9 Reasons Why You Should Get “Senti” with The PropheC



9 Reasons Why You Should Get “Senti” with The PropheC

If you really want our opinion, Canadian music artist The PropheC sings and produces tracks that are fit for the highest of times, and the lowest of times — he’ll sing about anything from euphoric love spells  to shitty heartbreaks! But it’s sentimental and beautiful, nevertheless!

His songs consist of emotionally driven ballads, poetic Punjabi lyrics and the perfect fusion of East and West musical beats that can send you into a la-la land of daydreams and lovey-dovey thoughts. Emotional thoughts that are centered around  falling stupidly in love or cursing that lover who screwed you over — or something close to it.

The bottom line is, The PropheC has found his niche, and that niche is called “senti music”. The word “senti” comes from the word sentimental, and in most recent months the word “senti” has been thrown around by the South Asian community just for the fun of it!

After finding out The PropheC was releasing his new album Futureproof, I had to catch up with him to indulge in some details about his new album and he told me 12 reasons why YOU should get “senti” with him.

The PropheC

9. Worldwide Inspiration

Most of the album was conceived while touring in different cities around the world since summer of 2013

8.In-House Artists

PropheC Productions own artist “Raashi” is featured on the album along with EDM producer “Sodhivine”

7. East Meets West

In terms of a music genre, the album has elements of classical Punjabi and Hindi sounds mixed with a contemporary western pop sound. Since it doesn’t particularly fall into a specific genre, I would say it creates a genre of its own – Senti music.

6. Two Years in the Making

The song I have done with Raashi was a song I had written over 2 years ago. I had always imagined a female to sing it and once I discovered her voice, I knew I could finally complete the song. Her vocals and tone are absolutely amazing and helped “Sajna” become one of the strongest songs on the album.

5. A Proud Moment

I’m proud of all of the songs on the album however, in terms of sound – “My Name” was one of the first songs I completed for the album. I felt the song provided the tone I would set for the rest of the album.

4. Perfectionism

“Sajna” with Raashi was one track I had been working on for a long time. I recorded the first version early last year. When I released the snippet in December 2013, I hadn’t fully completed the song. Reading people’s comments and reactions there was a huge pressure to make the track stand out and hit perfectly. This was the last track I completed for the album as it took a long time to make perfect.

3. Inspirational Growth

My inspiration for this album was growth. Over the past few years, I have learned a lot in music and life in general. I felt the need to express myself musically with this album as I wanted to make an album that came from within yet also had a sound no one had ever heard before.

2. Musical Experiments

As an artist I want to continue to make and experiment with different kinds of music and always have fun with what I do. Future plans are to stay Futureproof – keep striving to take my music to the next level.

1. Emotions and a Tissue Box

I think most of my fans will have an emotional reaction to the album when they are listening to the songs – I recommend listening with a tissue box by your side when you’re experiencing senti music.

The PropheC - Futureproof

There you have it folks, 9 reasons why you should get “senti” with The PropheC. Please support fellow South Asian artists and purchase their music from leading music retailers. Futureproof is all set to release worldwide on 24th April 2014 via iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon MP3 and all leading digital outlets. For more information please visit artist website, Facebook, Twitter Instagram or YouTube.


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