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Women in the scene – step up!





We have warriors like Hard Kaur, Miss Pooja, DJ Rekha, DJ Kayper – but more women need to step up in the scene, or better yet quit hooking up with “douche bag” producers (quoting my good friend Niku from Bol Punjab De) In the last 10 years, being in the scene, I’ve seen A LOT of women come and go. Back in the day, there would be parties, and a girl would have this hot single – she would rock the crowd. The next thing I know that hot single becomes a one hit wonder. Sad to say, I would round of maybe half of these so called producers don’t want to produce hits, they just want to take the women to bed and give them “hits” it’s desperate, it’s pathetic and it bothers me.

Girls, hold your ground – if something is “too good to be true” in most cases it probably is.

Study the scene, get to know the producers work before you get screw ball dreamy look in your eyes – thinking “he’s got my interest at heart” remember it’s OK to reject a producer/manager

Have more than one track under your belt – we love singles, but there’s a demand for albums – the fans want you to stick around

Don’t become a sample, become your own person

The kiss of death is when you start DATING your producer or manager – bad bad bad – don’t go there – if romance sparks – keep him as a boyfriend and find another manager. If he starts throwing a fit, reconsider even keeping him as a boyfriend, remember you need all the support you can get. Keep the negative energy out and drop the cry baby.

Imitation maybe the form of flattery, but it gets old QUICK – so stick to your true sound – don’t copy others

Find a mentor – don’t hate on other women – a woman mentor who is successful could give you some key pieces of advice (it’s worked for me in the media industry – I still contact my mentor when i feel stuck – she’s become my life long friend)

The scene is male dominated, however don’t let that discourage you, train yourself to LEARN everything, the more you know the more you can adapt, you might even consider being your OWN manager. Don’t go in the scene with tunnel vision

Mumbai Salsa



Kick back and relax here on UDR, we randomly found this film featured in the movies section on youtube!!! Maya Chandhok lives a wealthy lifestyle in Delhi along with her parents. Refusing to buckle down to her mother’s demands to get married, she re-locates to Kolkata, obtains her MBA, and then goes to reside in Mumbai where she gets a job in a bank, and shares a flat with two room-mates, Zenobia and Neha. She meets with Sanjay and both fall in love. Then one day he dramatically and publicly dumps her. A few days later she meets with Rajeev Sharma, who is heartbroken after his fiancée, Pooja, dumped him to re-locate to America, and both are attracted to each other. She is delighted when he proposes to her, but her delight turns sour when he asks her to re-locate with him to Singapore, drop her career, and be a home-maker for the rest of her life. Maya must now make up her mind amidst chaos and heartbreak that also threaten to tear apart lives of both Neha and Zenobia, who are also dating Rajeev’s friends, Karan Kapoor and Shaji, while conservative Tyagraj, Rajeev’s pal, struggles with his feelings about a much liberated Caucasian co-worker, Pamela.

Jhagde – ishQ bector & Rakhi Sawant (Mixman Shawn exclusives)




Our favorite producer, Mixman Shawn has dropped some of his exclusives on the Jhagde – featuring Rakhi Sawant and ishQ Bector. The music video is fun and fresh… We’ll be dropping this track tonight only on Urban Desi Radio!


Update From Taz about “Twist”



Our previous report said Taz was suppose to drop the album in December, it’s got pushed to Valentines Day. But in the next couple of weeks UDR will be playing some EXCLUSIVES from his new album …


Yes that’s right the brand new album is READY for release and we are looking to put it out for VALENTINES 2010. I want to thank everyone for there continued support and would appreciate you spreading the word to your friends and family.

It will be available for purchase DIRECTLY from my website and please leave any comments on my website wall.

Promos will be un-leashed in the coming couple of weeks.


Best Regards

TAZ Top 10, Hits the Urban Desi Radio….




FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Top 10, Hits the Urban Desi Radio American Market. now proud to be one of the leading sites for Asian Entertainment; will be contributing their top 10 Bhangra hits weekly list to Urban Desi Radio, the first Urban Desi station established in America.

Urban Desi Radio broadcasts from 1170am in San Jose, with over 50,000 watts it can be heard all over the Bay Area and streamed on the internet for their worldwide audience.

“I’m excited UDR (Urban Desi Radio) will be showcasing a top 10 Bhangra list, something like this has never been showcased in the US. Ish and his team have done an amazing job with SimplyBhangra, over the next month, the visitors will be seeing more of our ideas fall into place,” states Peta Cooper, co-founder of Urban Desi Radio.

“We are pleased to partner with Urban Desi Radio, whose commitment to the user experience has inspired new ideas by creating a worldwide network that will be bridging the narrow gap between the South Asian Entertainment Scenes,” says Ish.

In an age of ever increasing information and constantly changing user needs, it is time to introduce a simpler way to manage online activity. This partnership will allow to showcase their content to a wider range of audience by using the platform provided by Urban Desi Radio.

For more information please contact –

Ish Singh

Peta Cooper

S Endz pops UDR’s Tweeterview Cherry




Petz tweeterviewed S Endz … they had a lot of catching up to do! S Endz talked about his own solo album (Emanate), Swami’s new stuff… Swami won’t be singing punjabi on the next album…how will the fans react…S Endz dares to be different…much respect! Big things are happening with the band… plus a lot of random jibber jabber between Petz and S Endz!

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 13

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Picture 15

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Picture 17

Malkit Singh – Nach Billo Feat Mumzy & Rishi Rich



check out this new Malkit Singh track… with a touch of Rishi and Mumzy Flavor… bruahhhhh

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s “Afreen Afreen” featured in 2012



The legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan lives on in a movie that depicts the world will end in 2012…. if you go to the movie… listen carefully… you’ll hear this track in the beginning… The Elite8 Bro Moiz gave me the heads up… but according to Mixman Shawn… his take on the movie was… “2012 was hella boring…the only part i liked was the beginning…cause they played nusrat track…”

H Dhami fans… for the first time…




H Dhami is coming to the bay area!!! Mark it in your calendars folks… November 13th @ club illusions (Palo Alto, California)! H Dhami is a household name in the UK. The ladies are already going nuts over facebook status updates! One in particular made her point clear she wouldn’t forget her camera. For her sake, I hope she brings an extra pair of batteries! H Dhami was featured on Mumzy’s “One More Dance” this past July.


Along with H Dhami, the mixology doctor himself – Dr. Zeus will be ripping the turntables. If you loved the “Under the Influence” collection, get ready – Zeus is coming out with another album and will be playing the tracks at the party. The album will be dropping this November.

More details shall follow… keep checking the UDR blog for updates!

Pakistani Hip Hop Mixtape Project



Picture 25

Are you an artist looking to get your track out, but don’t have a project to collaborate on? Starting November, Ahmad Shakur is looking to round up Pakistani Hip Hop artists, to jump on this mixtape. Read the details below and spread the word. After the mixtape is completed, you’ll be able to download it right here on Urban Desi Radio!

“…Whats up everyone, I have official news that the first Mixtape for PK Hip Hop will start production work in Novemeber. Artists who want to be featured must be a Pakistani local. Overseas rappers will be featured in the next mixtape project. The Mixtape will feature 8,9 songs with each track being a unique concept and style. This is the time for upcoming artists to show themselfs their real talent and skill.
Major promation both local and international are in the works so anyone who wants to get involved in this project must put in hard work and dedication. The requirments for the mixtape are not at all strict. It only demands quality production and creative concepts that stick out from the rest. Rules for the Mixtape will be posted in a week and it will list all the details so recording can be done soon. For more details”