Our people are saved, Our music is saved. BBC Asian Network, Zindabad!



No need to fear all you UK music lovers – The BBC corporation has decided they will not shut down the BBC Asian Network after a year of deliberation.

As soon as the news hit last year, South Asians all over the world began to protest against the debunking of the network. More than 100 British South Asians signed a letter to a popular media outlet as well as the BBC corporation,  pleading for the network to be saved.

Also, the South Asian musichead community has been coming together to have their voices heard and to keep this network alive. I love the track streaming below (by Shizzio and Tigerstyle) because it’s a prime demonstration of this hardfelt work. Which in fact…has yielded desirable results. Well done!

This decision will have to be approved by the BBC  Trust in the  next few months.  Let’s hope they make a good decison.

Keep supporting the BBC Asian Network and spread the word. The South Asian community does not have much of a mainstream platform and let’s do our best to keep it alive.

Yours truly, Tina xoxo @ http://www.otinaotina.us/

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Save The Music – Tigerstyle feat. Shizzio by TigerstyleOnline


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