more meaningful yet creative music videos for bhangra songs?

Bhangra songs with “Gangsters”

I’m just tired of it. You’ll have a perfectly good bhangra song with great lyrics. Then out of the blue, you will see a bunch of Desi guys who are portraying to be “gangsters” roll out of their truck with guns—shooting up another car of Desi “gangsters”. What’s really hilarious is the artist(s) behind these bhangra songs are usually the ones repeatedly instagramming pictures of their puppies and kittens.

The BBC Asian Network minus My Favorite Shows = Death

Why? What POSSESSED the BBC Asian Network to get rid of the ONLY shows pioneering and showcasing RAW South Asian talent? Is Bollywood not enough on Zee TV and B4U? Why must they use valuable tax money of British people to play more shitty Bollywood songs and to discuss the marriage of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor?

Written By: OTinaOTina

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