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Behind the scenes with Jay Sean’s 2012



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“2012” will be out on iTunes on August 3rd and the video will be debuting on MTV August 8th! Nicki Minaj is featured on the track. The bootlegged version was hijacked and put on youtube. It was quickly taken down and replaced with an instrumental track. The song made it’s radio debut on the Panjabi Hit Squad show,  with Rav and Dee, on the BBC Asian Network. It’s been making its way on the airwaves here in the states…check out the behind the scene videos of 2012…

Jay Sean – “2012” (MAKING OF) PART I from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Jay Sean – “2012” (MAKING OF) PART II from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Cash Money recording artist Jay Sean in the studio working on his new single “2012” produced by OFM.

Directed: Aristotle
Produced by: By Any Means
Editor: Footnote Media Group
2nd Camera: Troy Leach

Interview with the Phone Sex Operator



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I remember this boy in my class, it was 5th or 6th grade… his parents didn’t block the 900 sex chat line, he invited us all over and we prank called a bunch of these numbers … later that month the phone bill came, it came out to be 800 dollars!!!! His mother was pissed!!! Ironically the boy never got caught, the mother just blamed the husband… yikes!!! Have you ever thought, whose really behind that sexy voice? What do they go through… how much money do they rank in… everything you always wanted to know about phone sex operators, but were afraid to ask… Lipsticks and Politics brings us this interesting feature!!!

Jay Sean inspires South Asian Politicians



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OR do the South Asian Politicians inspire Jay Sean? I think it’s a two way street in this matter, as we reported on Saturday, Jay Sean went to speak at a conference for the Indian American Leadership Initiative. Over six South Asians are running for Congressional seats here in the States. In his speech, Jay Sean talks about his own struggles making it into mainstream, even his own critics questioned the deal between “Cash Money” and Jay Sean. Would it turn sour like the Virgin Record deal? So far… “all izz well” Check out his speech….

VGGrooves – A Love Lost Mix



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Happy Music Monday, V Grooves put together Mein Tenu Samjhawan, love lost mix by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan…. enjoy!


Man Forced to Marry his Girlfriend



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My friends have been sending this video all through twitter and facebook, in my past 10 years in journalism, I’ve never seen anything like this! What disturbs me is people finding this funny? It kind of makes me feel uncomfortable? Jagdish might “man up” and accept it, but if he’s really showing no interest in getting married to Lakshmi, why would you want you daughter to marry a schmuck like this?

Jay Sean going political?



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It seems like Jay Sean is taking interest in South Asians in American politics… is he following Mallika Sherawat lead in her upcoming film Politics of Love? Is he planning to run himself? (little problem with UK citizenship — but he can become an American citizen!) The Indian American Leadership Initiative conference is taking place today at Georgetown University. Jay Sean will be participating in the closing reception “Behind the Mic: Jay Sean and the New Er of Indian Americans in Politics” maybe he will give them an encore and sing “My Own Way”

Over six Indian Americans are running for Congressional seats, that’s the largest number of South Asians running in US history.

“I am really excited about participating in the IALI conference this weekend, I’m proud of these pioneering South Asians being celebrated for their individual talents and gifts, and happy to lend my support.” says Jay.

Over the last couple of years, since Jay “made his own way” to Cash Money records, folks in and out of the Urban/Desi industry have snickered “Jay has sold out” “He has forgotten his South Asian roots” “He doesn’t consider himself Punjabi” and “Cash Money has gone to his head”

That couldn’t be farther from the truth, I think he’s proud of his South Asian heritage, we should be celebrating the fact more South Asian artist are breaking into mainstream. Look at Aslam? He might be linking up with Guns “n” Roses and Coldplay. We all have to make “our own way” to get to mainstream…

Sensazn Magazine calls it quits!




When I lived in Hayes, UK… I loved going to one of shops in Southall and picking up Sensazn Magazine… just the name itself was so catchy…I loved the articles and even wanted to write for them at one point. It’s sad to see that after a couple of years, they decided to close shop. Not even maintaining their online website… media of all types are really feeling the lack of businesses willing to advertise. No advertisement = no money = no magazine. Sad but true.

here’s the letter from the editor…

Thank you for all your love and support over the past few years…we really do appreciate it! Due to the relevant slow down in the advertising markets, we’ve decided not to take Sensazn any further, both in print and online.

It’s been a very eventful and exciting time since 2008, and I personally want to thank each and every supporter, reader, and everyone that provided us with the words of kindness and encouragement to keep us going, in particular  I’d would like to thank each and every member of the Sensazn team, who put in the time, effort, sweat and blood to make and create the great content that we did.

Anyone who spared a second of their time for us. You all know who you are, and every second dedicated has been appreciated more than you think.

We made a positive impact in the music scene, and then later in other areas, but as with all good things – one day it must come to an end.

Thank you.

Ahmed Hussai

Politics of Love – steamy, sexy and politically correct?




I have to say, when I first met Mallika last July, I never met such a candid actress who doesn’t shy away from any role. It’s quite refreshing to meet an actress who spoke her mind and really doesn’t give a damn what others think. This poster…wow. You have to admit its hot… old glory used as a bed sheet. Wow. Wow. Wow.

