5 Desi Music Groups Who Can Rock a Crowd




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There are a lot more individual artists in the South Asian music scene rather than music groups. In this blog, will name the top South Asian music groups on the scene right now who really know what they are doing! I really like the idea of South Asian music groups because by working together, each person can add a piece of the pie. Each person always brings something different to the table and that’s what makes a band really run. Luckily, I have experienced 3 out of these 5 groups in person so, I’m hoping that gives me some credibility for what I’m really talking about!

5. En Karma

This group of Indo-Canadian guys started off with a vision for providing a classic sound that showcases a perfect balance between traditional bhangra and contemporary fusion. In my opinion, these guys are a breathe of fresh air because they are the ultimate bhangra band on the scene. When you think about it, no one else is really taking this type of approach when it comes to producing or performing bhangra music. Another awesome thing about these guys is that they are from Vancouver, B.C. You don’t really see many South Asian artists coming out of this South Asian hub. I’ve gotten the chance to see these guys perform live, and boy can they rock a house! Big up to the hottest bhangra band on the scene today!

4. Punjabi Hit Sqaud

This cool music gang started off in the early 2000’s when they started experimenting with unique sounds and ways of music. The two guys on the forefront, Rav and Dee have really worked together over the years to provide a progressive South Asian sound with their special mixing, producing and remixing talent. I remember listening to them in the 2000’s and remembering how ahead their time they were. They’ve even produced remixed tracks for Jay Sean, Mariah Carrey, Raghav and more. They have gotten so good, they had their own radio show on BBC Asian Network. Tell me, that’s not talent!

3. Delhi 2 Dublin

Oh, I have too many good things to say about this band! Delhi 2 Dublin is the ultimate definition of a Progressive South Asian music band. Their musical vibes are a mix of bhangra and Celtic music. They started off in Canada, but have quickly become and international band with their eclectic sound. What a combo. One would not really be able to fathom how this would be possible, but it is. D2D is an ultimate performance band. What I mean by that is, that they thrive off of performing and that’s what they do best.  I’ve seen these guys perform and they have this magical way of really getting the crowd pumped. A few of my friends who were with me that day had not heard of them or their music, but after D2D performed, my friends where fending for more!

2. Swami

Swami has to be one of the oldest progressive South Asian music bands on the scene. They funny thing is that they have been keeping their up above water for over a decade. Their sound is a mix of Popalternative hip hophip hopbhangra, and rock. As you might pick up, many South Asian music groups don’t have such an impressive background in producing such unique sounds. Swami has done a great job experimenting with wonderful sounds that capture the pop aspect of progressive South Asian music. I’m looking forward to their latest experiment “Upgrade” they have really promised to bring something new and fresh!

1. Culture Shock

Yes, of course, another Indo-Canadian music group. We have an interesting group here, there’s Lomaticc who handles most vocals, Sunny Brown who does some vocals, but mainly concentrates on producing music and of course Baba Kahn who also some producing and adds the DJ/remixing touch to the group. First of all, I’d like to say- these guys are the hottest boy band group on the scene. The amount of females fans they have is uncountable! The ladies love them not only for their looks, but they have that boy-band persona by singing the best love ballads and heaviest dance tunes! That’s why they have received the number one spot!

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