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Host of L.O.L, Rasika Mathur, Comedienne




Rasika Mathur is a stand up, sketch comedienne, and impish little improviser best known for kicking booty and taking names on 4 seasons of MTVs Wild N Out. She speaks out for single and non-traditional Indian women everywhere in her short mockumentary, Nilam Auntie: An International Treasure. Find her rapping about Ganesh and Cremation on her upcoming musical comedy album entitled, “The Sari (W)rap.” She is going to Sundance this weekend as part of “The Taqwacores” Muslim-Punk movement and mayhem, and is currently drumming up many hair-brained schemes regarding money, the earth and love.

Biz Sav Host, Farhana Huq, Founder of CEO Women




C.E.O. Women Founder and CEO – Farhana Huq

Farhana is an internationally recognized social entrepreneur.  She comes from a family of self-made entrepreneurs of the South Asian Diaspora. In 2000, she founded C.E.O. Women, the 3rd start-up venture she has been involved with, after being inspired by the enterprise revolution in her father’s native Bangladesh and by the struggles that poor, single women in her own family faced to become self-sufficient. Farhana has always admired the creativity and freedom of micro-entrepreneurs. She envisions a world where the most powerful and unlikely relationships come together to connect women in meaningful ways. 

Farhana created “Micro-enterprise in Action”, a self-initiated audio documentary on the lives of women entrepreneurs from around the world. She was recognized as one of the “40 Under 40” up and coming business professionals to watch by the East Bay Business Times. She was named the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year National Finalist in the Supporter of Entrepreneurship Category. She is the recipient of The Ashoka Fellowship, the most prestigious fellowship for leading social entrepreneurs around the world.

C.E.O. Women has won many awards including the 2005 Innovation Award for micro-enterprise development in the U.S., the 2004 Isabel Allende Espiritu Award for the Empowerment of Women, the 2007 SBA San Francisco Women’s Business Champion Award and the 2007 KQED Women’s History Month Local Hero Award. C.E.O. Women’s work has been featured in prominent media outlets such as ABC7, Channel 2, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Tufts Alumni Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Univision, Women’s Health Magazine, The Oakland Tribune, and The Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Magazine.

In 2008 she co-founded Bay Area Friends of the Congo, a solidarity group to help raise awareness about the conflict in the Congo. She has been volunteering at non-profits since age 14 and served as an AmeriCorps/VISTA to the micro-enterprise field.  She frequently serves as an advisor to many non-profit organizations. Farhana holds a BA from Tufts University in Economics and Philosophy. When she is not working, she is dancing Kathak, a classical dance of North India.   Farhana is also a natural wanderluster, and travels extensively around the world to surf and explore new cultures and communities.

Badmash’s first time at a strip club




Our sexy jalebi listeners! what’s going on? Good morning :) My computer fell and this story won’t be in the podcast. My friend, we will call her Monica, she was getting married and she wanted to have a girls night out, kind of like a last minute bacholorette party. It was decided… we were going to a strip club in SF, all of us girls, everything was perfectly planned, we had a limo take us in the city, all of us had just turned 21 (monica was 23)

We get to the club and we see a couple of older Desi uncles, at the time I was talking to another friend, we will call Shelly…

Shelly spotted them out, Monica was busy at the bar and as soon as I got a closer look (just to make sure it was no one we knew – it was MONICA’S FATHER) I didn’t want Monica to get upset, it was her night out but see… I told Shelly and big mouth Shelly runs to tell monica (so much drama) Monica was horrified

I bought bottle service… trying to calm down Monica, poor girl got so upset… we decided to go way in the corner before one of her dad’s friends saw us. We got a couple of lap dances and the father and friends ended up leaving without seeing us. It was a close call… the rest of the night was ok, monica got really wasted and we all slept in the limo on the way home.

More artwork by Mixman Shawn




Genius… Pure… Genius… we adore Mixman Shawn’s artwork… what a great piece to kick off the new year!!! We at Urban Desi Radio hope its been a good one for you!!! We been busy updating our podcast section… so check it out!! lots to come for the new year! thanks Mixman for being so inspirational!

