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Rooh Ba Rooh – 08/16/10



Picture 1Now you can take “Rooh Ba Rooh” with you on your ipods, experience the magic of connecting one soul to another, as Simran takes us on a journey of soul searching and truth. Every Monday night, 8pm on 1170am or &


Boxer Amir Khan supports DEC Pakistan Floods Appeal



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With over millions of people suffering from the floods in Pakistan, all of us can contribute a little something. Britian’s Boxer Amir Khan was over in Pakistan and speaks about what he saw and why it’s important to donate. Folks living in the UK can visit or you can text GIVE to 70707  to donate £5

“My family comes from Pakistan so I really feel for the 14 million people affected. The DEC is doing a great job but we really need the public to donate more money as day by day it’s getting worse and worse. Text the word ‘GIVE’ to 70707 or visit” stated Khan.

If you live in North America, Urban Desi Radio endorses, please check out our PSA video appeal.

Guinness World Record Attempt by Psymphony Radio



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If you are coming to the Fremont Mela tomorrow, be a part of history and end up in the Guinness Book of World records (maybe!)… I tried to be in the Guinness book with my 5 pound foil ball, needless to say it didn’t get me in! I’ve always believed music brings people together, in a world where we’re constantly divided.  This evening, while I was board op’ing for Psymphony Radio, a caller said he would like to see both Pakistani and Indian flags being waved… hopefully that attempted will be started by the caller himself. FIA approaches their 18th year putting on the India Independence day mela… check out the details below as Psymphony attempts to have a song be sung in over 250+ languages in a duration of eight minutes. Look for the “” booth to pick up the lyrics

Guinness World Record attempt for MOST LANGUAGES PERFORMED IN A SONG [by multiple singers] 3 Simple Steps to follow:
1. Attend the performance
2. Sing Along
3. Sign the Log Book
Come, Sing & Sign – get authentic Guinness World Records(TM) Certificate

Details at

Date: August 15, 2010
Venue: Main Performance Stage
39439, Paseo Padre Parkway,
Fremont, CA 94536.

Time: Between 1 PM to 4 PM [After the Parade]
Duration of the Attempt: 8 minutes
Song: Maa Tujhe Salaam

DONT FORGET TO SIGN THE LOG BOOK at Psymphony’s Guinness World Records Booth at FIA. Lyrics available at the booth and

Win a Junction Mug from KryKey Internet Radio!



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You wake up to Urban Desi music on The Junction, now you have a chance to win a coffee mug of your favorite Urban Desi radio show hosted by Petz! The mug was made possible by KryKey Internet Radio

Kry Key Internet Radio host the Junction every week! Be sure to keep tuning in…

What was Raghav’s first single? please email you answer to urbandesiradio[@] please include your name and address so we can ship you the mug ASAP!

Good luck!

Rock the vote for Praneet Kailey



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Praneet is auditioning for Logitech and Google TV “Host with the Most” she has held positions in several high profile companies such as Oracle and Genentech.  Born and raise in Techie Ville aka Silicon Valley, Praneet lives and breathes anything techie. She loves it!! She especially loves the way that social networking has taken an unique form of connecting people. Praneet is all about connections – with her open heart and mind she can relate to anyone and has an innovative mind to take Google TV to the next level. You can vote for her every day until August 20th! So get your votes in… Vote for Praneet

Check out the interview she did with GTVHub … learn more about Praneet and why UrbanDesiRadio is endorsing her!

Follow her twitter @PKailey

What initially attracted you to the “Host with the Most” contest?

This contest is pure brilliance! Not only will Logitech Revue and Google TV provide the potential hosts with incredible lofts and dream agendas to fulfill, they will be harnessing the best strategy to reach the masses: viral marketing! How could I NOT be attracted to this opportunity? This is one of those RARE chances to make history.  I am that girl next door… Wait a minute, the international version of the girl next door. I can relate to almost everybody and I have the open mind, compassion, and the unique ability to reach and relate to others.   I’m proud to be a connector…and I was attracted to the chance to truly put that gift to use and for a revolutionary product I am inspired by!