The 2008 elections will go down in history for sure! I personally had never been more excited to cast my presidential vote (yes I voted for Obama) this was my second Presidential election I got to participate in… I traded in my “Vote or Die” shirt for a “Bhangra or Die” shirt (thanks DesiThreads)

Anyways… Politics of Love is about Kyle Franklin (Brian White) an African American savvy republican who is very set in his conservative ways… (or is he??) when he lays eyes on Aretha Gupta (Mallika Sherawat) an idealistic local Obama volunteer coordinator. The sparks fly! The tempers sizzle… and true love unfolds?? This movie sounds hilarious! I remember Mallika told me she shadowed Kamala Harris (San Francisco District Attorney) for this role…Bravo Mallika and Brian… I’m feeling a “cult classic” status tag to this film!

Petz lives in a media cave… and loves a steamy debate

Mallika outside the Twitter HQ

Karma – Do you believe?



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I love horror movies and thrillers, I got a nice 80s collection of some of the greatest cult classics, believe it or not the movie that scared me shitless was Alfred Hitchcock  1960s classic “The Birds” ohhhh I get chills.

“Karma” a Telugu Film (English subtitles) is giving me the “Bird” effect, I’ve only seen a handful of Telugu movies, I haven’t quite been moved, except to tell you I like this or that Bollywood actor/actress in that one Telugu movie. But “Karma” looks like it has the formula to be a good thriller. I’m looking forward to seeing it and will bring you more details.

Karma Official Site

Petz lives in a media cave and loves thriller films

Synopsis of Karma

The words “Kali-Yuga” are heard in the language of traditional Indians. The Sanskrit definitions describe it to mean that this is Age of Iron, of machines, of evil. It is said that mankind will have reached the depths of the Kali-Yuga when man starts eating man, when cows give blood and kill instead of giving milk and life. If Dharma, that is righteousness and honor, stood on four legs in the Golden Age, the Iron Age will have Dharma hobbling on one leg and gasping for breath. In 1989, Six year old Padma’s father was murdered by a Brahmin, a priest who should have represented the studying of divinity, and was instead a drug peddler who used his status for greed. Now in 2008, Padma lives alone in the quiet and picturesque town of Shamrock in Belle County. The town is home to some deadly murders, with evidence of cannibalism and torture. Shamrock is also suffering from an unnatural outbreak of the deadly Mad Cow Disease.

A lot of the beef and cattle in the town is infected with it and people are dropping like flies. Padma is now a 23 year old pre-med student. She is devastated, sad and most importantly, alone. Two months ago, a heart attack took her mother away from her and left Padma with nothing but herself, her thoughts, her memories and her diary. Even her good friend, Raj, is unable to bring her out of her despair despite his best efforts or his open love for her. One day, Padma gets an international call from Sumati, a woman who proclaims herself to be Padma’s mothers best friend. Apparently she’d occasionally been in touch with Padma’s mom all these years and had now heard of her best friend’s death. She was going to come visit Padma with her son, Dev.

After their arrival, Sumati has to run to New York on urgent work for her non-profit corporation, Padma is left with Dev alone for a few days. Dev, an ardent devotee of the Trimurti- Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva is deep in his understanding of spirituality and has something that Padma has aspired to all her life but could never find, he is at peace. Inspite of her desire for understanding and for happiness, Padma refuses to buy into Dev’s philosophies of life. She refuses to believe in bhagwan, god, and is unrepentant for it. Her mind questions the idea of god because she is now left with no family, her father was murdered by a man of god and the deep sadness within her refuses to comprehend any sense of rationalization. She simply cannot compromise herself to believe that there is a god. She is stubborn in her belief until Dev starts behaving in a strange manner.

He tells her about having dreams of Padma’s life before they met. He guesses songs on the radio before they come on and he talks of having strength by devotion. He is abnormal in his abilities and credits that to his tapasya, hundreds of hours of meditation with the word “OM” on his lips. As a woman of science, Padma tries to make sense of his abilities. These attempts also exist because of her feelings for Dev, she is slowly falling in love with him but doesn’t want to lose herself, She tries to convince herself with explanations of a myriad of possibilities like steroids, drugs, possible telepathy or just plain old trickery, maybe it was just a practical joke that Dev was playing on her.

Her explanations in her diary suffice until Dev’s actions become stranger, they become stronger, they cross boundaries that just seem impossible. Padma is now torn between her despair, the murder of her father, her beliefs in science, her love for Dev and her aversion to Dev’s devotion to bhagwan. The love shared between Dev and Padma, her friendship with Raj, the murders and disease in Shamrock and the sadness of Padma’s past all collide together in a way that she never thought possible. Will she believe?

You Can’t Tear It Down –



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Check out Young Fateh’s “You Can’t Tear it Down” in Austin, Texas RIGHT NOW, people are trying to tear down the Austin Gurudwara. Folks are complaining its an “eye sore” and causing “lots of traffic” are you kidding me? Eye sores are buildings with no purpose, the Gurudwara serves as a place for worship and community seva for the greater Austin area.

If you can’t donate to, please re-post this blog, share the links, share Young Fateh’s message.

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