Karan Johar’s Take on Kurbaan (




By Mamta Patel (

There are some films that do not work at the box-office despite all the merits. There could be quite a few factors going in flim’s favor but still something may go drastically wrong and it may crash-land. Something similar happened to ‘Kurbaan’, which released a few weeks back.

Now as Karan Johar begins the promotion of his next release ‘My Name Is Khan’, he reflects on the post-release backlash of ‘Kurbaan’ and declares that he continues to be proud of his film.

What really went wrong with ‘Kurbaan’?
I think it’s the scale and budget of the film that failed, not the subject or it’s treatment. Had the budget been lesser, we should have won the box-office as well. And this is not the first time when something like this happened. Today we call ‘Omkara’ a cult film but we all remember that on its theatrical release, it hadn’t done really well. It was an incredible film but such subjects need to explore their audiences. Cinema like ‘Kurbaan’ deserves to be made and along with UTV Motion Pictures and Rensil, I am proud of it.

But there isn’t a shortage of brickbats…
I am all for critical analysis. It can be good as well as bad; it’s all-fair. We live in a huge demographic state and people will have different views. We are a country with diverse opinions so let audiences decide what they like or don’t. Also, box office reporting is a must as well and regardless of the kind of collections that come in, they should be made available to everyone. As for critics or trade pundits, I can’t fathom how they can start playing the role of a screenplay writer? Am I disappointed? No, but I am amused for sure.

What happens from here on?
Well, it’s time to move on to ‘My Name Is Khan’. Yes, ‘Kurbaan’ is an emotionally disappointing affair. However, professionally it has been really elevating. There is some learning and we all would apply them in our next outing together.


Rasika Mathur’s “…I think I’m going to Kamasutra…”



Picture 3

As promised in one of the UDR video diaries, Rukus Avenue artist Rasika Mathur will be dropping her album soon. She recently posted “I think I’m going to kamasutura” it will be making it’s radio debut on Urban Desi Radio TONIGHT! Be sure to tune in!

Sitaarre TV’s Kavita Arora interviews NBC Raj Mathai



Picture 10

Even if you don’t like sports, when you see Raj Mathai talking about sports teams, you just get sucked in. Raj just takes a light hearted approach to his reporting. We are fortunate enough to have him here in Bay Area. Kavita and him talk about how he got into sports casting to a MAJOR on-air blooper (hint: it has something to do with gum!)


Chak De Bear



Name: Chak De Bear

Favorite Food: Buttahhhh chicken

Favorite music: Bhangra

Favorite Bhangra Artists: Sarabjit Cheema, Soni Pabla (RIP), Sukshinder Shinda, Jazzy B & RDB

Chak De Bear is the resident UDR mascot, you can catch Chak De at UDR events and Promotional events.

Pending on schedule, you can have chak de bear come to birthday parties & events. email and one of our representatives will get back to you.

Bobby Friction meets Disco Stu



9316_159038227050_531822050_3299595_4171041_nI love the Fric-man! He’s definitely one of the best BBC Asian Network personalities. Like most of his fans, I’m one of his “facebook” friends. He posted a picture with the tagline “float like a butterfly sting like a bee”

I don’t know if he was trying to pull off a Muhammad Ali look….you know who he reminds of in this picture? Disco Stu from the Simpsons!!! Why??? Hmmm… good question… it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the pic.

Perhaps he’s sporting that look of exposing a little chest hair? Men in the 70s were notorious for exposing their chest hair in polyester suits. Speaking of hair… Bobby rocks in hair styling…he’s got amazing hair… God forbid if he gives up radio, he could make a new career as a hair stylist.

Love the Fric-man? Check him out on BBC Asian Network!


Train with the Iron Singh




Yesterday at Vivah 2k9, Mandeep Singh aka Iron Singh caught my eye, with his bulging biceps and touch notch physic. His story is pretty interesting, he grew up in Fremont, California and started weight training when he was 16. At 16, he was picked on for his size, at 19 he started to take bodybuilding seriously… now look at him… stay tune for an exclusive Urban Desi Radio interview with Iron Singh. If you interested in losing weight, toning up, build up your confidence to compete in bodybuilding – hit Mandeep up – ironsingh[@]