People want to share and bond with people who are like them, and they want to feel a common link and take comfort in what is familiar. They also may appreciate the tech-jargon, but after learning about what’s under the hood, most of us want to hear all about exactly what that translates to in our everyday lives, what it all means, and in a way your best friend would explain it to you. Who better to take honest, raw, enthusiastic advice from than someone who feels the same way? Having traveled the world leading a colorful and crazy life full of trials and tribulations, hard-work and determination, I am that approachable personality people will relate to! The ‘Host with the Most’ contest is made for me, the attraction was inevitable!

Do you have any previous experience with other Internet TV devices?

Other than having tried to make use of Apple TV, honestly, I don’t! …But I love the Internet and I love consuming media on the Web. That’s the frank and forthright truth of the matter…and I have to say, I am sure that millions of people are right there with me, right? I am excited by the idea of bringing the Web into my living room and I want to learn and know a whole lot more about Internet TV devices like Google TV with Logitech Revue. I want to really get fresh, unbiased, and clean information from a personal experience, and teach the world as I learn myself; step by step, hand in hand. I am that first time user who will be blown away by the limitless options this technology will bring to the table, and will naturally emit that new found burst of excitement and innovation to everyone!

What excites you about Internet TV, and what do you think Google TV and Logitech Revue will bring to the table over other platforms?

First and foremost, Google TV will be the software platform that drives hardware makers to new levels of innovation. Innovations and inventions like this inspire so much creativity in developers; the platform invites and encourages this with open arms. Logitech’s set top box will literally transform your TV into a computer giving you access to use Wi-Fi, keyboards and a mouse with your own TV in your own home.

This is about simplicity. The best thing about Google search is the simplicity of the search experience….Now you get that same simplicity with Google TV: search for your favorite shows, movies, channels, etc. AND simultaneously on that same active screen, browse web content all from your couch with the search bar you have grown to love on the Internet. This is no longer limited to a Tom Cruise sci-fi flick, it’s going to be our reality….well, the floating projection interactive stuff will perhaps come later…

The truth is that running on Google Android, which is an open source platform, provides big advantages for Google versus Apple’s iTV, Samsung’s TV, and all other walled gardens. The ability to customize the platform will open up doors for all types of developers as it gives them a code base to build on top of. Google TV also gives you complete access to the Android Market, which basically brings your favorite apps from your phone on to the TV as well. Can you imagine that? It’s absolutely incredible!

Again, the best part is, it’s not just a far-fetched concept were dreaming of, but rather it’s around the corner and ready to meet us! In fact, the very same apps we use to check email, buy DVDs, create lists, play games and sift through photos, will be interacted with on our TV screens while we watch a favorite show or Youtube clip (on the same screen still), simultaneously. It’s the dream gadget, like that universal remote control that helps make life easier, only much MUCH better… OK, FAR BETTER! It’s consolidation sent from tech heaven and its here to make our lives that much more productive, simple and fun.

So, the core reason this excites me is because it is all encompassing!!! I see Internet TV as a platform spanning across all types of media on TV and the Web.  The influence of Internet TV will scale across geo political boundaries and enhance our lives.

Will Google TV help bring about a change in the way TV and other media is distributed and viewed?

Absolutely! The Internet has revolutionized our way of life.  Electronic and print media has been transformed by the pervasive use of the Internet as a primary source of information and advertising. Google TV literally bridges the gap between the Internet and your TV — it brings the Web right into your living room so that you can consume traditional net-only -content like YouTube with your family and friends.  Who better to pioneer this type of a revolution than Google?! Google has made information available at our finger-tips free of cost.   Google has changed the way we live our lives.  It’s synonymous with search and the Google brand exemplifies the power of an evolving population demanding access to content on multiple platforms.

With the amount of content available online these days from sites like Hulu and Netflix, do you foresee a shift away from the traditional cable and satellite platform to a more open, Internet-based approach?

I sure do. The paradigm shift has already occurred and the monetization has been proven by Hulu and Netflix. The question is not IF Internet-based television will be successful, but when and who will be successful…in this case, its quite clear: Google TV with Logitech Revue will conquer this. Sites like YouTube and Hulu have taken consumers away from their TVs and has kept them engaged with their PCs for longer periods of time, and now take that same engagement level and bring the content back to the TV….Its outright brilliant and so very exciting!

