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Baadal Chosen to Complete in WMN Battle of The Bands



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Sonia Panesar’s track “Baadal” (Clouds) has been chosen to compete in Battle of the Bands on The World Music Network. The track takes you into a journey of darkness through the clouds and featured on the track is India’s House phenomenon Hamza. Sonia is perfect example how an Asian artist can easily transition to other genres, without being signed to major labels. It’s all about taking risks, being passionate and having an open mind to eclectic beats. Keep voting for Sonia and Hamza on The World Music Network.

R.A.P. Rhythm, Architect & Pulse. Sullee J Mixtape




Download Link for Mix Tape

Right here exclusively on Urban Desi Radio… DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY of Babylon Management artist Sullee J’s third mixtape, hosted by DJ Crash! We are very proud of Sullee J, who opened up for DMX in Chicago last week. It’s great to have an Urban Desi artist living in the states with his calibar… check it out R.A.P!


Jay Sean in San Jose Tomorrow!



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Jay Sean will be doing a “meet and greet” with his fans in San Jose, California… it’s a promotional tour with sponsored by Verizon, the grand prize winner will get a fabulous sweet 15 party from My Fabulous Quince and have Jay Sean perform live at the party.  A Quinceanera is a “Coming to Age” party for females in the Latin culture when they turn 15. He currently has his new single out “2012” and reach double platinum with “Down” that was a hit from last summer.

To check out the expo tomorrow (Aug 28th) to go 1150 S. King Road, San Jose 95122 1pm to 5pm

Bohemia in Pakistan 2010



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Earlier we reported that Bohemia was raising awareness regarding the floods in Pakistan, by urging his fans to post green ribbons on their twitter profiles, now Bohemia will be traveling to the region to perform and bring the much needed attention to Pakistan. He will be performing in Lahore and Islamabad, the energy he brings on stage will kick start people into action to come together and “fight the storm” as one.

Hallmark Events Dubai and Pakistan is sponsoring this concert, proceeds will go to help Pakistan, where millions are displaced due to the floods. This cause is close to Bohemia’s heart, he’s originally from Pakistan and wants to do everything he can to help the people there.

Video Produced by Shaneil Deo

UDR Artist of the Week: Humble the Poet



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This week’s artist is Humble the Poet, hailing from Toronto! Humble spreads a socially conscious message through his rhymes. He breaks barriers and stereotypes that South Asians go through. But don’t put him in a social activism box, he has several pieces revolving around romance, relationships and human nature.

On August 29th, Humble will be making his way to Sacramento, California to battle California’s very own Mandeep Sethi and several other artist, who recently released “Aisee Taisee” (currently being played on UDR SimplyBhangra Charts show) it’s going to be electrifying seeing these two artists on the same stage.

We will be featuring Humble The Poet on “The Junction” this week… if you are in or around Sacramento…check out this event!


Humble the Poet [ Toronto,ON]


Mandeep Sethi [San Francisco, CA]

::LIVE BEATS on the MPC::

Povan Beats [Vallejo, CA]

::Special Guests::

Hoodini & King! [Los Angeles, CA]
Baagi Gunjiv [LA/Bombay}

::Holding Down the Cuts::

DJ Rav-E [NSB/San Francisco, CA]


A Legendary Night as Humble + Mandeep + Povan Beats + Hoodini + Baagi get down for the first time together in the United Sates.

2574 21st St
Sacramento, CA 95818

$5 PRE-SALE :: Email

Raghav’s “So Much” makes the Top 10



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Raghav’s “So Much” featuring Kardinal Offishall, just made Canada’s Top 10 emerging artist list… everyone has the reese peanut butter cup fever! I love that “mmm” sound he does in the second verse, the song is pretty catchy! I can’t wait to see what else comes out of his upcoming album “The Phoenix” … the neodesi remix featuring H-Dhami has a nice beat to it.  I would love to see both of them on stage! Congrats to Raghav and team for making it to the top 10! buy So Much here

Foji Gill on a Revolutionary Path…



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Foji got a wonderful write up in “The Times of India” I have often praised Foji for the cinematography effort he puts in his music videos. While everyone is out celebrating India’s Independence day, this year Foji brought Shaheed Bhagat Singh in the limelight again. Surprisingly 2nd and 3rd generations of Desis have little idea who Bhagat Singh was and his contribution as one of India’s freedom fighters. With the adrenaline pumping video, hopefully it will grab the youths attention to read up on Shaheed Bhagat Singh. The immaculate detail Foji puts in the video – blows my mind! He shot the video in a tiny village, Muskhabad, near Samrala. Congrats on making headlines in India Foji! You got fans in America, who can’t wait to see you!

Get a “Bonafide” Car Wash



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Hey UK Folks!! How you would like Bonafide to wash your car? Crazy thought eh? Maz and Ziggy are participating in a fundraiser to help the victims affected by the floods in Pakistan. Big props to Maz and Ziggy for taking the time to help people who are less fortunate. Be careful though… rumor has it that Bonafide might just hose you down!

Express Car Wash

Watts Streets (off Regent Street)

Rochdale, United Kingdom
Saturday  at 9:00am – August 15 at 6:30pm

Bonafide will be helping at a charity carwash for the Pakistan Flood Appeal this Saturday and Sunday at Express Car Wash, Watts Streets (off Regent Street) Rochdale. Come Down and show your support!

Sullee J opening act for DMX



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Urban Desi artist, Sullee J, will be opening up for DMX! On Tuesday morning,  Sullee J’s new single “I’m a Problem” was The Junction “you got mail” track for this week. The show will be in Chicago on August 2oth. It will be exciting to see Sullee warming up the crowd, be sure to check out this show Chitown!

Picture 14

Download “I’m a Problem”

UDR Artist of the Week: Swami



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Current Members

Diamond “DJ Swami” Duggal – guitar, keys and decks

S-Endz – vocals

Sups – vocals

Liana – vocals

Bobby – percussion

Former Members

Tarsame ‘Speed’ Jarnail – vocals (1999 – 2000)

Kamaljit ‘Kamo’ Bura – percussion (1999 – 2000)

Simon ‘Subs’ Duggal – drums and production (1999 – 2000)

Baba Stormz – bass guitar (2005 – 2006)

Rocky Singh –  drums (2005 – 2006)

Jagz – vocals (2004-2005)

MC Sarpanch – vocals (2004-2005)

The eccentric British Indian pop/alternative/bhangra band – Swami, is Urban Desi Radio’s Artist of the Week. Even though Swami is referred to a Hindu teacher, the name is an abbreviation for “So Who Am I” (something I just learn right now) they been keeping busy these days…they did several shows in Canada this summer (Sugarless Tour)… check out the clips of S-Endz and Diamond at a studio in Toronto.. wicked stuff.

S-Endz and I we had a little twitter banter interview and he revealed the band was working on their next album. They are one of the first groups in the British Desi scene, I recall who really made use out of ustream to connect with their fans… I remember seeing clips of their band practice, it really gave the fans up close and personal insight of what goes on during a Swami Band practice.

I can’t wait for their new album… but still jamming to sugarless (awesome track)