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We Raise Our Glass to Tony Singh Pabla



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Customers adored him… Artists loved him and the tributes painted Tony as a person who would do anything for someone trying to break into the scene – but not expect anything in return. And that’s how he will always be remembered.

That integrity and passion is so rare in the scene, Tony was truly a gem.

I never met Tony, but shortly after launched, I signed up for the message board. It was a great place to network and chat about music.

When Tony passed away – petty differences between were put aside, the UK Asian Scene came together to remember him. There were over two million social media interactions about Tony.

Sunny and Shay & Bobby Friction gave artists, Tony’s family & friends and fans of a platform to tell stories and give their condolences to his family.

We raise a glass to you Lionheart – Rest in Power Tony.

UK Asian Radio Diaries




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I have a soft spot for Asian Radio and presenters, similar to the way Rich Lieberman has a soft spot for the Bay Area media. He’s one of my favourite media bloggers. But when I hear presenters being treated unfairly, I see the red. I get really angry. No one is talking about it. No one is blogging about it.

I once got really upset with someone from the marketing team (at one of our team meetings) during my time at AsianFX. The marketing team did so much for Panjab Radio…but presenters at AsianFX – we were getting sloppy seconds.

Presenters are unique creatures (whether they got talent or not) we (listeners) invite presenters into our homes, our cars, our offices and our bedrooms. Ahhh… I miss Bobby Friction’s late night show.  They keep us informed, they entertain us and they become almost like a friend. There’s a special bond between the presenter and their listeners.

UK Asian Radio Diaries… it’s not going to be something I’m going to dwell on. But when something isn’t right, as far as presenters are concern, I want them to know that they can drop me a line anytime here at UDR. This isn’t a bash session, there are some good things that should be noted. You always have to give credit where credit is due.

I thought about this and I know there could be consequences, but I’m not affiliated to any stations and I think people getting treated badly in Asian Radio has gone on long enough. It’s time we start talking about it and making workplaces an environment for presenters to thrive in.

If you’re a presenter on a zero hour contract… fyi you do have rights. Read here.

– It looks like Raj Baddhan and his team had a great time at the Sabras 20 year anniversary party. Our timelines and airwaves were filled with #Sabras20 promos. According to party-goers and supporters – they had a great night and I quote from one person “#Sabras20 should get the best Asian Jam award” Wow… speaking of awards… Sabras has an UK AMA nomination for “The Best Regional Station” Congrats!

– Kudos to Lyca Radio/Dil Se for their money giveaway contest. A presenter will call a listener and the listener has to say/sing LycaRadio or Dil Se. But again there’s no massive promotion behind it. The listeners seem pretty clueless.

– Keep your ears peeled a well loved and respected presenter coming soon to Sunrise

– Want to be a presenter? Lyca Radio is still hiring, particularly for the weekends and fill in shifts. It’s ideal for folks who live in and around Central London or the SE area.

– A few weeks ago…LycaRadio team hosted a scrumptious dinner with all the trimmings for their staff. Perhaps management figured “If we feed the presenters… they won’t lash out at us.” But truthfully… Presenters are frustrated, mid management feels overwhelmed and upper management has no clue what goes on behind the scenes at the Battersea Studios. It didn’t take too long for one veteran presenter with over 20+ years experience to stormed in like Amrish Puri and announced “I QUIT!!!!” He threw his station fob key at one of the managers. The   person leading the meeting didn’t seem to care and someone from station management team burst out laughing (which others watched in utter silence). Needless to say you could cut the tension with the knife. After dinner presenters left still feeling frustrated, but their bellies were full. That has to count for something right?

– Someone from LycaRadio‘s mid management was told if they were caught talking to anyone from Sunrise Radio they will be fired. Nice huh? But let’s face it, the UK Asian Radio scene is so big, yet so small. I’m not sure if presenters got the same memo, it’s one thing not to talk about confidential activities (that’s a no brainer) but not being able to say “hello” or hang out with an old colleague – that’s just bonkers.

Sunrise’s social media was in the gutter earlier this year, but with the help of Bliss PR and social savvy presenters they have done a 360. “This Is Sunrise” is a much better social identity than their old one . Dare I say… those weird late night tweets with flowers, teddy bears and cheesy joke memes are a thing of the past. They definitely increased their engagement numbers at the London Mela.

– How come LycaRadio and Dil Se were MIA at the London Mela? Our inside sources tell us the presenters don’t get paid for outdoor events. Again… they missed out on a huge opportunity to mingle with their listeners and to get their brand out there. Could this be one of the many reasons why the presenters feel frustrated?

Got a tip? Need to vent? Email us urbandesiradio[@]

Desi Raw Radio



The beautiful thing about podcasting is the creative flare and freedom.