The world is shifting from a free content delivery approach to the current world of selectable content delivery on a fee basis. Apple, for example, has forever changed that very consumer mind-set and led us to the world of media content delivered for a nominal fee.  Regardless, our current television structure with its umbrella contracts and restrictions has worn us all out. I for one am sick of limits. Google TV can empower our era to demand freedom and knowledge beyond the imagination of our status quo. This affords us the ability to cross reference the source of the data and to analyze this for ourselves as an unbiased worldview, as opposed to the existing conservative or liberal analysis.

Do you feel there is a large enough market for Google TV to be a success? Or will people see devices like Revue as just another box they don’t want to add in their living rooms?

The bottom line is that the Revue IS NOT just another box, rather it’s the companion box to have in order to make this all a reality! Through trial there will be proof, and through exposure there will be a buzz; this ‘box’ will become the most sought after item and we will all vie for a Revue box of our very own in due time.  Google TV has the advantage of addressing a global market, and will become a worldwide craze and must have…its only a matter of time!

Finally, if you are selected, how will you help Logitech promote the Revue and spread awareness of Google TV?

The greatest gift given to us humans is the ability to make others feel special. A smile, a word of encouragement, a gesture of appreciation, and/or helping hand knits our world and its citizens. I want to embrace these core values and connect with others from all walks of life. I think technology is the means to reach our goal of touching our world. My goal is to not to promote an agenda, but to promote the people….to make us feel informed, to feel valuable, and to let people know that our opinions and beliefs matter. This will continue to enable us all to embrace the power of connectivity beyond boundaries.

Having traveled so thoroughly and maintained incredible friendships with incredible people, I have a strong and powerful network. I know some pretty amazing people who have truly made a unique mark in this world (Philanthropists, sought after DJ’s, politicians, unstoppable entrepreneurs, community leaders, intellects, musical pioneers and sooo much more). I also know people on the rise and eager to make a difference in this world: good, solid, beautifully spirited people who I am lucky to have met. When you have these types of relationships as your foundation, your resources are limitless….and when you have a burning desire to meet and embrace as many new people as possible, from the manager of your corner store to a budding new artist, a curious bright child or a wise senior citizen, this power in numbers keeps on growing. Life is about connecting with others and that is how I would promote and spread awareness of the Revue and Google TV. The greatest part is, this product sees no age, sex, color, religion, race, creed or boundary…this is for EVERYONE! Not a single person would fail to benefit from and enjoy a phenomenon such as this.

I also luckily have a solid history with PR, advertising, event planning and marketing, ….you name it…drawing from those natural strengths of mine would be effortless and best of all, so so much fun! Did I mention FUN? My ideas are overflowing! I know how to have a good time and how to get the job done while doing so. The promotion would see no boundaries and the viral effect would be fabulous!

I see this as the chance to enable people. People are hungry to live, share and enhance their life experiences. I will promote these people through events and forums. The power is in the freedom of the people. If people can sense the opportunity of choice that Google TV with Logitech Revue offers them, they will naturally promote Google TV with Logitech Revue in return.  There is power in connecting, and when the people can connect limitlessly, they will be powerful!

Win a VIP pass to Mira Veda’s Video Launch Party!



Picture 21

Mira Veda is hosting a Video Launch party for her new single “Captivated” and she wants YOU to join her! Answer the following question correctly and we will randomly select a winner!

On Mira’s first album “Infinite Love”, she collaborated with former Grammy president, who was it?

email your answer to urbandesiradio[@]

Winners are responsible for their own travel expenses, party will be held in the San Francisco Bay Area

Mira Veda’s CAPTIVATED out now!!!



Picture 21

The sultry and seductive voice of Mira Veda is back!! I know her fans are eagerly awaiting her second album, she recently finished shooting a music video for her single. Check it out and download Captivated! I’ve played it on the Junction, it’s gotten a lot of positive feedback. Mira has been keeping busy…she serves on the board for the Recording Academy, blogs on the Huffington Post and is one of the founding members of Lipsticks and Politics ( I fell in love with her first album “Infinite Love” (some of the tracks are on UDR 24hr music player) … this second album is long overdue!!! Bring it on Mira!

