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Choose your words wisely Om…




This is a classic case where you shouldn’t say things in a fit of anger – because you end up regretting your words and actions. Last week, Om Puri went on a tangent rampage regarding a new book written by his wife, Nandita Puri called “unlikely hero – the story of Om Puri”

The book reveals private tales of the actors sexual past, including having sex with his maid, Shanti (who was 14 at the time) to some woman name Laxmi who he fell for and had a deep sexual and emotional connection with. After the press found out these skeletons in Puri’s closet, he blasted at his wife on none other than HER birthday…. he accused his wife of missing important aspects to his life and selling him out on “cheap and lurid” gossip

Now that the storm has past, Om reflected on his actions and regrets the things he said about his wife… and realizes how much he hurt her and his son Ishaan.

Next time Om, take a long walk before you run to the tabloids…

Just Ranbir and his towel




Ranbir Kapoor was caught with his towel…again. He should rent some early 90s Kevin Costner movies. Remember half the movies Kevin made in the early 90s he was butt naked half the time? Hint… Hint… Ranbir …Hint… Hint….

In Kapoor’s debut film Saawriyan, he used a towel to cover his hot little ass.

And in his upcoming film, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani…. he’s back in his towel

“”Yes, it’s true. I have done a shot in a towel in my forthcoming film Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani and what’s wrong with that? Every one loves the towel because you need to dry yourself after you take a bath. So, I don’t find anything strange.” says Kanbir.

Cheers to the towel. Kanbir…drop it like its hot.

Loosen up my buttons Twinkle!




If Levi Jeans got a hold of this picture, it would be a clever marketing tactic to sell more jeans! What does this picture say to you?

“Easy to unbutton… glides down nicely….”

“Unbutton my surprise package…”

Akshay Kumar, after being arrested for obscenity in public.

“Normally, this would be the order of the day for most people, except of course for some seasoned punchbags like Salman Khan  ,” says Akshay Kumar.

Salman is certainly no angel. All through the 90s we had to see him parade around shirtless. Let me know you something… that chest of his is NOT naturally smooth – you know it’s waxed! I remember the conservative papers going nuts over the shirtless Salman. I find Salman to be a hypocrit. And LOOK at this picture!!! Salman Khan’s pants are unbuttoned too!!!!


“I didn’t know that the gesture would create such an uproar. I don’t want to go to jail again, so no such retakes for that shot.” says Kumar.

Akshay… don’t worry hun, there’s plenty of women and men who would love to see you go commando (…or partial – don’t wanna upset Twinkle) The pussycat dolls should do another “loosen up my buttons” video – starring Akshay Kumar! You’re already buddies with Snoop Dogg – I’m sure he could hook you up!

Meet the all star salesman – Rocket Singh!




Just give him 60 seconds of your time, that’s all he wants! Honestly… he won’t let you down. If you don’t like him, he promises to refund the 60 secs and throw in an additional 120 seconds! What a deal! Rocket Singh Trailer starring Ranbir Kapoor. UDR is not liable for the you losing 60 seconds of your life. Please direct all comments and concerns to Rocket Singh.

The Korean Government Awards SRK with a Black Belt



Picture 22

it’s not an oscar, but it’s pretty close… Shah Rukh Khan gets awarded a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a Korean martial art. Even though for the past 20 years in Bollywood cinema he’s a lover not a fighter.

“I am just recovering from my shoulder injury and will take another two months to be fully fit. I plan to stick to romance and utilise both my hands perfectly first,” says King Khan. Ohhh…. Gauri are you reading this?

His son, Aryan, is a little jealous because it took him two years to get a black belt and Papa SRK got it without breaking a brick. A 5th degree black belt none the less! I’m sure Aryan can take his dad on…

Even though SRK plans to stick to his romance roles, I bet after his shoulder heels, he’ll tap into his inner Bruce Lee. You got the belt… now learn the sport Shahrukh!

Aish and AB on Oprah



It was AB’s first time coming face-to-face with the daytime talk show queen – Oprah, but for Aish it was a piece of cake. Aish has been on Oprah before, many of us remember how Aish shocked Oprah, when she revealed the fact she still lived with her parents. AB got put in the hot seat with the whole ” living with the parents question” he simply turned it around and asked how can Oprah not live without her parents!

AB showed his sensitive side and revealed how he proposed to Aish, it seem like a scene right out of a Bollywood film! He was out on a balcony and he “wished” that Aish would become his wife. When it was time to propose, he took her to the same balcony and asked her to marry him.

The interview was fun and fresh. It’s reported that Aish makes over 15 million dollars per film, just like Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts.

The best part is when Aish and AB surprised a Bollywood dance troupe!