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The Temptress of Sutra




All of you love to tweet…. check out this twitter profile she goes by the name “Temptress of Sutra” she pulls out random sex facts, tidbits on how to enchance your sexually lifestyle and witty sexual quotes… some see her as the “sex portal” of twitter! Holla @tmptressofsutra




Hi Everyone!

Welcome to my page …. So who is Petz? I was born and brought up in San Francisco. My real name is Peta, with a name like that I think it’s just a given I would get Petz as a nickname! A common question I get is “How did you get invovled in the Indian culture?” it’s pretty simple… my mom took me to an Indian restaurant when I was 11, I fell in love with culture. I went to the library to read books on India, Pakistan, Bangladesh – anything remotely South Asian I could get my petz paws on – I would read! I been with, since I was 17. I live… breathe… sleep… anything related to media. My first radio gig was co-hosting the big breakfast morning show with Sam Sam over at AsianFX, after a few months I got my own weekend show called “The Junction” where I got to mix up different genres of music. I left the UK after AFX folded and my media partner Deeps, told me about KLOK 1170am and it was time for me to come back to the bay!

Name: Petz

Birthday: April 1st

Favorite on air moment: Endorsing “Wanna play with my tablas” shirt from Desi Threads on air!

Favorite Food: Pani Puri, Mango lassis, pasta, spinach salad, veggie gyro platter from NYC, black bean burritos,  with alotta orange sauce from La Victoria!

Favorite Ice Cream: Cookies n Cream! Yum!!!

Favorite TV Show: I like shows on VH1, A&E, Biography, Comedy Central…

Favorite Movie: Wow so many…. Dil Kya Kare, KKHH, Chandni Bar, The Net, Ghost, Harold and Kumar….we can be here forever!

Favorite Music: My taste in music is very diverse, check my ipod – it’s very random! I love it all! (and I’m not one of those people who say “I love it all…cept country” – you know those people secretly listen to country music)

Song that gets you in a good mood: Char Panj always does the trick! Anything from Taz (Stereo Nation). I laugh at “chopped n screwed” because my mom told me that was one of her favorite songs! Move over Elvis…

Favorite Cartoon Character: Tazmania Devil! Grrrrr and Kenny from South Park.

Secret Talent: I can do an impression of donald duck.

Favorite Vacation spot: I love New York!  I enjoyed my time in India as well. I can’t wait to go back!

Hobbies: When I was little, I used to write to movie stars for their autographs. Now I contact their agents to get interviews. I also like to write, work out and read.

Best advice ever given: Once you hit rock bottom, you can’t get any lower – all you can do is rise to the top! Calendar Girl Tania Mehra Takes a “Bite” Out of Reality TV!



It was one of those lazy Saturday afternoons, I was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon “My Antonio” I’ve seen a couple of episodes here and there, for some reason Tania stood out from the rest. Ok…. she’s gorgeous! duh…. and BAM it hit me. She was “Ms. January” for the 2009 calendar. “My Antonio” stars soap opera actor/model Antonio Sabato Jr, like all reality shows, he’s looking for love. It’s set in Hawaii, the girls have task and if they pass they get “lei” (laid…metaphorically speaking)


Tania had a good run, she made it through 7 shows, but she was unlimited. According to Antonio, he thought  they would just be better off as friends.

I think they would of made a good couple…. but don’t worry Tania, I’m sure there will be plenty of men knocking at your door! Article

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