Queer Desis host a wedding celebration at India’s Day Parade!



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Every year, here in the Bay Area, the FIA host the annual India Independence Day Mela & Parade. They have always welcome Trikone, that serves the South Asian Queer community in the San Francisco Bay Area & beyond. Their booth at the melas has always be so much fun and full of color. This year…Trikone plans to bring awareness and educate how the Defense Of Marriage Act, discriminates against the queer community and how we all deserve the right to get married.

Trikone will hold a MOCK wedding ceremony between two men and two women, the crowd at the mela will be encourage to participate and join in the festivities!!!

Be sure you come to the mela and stop by the Trikone Booth! It will be held Aug 14th and 15th in Fremont CA.

If you are interested in volunteering please email harsha[@]

A) Booth Setup:
We need help with the booth setup. We will decorate the booth in traditional “mandap” style, with lots of festive fabric and flowers.
On the day of the event, we need atleast 4 volunteers to help us with the setup and bring down of the booth.
The setup will be done on Saturday Aug 14th and bring down on Sunday, Aug 15th.
The entire booth setup should not take more than 2 hours.
B) Fabric for the booth:
If you have traditional South Asian fabric/sarees that you can lend us please let us know.
If you are interested in helping us with the decorations/ideas for setting up the booth write me an email.
Even if you cannot physically be present, we are always looking out for fresh ideas from the community.
C) Make flower garlands:
We need volunteers who can make flower garlands out of loose flowers.
This can be done on the day of the event and should not take more than an hour.
D) Invitation card write up/design:
We will be handing out “Invitation cards” to passersby and inviting them to join us in the celebration.
If you are interested in designing the layout of the card, write-up or co-ordinate with the print out, please let us know.
Trikone will reimburse you for the print out.
Multiple volunteers can collectively accomplish this task
E) Mock Couple:
We need:
2 men to be the mock couple of Saturday
2 women to be the mock couple on Sunday.
Must be willing to wear traditional Indian attire.
Please write to us if you are interested in being the mock couple.

F) Wedding games co-ordinator:
In this position, you will be responsible to come with short (5 min) wedding related games that will engage the visitor with the wedding ceremony.
G) Wedding photographer:
As the wedding photographer, you would be taking pictures of visitors with the mock couple (if requested).
H) Wedding Guests:
As part of the wedding contingent, we need members of our community in festive apparel to participate and make our booth approachable and open.
We need you to send out positive vibes :)
I) Music co-ordinator:
Compile Bollywood Wedding songs (anywhere between 20-50) that could be played throughout the day!
J) Advocacy member:
As visitors approach our booth and we engage them with all the fun filled activities, we also want to spend a moment with them to let them know what Trikone is and how they can be an ally.

Why sweat Facebook? What about Google?



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At the “TechCrunch Social Currency CrunchUp” G was part of the “Social Commerce: Crafting New Marketplaces” platform, moderated by Jason Kincaid.  He shared the stage with Aaron Batalion (CTO and Co-Founder, LivingSocial), Kevin Hartz (CEO and Co-Founder, Eventbrite), David Marcus (CEO and Founder, Zong) and Christian Taylor (CEO and Founder, Payvment).

Unfortunately I missed most of the platform, but caught the last 10 minutes. Most of the founders seemed concern about Facebook replacing their services, except G. Although he didn’t seem to sweat FB, he brought up Google and their new ventures. I think Google is much more powerful than facebook, they are planning to launch their own social network platform. I love my gmail and what google has offered throughout the years, I will admit, I don’t use my “orkut” account, but surprisingly on my trip to India, people were raving about Orkut.

I’m personally getting a little tired with social networking, it plays a big role in our lives (for media folk) I been tempted to deactivate my myspace account, I find no use for it, the social networking platform, they seem to be cardon copying from each other, let’s say if Facebook was to take one of these services these founders have come up with – I don’t think it would be the end of their companies. Facebook itself has taken a big hit and a lot of their users are starting to mistrust their services.

