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Desi Raw Radio



The beautiful thing about podcasting is the creative flare and freedom.

Industry Veterans DJ Dips and Mentor Beats recently launched “Desi Raw Radio” it’s a nice blend of urban/bhangra/a bit of bollywood/mainstream beats.

Dips and Mentor scored an interview with Rishi Rish.

Fans of Rishi, Jay Sean and Juggy D eagerly await the trios new track “Freak” – do they still have the magical chemistry? We shall see…

We will be featuring their Desi Raw Radio on our Soundcloud (upper right corner)


Dil Ki Baatein – The 515 crew ft. Chirag Rao OUT NOW ON iTunes



Dil Ki Baatein brings together an array of amazing talents. The tune written and composed by World Music artist the lovely Sonia Panesar.  You throw in the 515 Crew who delivers musical influences from all around the world with that Bollywood flare. They have performed with Legendary Alaap, Navin Kundra, Sunil Kalyan and Sonia Panesar. Besides 515 Crew amazing hook in the beginning of the track and Chirag’s smooth vocals really pulls you in.  Chirag studied under the phenomenal Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, whose also taught singers such as Hariharan, Shaan and Sonu Nigam.  Get your copy Dil Ki Baatein now!

Big Plans for POL Soundtrack



Picture 69

Russell (Uncle Rush) Simmons (left) will be taking the “Politics of Love” soundtrack under his wing along with the POL music supervisor Craig Nobles (right). With Uncle Rush’s expertise, the soundtrack is going to be off the hook. I’ve always had a soft spot for soundtracks, take Bollywood for example the movie might be crap, but the music is good. That was a statement I used to hear from a lot of my friends “the movie sucked, but the music was good” haha. I have high hopes for “Politics of Love” as of now, Mallika seems to be having a lot of fun soaking it up in La La land.

Mallika – Is it too much???



Picture 23

The press in India dismissed this photo as Mallika being “topless” but she really has on a body suit. This is one of the promo pictures for her movie “Hissss” she tweeted this photo and asked “is this too much?”

She’s very candid and honest when she tweets back to her fans, in fact someone was bold enough to ask if she would ever pose topless or nude? Mallika firmly replied – NEVER!

That probably burst the fantasy bubble of millions! Mallika is no stranger to controversy, she knows the rules of Hollywood and knows it’s just acting. In fact, controversial roles, I believe, keeps things challenging and interesting for actors. But for the wider audience in India, it’s hard to grasp. Take Aishiwarya Rai for example… one of her rules if she was going to play a Bond girl, there would be no kissing or no love scenes; those rules don’t apply in Hollywood.

So the media in India, get it right, get a grip – it’s just a body suit. She’s NOT topless.  Mallika is just doing what she does best – acting.

Ps. Mallika the picture isn’t “too much” it’s a nice shot!

What Do I get out of Following Shilpa Shetty?



Picture 6

Almost every one in Bollywood is jumping on the Twitter Bandwagon, it’s no secret this is a new way for Bollywood fans from all around the world to get “minute by minute” updates from their favorite Bollywood stars. I get my daily wisdom from Karan Johar @kjohar25 , random ass tweets from Abhishek Bachchan @juniorbachchan and health tips from Shilpa Shetty @theshilpashetty .

I was a bit skeptical following Shilpa, a couple of years ago, I went on a wild goose chase with this so called “agent” that was suppose to put me in touch with Shilpa for an interview. It never happen and then the agent was caught and arrested for fraud. The twitter account got verified (a way to tell a fake account from the real deal) and I became a Shetty follower.

At the Delhi airport, I came across Shetty’s yoga video, I was tempted to buy it but took the lazy way out and watched it on youtube. When it came to “downward dog” I had this enormous laughing fit, it happen to me a long time ago, when I attended a yoga couples class with an ex. Needless to say, the ex was embarrassed, we left early and never got a chance to reach “the couples zen state of mind” platform.

It’s no secret, Shilpa is a very health conscious woman, her tweets certainly prove that. I think she was looking for her own “nitch” to use twitter, instead of posting random Bollywood tidbits, most fans thrive on. In Mumbai, Shilpa introduced a weight loss program called Inch Lost Wrap “ILW” a holistic alternative for people who want to get a tighter waist. The wrap drains out toxins that have built up inside our bodies. It shrinks the fat cells, but doesn’t get rid of the them, so the client must understand this is used to loss inches around your waist.

Currently she’s away on summer holiday in her South East home in London, with hubby Raj Kundra.

