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Against the Odds hits Singapore’s top 30 urban charts!



Another smash hit from the Bilz and Kashif, “Against the Odds” is flaming up on different Urban charts across the world! Will they make it up to number 1? 2009 has been the year for South Asians climbing mainstream charts, it’s only a matter of time before we see South Asian artists dominating the charts.

Vote for The Bilz & Kashif have them break the odds and climb up to number 1 on Radio 91.3

In India, Against All Odds, will be going into Rotation on CVCRadio!

Jay Sean vs. Daft Punk – Down with Digital Love (Jay Dabhi Mash Up)



Picture 6

NY Finest’s Jay Dabhi does it again with a hot mash up!

De Dana Dan – RDB feat Manak-E



The track, according to RDB will be dropping in november, for now you can catch a sample in the movie trailer.

De Dana Dan starring Akshay Kumar & Katrina Kaif

Deep Cold – Behind “Nach Nach”




Nach Nach produced by J-Nas (DJ Sanj) featuring Kamla Punjabi & Deep

Deep & Kamla Punjabi new Music Video Siti Maar And Rim Kamonde

Read on….

Marked for success and determined to achieve it, Deep and Kamla Punjabi have been on a road less traveled.  Years of dedication and timeless nights spent burning the midnight oil; these two are by far the undisputable champions of the Punjabi rap game.  Deep started rapping at the age of 11 and has opened for the likes of Scarface, Slim Thug, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Lil Keke, Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, Papa Reu, UGK, Mike Jones and many more.  Kamla Punjabi has been singing traditional folk songs at festivals since the tender age of 12.  If creativity was the objective they would be named the greatest of intellects, but it’s much more than that.  Since the beginning, it wasn’t only about being on the mic and being heard, but rather making good quality heartfelt music.  Their music is a bridge between generations.  Not only do they express the struggles of being successful, but harmonize it in a way that can relate to a vast audience.  When you meet them you would never believe their calm and collective nature after hearing the powerful messages they send through their tracks.  But what does it really come down to?  So I ask them… And they simply reply, being the best.  They will not stop until their words are heard, they will not tire until their message has been felt, and they will not cower to any man standing.  If you ask me, they define dedication.

And with all that said, let the story begin… commitment a word often used in the wrong sense, but clearly defined to me by Deep as simply being in the studio.  Hustle hard in any hustle that you pick, nobody becomes successful overnight.  When Deep and Kamla Punjabi first met, music was probably the last thing on their mind.  They were simply friends who enjoyed music.  They would hang out and freestyle and impress every ear that was within range, without ever putting any thought towards embarking on a musical career together.  But as the mind alters so does the mood…..and when the mood strikes there is magic in the air.  A perfect collaboration of east meets west creating an atmosphere that sends the mind into abyss.  They have only blessed us with the tip of the iceberg so far, numerous hit tracks still wade in the waters as the game is not as easy as it seems. One glance into their eyes and one can see that there is no lack of confidence.  The comradery is not only seen within them, but is felt through the bass and the treble and translated through the inspiring lyrics.

Whether it’s in India or America or both these two are destined for triumph.  The hardships, the pain, and the tears only add fuel to the flames inside them.  Such a dynamic duo will not rest until the goal at hand is achieved.  Music lovers everywhere will experience what it feels like to be touched by a track.  As we draw the conversation to a close we sit back, awaiting a new musical sound that the world has never heard before.  Without further ado, we proudly present Deep Cold and Kamla Punjabi and their appropriately titled album ‘NACH NACH’(Dance Dance), produced by J-Nas (DJ Sanj).


The Bilz & Kashif “Against All Odds”



Stay tune for an EXCLUSIVE interview with The Bilz & Kashif only on Urban Desi Radio!


September 24, 2009
The Bilz & Kashif Succeed “Against All Odds”
our Tracks Featured on National Geographic Channel

Montreal, Canada—The boys from The Bilz & Kashif have faced their fair share of challenges, which served as the inspiration for their latest single, “Against All Odds.” The upbeat track, taken from the group’s upcoming album, is something everyone can relate to. “Everyone goes through hardships in achieving their goals,” DJ Vicious says. We’ve all had people tell us we can’t do something, but if you put your mind to it, you can overcome any obstacle.” The video, a series of vignettes illustrating the guys’ own personal obstacles, was shot over 3 days in Montreal, and is set to release along with the single.


The summer was a busy one for The Bilz & Kashif, who released two tracks (“He’s Nothing But a Loser” and “Heer Ranjha”) and toured across North America and Western Europe, including a performance at DutchVersity’s The King Movement in Amsterdam. They recently licensed four tracks from their debut, 2006’s The Bilz Album, to a National Geographic television series, Music Nomad; their episode documents the influences of Indian music around the globe. The video for “One Voice” will be featured in early October at Toronto’s Filmi South Asian Film Festival, and the group makes their Hollywood debut with a track, “Kuri Punjabi,” in Catherine Zeta-Jones’ The Rebound. In addition to their work as a group, Master-D of The Bilz recently received his platinum plaque for co-producing eight tracks for international artist Chantal Chamandy.


Of course, their main focus has been their new album, Breaking Barriers, set to release early next year. The 14-track electro-pop album will showcase the trio’s talents—Kashif singing in English, Master D in Hindi and Punjabi—and have cameos from artists including platinum-selling Houston rapper Lil’ Flip. In the meantime, fans can expect two more singles and videos before the end of 2009. Purchase “Against All Odds” this November on iTunes and all major digital distributors or outlets.

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