Currently, Gurbaksh’s company gWallet, is offering their publishers a risk free 30 day trial. If the publisher is not satisfied with their results, gWallet will give them 20,000 dollars.

Today, we announced the “gWallet Challenge” giving new qualified publishers a chance to try out the gWallet platform risk-free.

We’re pretty confident over here at gWallet. In fact, we’re so confident that publishers will increase their revenue using the gWallet platform that we’re offering a cash guarantee.  If the desired results are not achieved within 30 days, gWallet will pay the publisher $20,000 cash. That’s right, $20,000 dollars!!

Qualifying premium publishers can sign up starting today for the month-long challenge. They will put their existing solution head-to-head against the gWallet platform for 30 days, and if they don’t see a growth in revenue, we’re paying up. Integration takes only about two hours of development time, and then the challenge will begin!


Take 5 with Nitin Kapoor




From Rooh Ba Rooh Simran’s emceeing to the believable performances each actor gave in “Dheeyan Marjaania” – the positive reviews have been pouring in… the play was based on “Neon Jarh” written by Ajmer S. Aulakh, the purpose of  DM was to awareness of female foeticide. DM was directed by Ashok Tangri and music by Parminder Guri, the proceeds went to the Sahaita organization.

I’ve known Nitin for awhile, he’s such a sweetheart. When he told me he was taking on a bad guy role, I couldn’t wait to see him in action. I even volunteered to bring him a punching bag, some folks joked that he would need “extra” security after the last act.

Nitin and I we “take 5” in this exclusive interview…

Petz: What made you want to audition for the play?

Nitin: I have been doing theater in the bay area for past 5 years. Highly respected Ashok Tangri (director of DM) discovered me and I learned everything I know about acting from him. Dheeyan Marjaania is our 4th play together in which he directed me. I think I was lucky to get this role and I am thankful to Mr. Tangri and Amrit Sra. so basically I didn’t audition for the play I was just picked to play this character.

Petz: Who were you and what sort of role did your character play in the family?

Nitin: I played the role of Babbi who was the son of the family born from the second marriage of Kulbir(Amrit Sra) with Bhagpari(Ruby Deol). Babbi is the antagonist of the story. Babbi is a spoiled young boy who is 19 years old. He do drugs, drinks and does not respect anyone in the family. The evilness of his character is shown when he kills his own grandmother and kicks his own dad out of the house. Babbi is the son that no one wants. He is materialistic, disrespectful, addicted to drugs, and very evil.

The lesson that Babbi’s character teaches the audience is that even if you kill daughters to get a son there is no guarantee that your son would be the “perfect” son. An evil son would only make your life a living hell instead of taking care of you in old age.

Petz: What have you gain from this experience? And what sort of impact do you think its left on the community here in the Bay Area?

Nitin: This was my first time playing an antagonist or a negative role. I got to learn a lot about how to handle different emotions and how to make your character more dramatic at the same time keeping it close to reality. My director – Ashok Tangri helped me a lot in understanding the character of Babbi and worked very hard on my dialogues, gestures, facial expressions etc. among other things. It was a wonderful experience and I met a lot of new people.

The feedback for the play has been very positive and we hope this play impacted the Bay Area community in a positive way. We are happy that we were able to spread awareness about female foeticide in attendance of 1200+ people. We sincerely hope that our message to the community gets viral and follows a ripple effect.

Petz: Are there any plans to take DM on the road?

Nitin: After the huge success of the opening show of Dheeyan Marjaania we are getting flooded by inquiries from all over North America. Hopefully you would see us taking our message all over U.S. and Canada in near future.

Petz: I’ve seen nothing but praises for DM, but in your facebook status you thanked the critics, what sort of things have they said?

Nitin: Thanks for your unconditional support and love Peta. Being in this business you very well know that it’s impossible to please everyone. We stage actors have our own set of critics. Even though I do what I do to please the masses I also respect the opinion of subject matter experts about my art. I always welcome constructive criticism and I thanked everyone who gave me constructive suggestions. Everybody loved the play and each individual performance was highly appreciated.