About the author: Petz currently resides in a media cave far away and enjoys writing random kibbles and bits about the Urban Desi scene and Bollywood.

Free “My Name is Khan” tickets



Picture 32

Badmash gave away 6 “My Name is Khan” Congrats to our winners Ravi, Gurjit and Rahwa! Take a friend or your valentine out! Enjoy the show! Over the next month Badmash from Naughty Nights will be giving away “My Name is Khan” tickets starring Shah Rukh Khan & Kajol. It was filmed in the Bay Area and some of you were lucky to be extras in the film.

Only Bay Area listeners are eligible to win and the theater will in or around the San Jose Area. Tune in every wednesday from 1am to 5am on 1170am or

Good luck!!!

My name is khan sex scenes???




King Khan is notorious for messing with the press, in an interview he promises “A lot of sex scenes” in “My Name is Khan” hmmm…does Maya Memsaab ring any bells?

After Karan Johar caught wind of that quote, he immediately went into damage control and promised that this is “family movie” ahhh Karan you spoiled the fun for us!!!

The 40+ actor has a killer body, even though he has suffered from shoulder problems over the past year or so… we wouldn’t mind to see him naked or at least a quick full monty!

Alas… there is always Maya Memsaab… thanks for the memories SRK!

Bollywood Thriller: Karma – Do you Believe?



Picture 17

The Filmmakers are looking to raise 20,000 dollars by the the end of Feb, if you donate you get some really cool incentives … check it our right here and read more about the project below


We started the project Karma, a feature length Bollywood thriller, to bring the ancient Indian philosophy of Karma to the modern era. With this, we intend to share the notion of good Karma with the world. Our film is in its final leg of post production and is ready to be released to the world. Based purely on merit, we recently got picked up for limited theatrical distribution by Adlabs, the same company that is going to be funding Dream Works soon. They are the biggest player in the Indian market and are poised to make their presence felt on the American stage. With them agreeing to release a small independent film like ours in a minimum of 8 U.S. theaters, we are assured of an American theatrical release. Aside from the backing of a big player, we are being presented by Sai Kiran Adivi, a noted Indian filmmaker (Please google Sai Kiran Adivi for information).

Here is the synopsis of the film:

The words “Kali-Yuga” are heard in the language of traditional Indians. The Sanskrit definitions describe it to mean that this is Age of Iron, of machines, of evil. It is said that mankind will have reached the depths of the Kali-Yuga when man starts eating man, when cows give blood and kill instead of giving milk and life. If Dharma, that is righteousness and honor, stood on four legs in the Golden Age, the Iron Age will have Dharma hobbling on one leg and gasping for breath. The Telugu language film, KARMA, is a look at deepest parts of the soul in the modern day man. Set in a fictional mountain town in the U.S in 2009., KARMA is a story told through the eyes of a young woman named Padma. It details her experiences as she bears witness to the horrors of the Kali Yuga. This film is ultimately about justice trying to prevail, about people with morals fighting a losing battle. It compels viewers to ask themselves tough questions. Will good win? Will Dharma survive? Will they believe?

The audience is the key to the success of any film. That is why we’re asking you to support us by either pre-ordering the above mentioned bundles, or by signing on to become an executive producer on our film. We will be putting up videos/marketing materials every month showing the progress of our film.

Our 60 day fundraising campaign begins now. We are counting on you, your friends, and family to help spread Good Karma to everyone.


Karma Cast & Crew

PS: all merchandise will be shipped after theatrical release of movie. You are pre-ordering the merchandise now.

Mark this down! Feb 12th! My Name is Khan



Picture 5

Karan Johar – tweeted the My Name is Khan website, fans from all over the world got to see the trailer. For me it was cool to see some of San Francisco’s sights. To refresh your memory, thousands of Bollywood fans flocked SF just to be cast as “extras” in the movie… I won’t mention any names, but I had a couple of friends who actually stalked the set… it’s crazy what Bollywood could do to a person. UDR predicts My Name is Khan will be the best movie in 2010! Watch out Kuch Kuch Hota Hai!

Love Barack — New Mallika movie…




According to Mallika’s twitter “Love Barack” is her next Hollywood movie.

According to IMDB it’s about… “Politics makes strange bedfellows, but never stranger than when a month before the 2008 U.S. Presidential election, a beautiful, idealistic local Obama volunteer coordinator reluctantly falls for her Republican counterpart: a sexy, savvy, African American conservative.”

This is a perfect recipe for some intense chemistry and laugh out loud moments…Mallika hasn’t mention if she’s the lead… but chances are… she could be!