Industry Veterans DJ Dips and Mentor Beats recently launched “Desi Raw Radio” it’s a nice blend of urban/bhangra/a bit of bollywood/mainstream beats.

Dips and Mentor scored an interview with Rishi Rish.

Fans of Rishi, Jay Sean and Juggy D eagerly await the trios new track “Freak” – do they still have the magical chemistry? We shall see…

We will be featuring their Desi Raw Radio on our Soundcloud (upper right corner)


Late Night Lounge with Rohan moving…



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TO A NEW DAY AND TIME!!!! Keep it locked!!! WEDNESDAY 12am to 1am on 1170am… Join Rohan, GMoney, Petz and other guest host for dry humor, engaging topics, news of the weird, rants and raves.. its every thing you could want in a late night radio show that TV Reruns can’t bring you!!

Check out Rohan’s site for the ustream of the show, we will be putting up some of the podcast here on UDR

About the author: Petz lives in a media cave and she sometimes feels like the “Robin” (from howard stern) when she’s on the air with Rohan and G Money

Gurbaksh Starting a New Tradition…



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Gurbaksh “G” Chahal has a birthday coming up, instead of asking for gifts – he’s asking for his family, friends and supporters to get out and volunteer. In a blog, he reflected on the last three years; his trials and tribulations.

“The last 3 years, especially, have been a roller-coaster ride. When I turned 25, I had my biggest success so far with BlueLithium. A year later, I was able to publish my book worldwide and got the chance to share my story with Oprah. This year, one of my parents dreams came true when I got an honorary doctorate from Pace University. And I started, a new chapter in my life with the launch of my third Company, gWallet. I can only hope I am able to continue the path of success and able to inspire others to also reach for their dreams.” stated Chahal.

He’s grown close to eight charities ranging from education, homelessness, disaster relief and children.

When we got to interview him back in December ’09, I got a chance to look into his eyes; there was this warmth, love and sincerity when he spoke about his Grandmother. In fact, right after the interview, he was on his way to his parents place to celebrate her birthday. She passed away a few months ago.

“I have the opportunity to help out and not a day goes by without me thanking God for this chance. I also realized the more chances I get to help, I’ll continue to make my grandmother smile from up above. So, this year, I’m actually starting a new tradition. Instead of focusing on gifts (as we normally do on birthdays)…I want to dedicate it to philanthropy.” says Chahal.

After reading his blog entry, it made me think of how I would like to spend my time volunteering, I’m sure it left the same impact on other readers as well. Whether its an hour a week or month, your time is precious; to give it away selflessly leaves a footprint of compassion.

Happy Birthday G, have fun in spain (for you World Cup fans – G is rooting for Spain)

Volunteer listings from

About Author: Petz lives in a media cave and today is rooting for the Netherlands (Sorry G)

Rooh Ba Rooh – Hosted by Simran – 06/07/10



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Now you can take “Rooh Ba Rooh” with you on your ipods, experience the magic of connecting one soul to another, as Simran takes us on a journey of soul searching and truth. Every Monday night, 8pm on 1170am or


Rooh Ba Rooh – Hosted by Simran – 04/19/20



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Now you can take “Rooh Ba Rooh” with you on your ipods, experience the magic of connecting one soul to another, as Simran takes us on a journey of soul searching and truth. Every Monday night, 8pm on 1170am or

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Deeps and Petz join DNR



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Deeps (left)  and Petz (right) @ NYC Best Kept Secret (…causing trouble… at least Petz was)

Deeps and Petz, the founders of Urban Desi Radio will be co-hosting Desi Nights Radio with Ravi Kumar every friday night from 11pm to 2am.

“We feel this is a perfect match, Ravi understands our values and the type of music we want to showcase on 1170am,” says Petz. “It’s going to be great having Deeps next to me, I’ve missed having her around.”

Over the last couple of months, they both been trying to brainstorm how to keep their site going. With the support of and, UDR has been producing podcast shows.

Check out

Lisa Ray… a shining star



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I remember hearing the news Lisa was diagnose with multiple myeloma, the cancer is incurable, however Lisa is determine to define all odds. In this remarkable interview, with NDTV, Lisa lets us into her world and what these last eight months have been like for her. Lisa has been keeping a blog as well… many turn to it as their own source of inspiration.

How can you help be a part of the solution? Become a bone marrow donor. Please visit SAMAR

Sonia Dara makes a splash on Sports Illustrated



Picture 23Sonia Dara is making waves and raising eyebrows in the latest sports illustrated swimsuit issue. The photoshop was done in Rajasthan – bikinis and castles – who would of thought?. Dara is currently studying economics at Harvard… get your copy today!