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9 Reasons Why You Should Get “Senti” with The PropheC



9 Reasons Why You Should Get “Senti” with The PropheC

If you really want our opinion, Canadian music artist The PropheC sings and produces tracks that are fit for the highest of times, and the lowest of times — he’ll sing about anything from euphoric love spells  to shitty heartbreaks! But it’s sentimental and beautiful, nevertheless!

His songs consist of emotionally driven ballads, poetic Punjabi lyrics and the perfect fusion of East and West musical beats that can send you into a la-la land of daydreams and lovey-dovey thoughts. Emotional thoughts that are centered around  falling stupidly in love or cursing that lover who screwed you over — or something close to it.


Culture Shock and Their New Found FIRE



Culture Shock Fire Tour

Culture Shock Fire Tour

If you haven’t heard of Culture Shock… you betta ask somebody!!! Culture Shock’s musical formula combines South Asian music and lyrics with head-bangin’ urban beats. This combo really helps them define music for the younger South Asian generation. If you ask us, they are really pushing the envelope in terms of progressive South Asian music.

If you’re a Culture Shock fan, you’ve probably heard about their new single Fire. These guys really aim to please their listeners by releasing incredible music every few months. Not only have they released a new single, they are setting out on a world tour! A few cities on their list include: Toronto, Long Island, Tennessee, Houston and Paris, France. Yup, you read that right, Paris. Where do these guys not have any fans?  Culture Shock kicked off their tour in Stanford, California (San Francisco) and we got a chance to catch up with them.


Tweetview: Life of a Dholi – Pree Mayall




Petz and Pree tweet it up in tweeterview land… they talked about his upcoming trip to India, his new tracks he plans to work on over there, his new album, the UK AMAS, the scene and it’s mishaps! Despite the technical difficulties … Pree and Petz had a lot of laugh out loud moments…. Yes Pree… your turban could win an AMA :)

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**TONIGHT** Exclusive Mitch Hyare Interview




Deeps and Petz will be interviewing Mitch Hyare tonight, a British Indian percussionist, producer and sound engineer. He currently resides in California. Many of us Bay Area heads grew up listening to Mitch’s awesome Dhol Beats… Deeps and Petz will be playing catch up with Mitch…he will be dropping some exclusive tracks and Deeps will be showcasing some of infamous old school tracks right here on Urban Desi Radio!

Courtenay Semel interview on UDR Presents…Naughty Nights



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There’s an old saying… a woman knows what another woman wants. Is it true? On Naughty Nights this week, Courtenay Semel will be joining the Temptress and Badmash for an exclusive interview. Some of you might remember Courtenay from E! reality show “Filthy Rich Cattle Drive” she’s the daughter of Terry Semel (Former CEO of yahoo) and an out and proud lesbian.

There’s certainly more to Courtenay than her sexuality, she went into rehab and now has a clear vision of what she wants to contribute to this world. She would like to help out children in difficult situations and become the next Oprah (what a goal to aim for!)… she has a couple of interesting projects lined up that will be discussed on Naughty Nights…Be sure you check out the interview live and direct on Naughty Nights 1am (overnight wednesday) 1170am KLOK or

Jay Sean interview




Missed the interview we debuted on Urban Desi Radio? check it out right here!

DJ Nawed Interview



DJ Nawed Spinning We had DJ Nawed in the studios, he spoke about the scene in Mumbai, his take on Bollywood and dropped some exclusive mixes on UDR! Check out the interview!

DJ Nawed Interview

Urban Desi Radio Interviews Manj from RDB



Manj from RDB UDR interviewed Manj, from RDB a couple of days before his concert in   California.

UDR Interview with Manj from RDB