Genre On The Rise: Alternative Desi Rock



Genre On The Rise: Alternative Desi Rock

The term Desi rock may sound like a juxtaposition. Well, wake up and smell the curry, it’s not! Over the past few years, there has been a bunch of Desi rock bands surfacing on the South Asian music scene. Back in the day (like 2008), the only place we’d probably heard rock music next to anything Desi was mostly in Bollywood soundtracks, that’s not the case anymore. Many Desi musicians are experimenting with rock music as their forte and it’s working. It doesn’t really matter if they have English lyrics or Desi lyrics, it still goes so well!

I have to talk about one of my favorite Desi rock bands of all time, The Kominas.

What can I say. These Pakistani punk kids have really pushed the envelope when it comes to Desi rock bands. Not only are they the only Pakistani punk band from the States, but they really keep in touch with their Desi roots by incorporating it into their music. These guys  like to produce covers of Bollywood songs and of course, their own original music. The main reason why these guys are awesome though is because they are socially conscious. They take a lot of pride in their Pakistani and Islamic culture and are not afraid to speak up about current events happening regarding their community. They really embody what all South Asian musicians should be like. Talented, thinking outside of the box, keeping in touch with their Desi roots and of course, staying socially conscious and spreading the word about what’s important in their community. After all, they are the voice of our South Asian generation.

Photo Credit: Bumbu Sauce

Photo Credit: Bumbu Sauce

Here are a few other Desi rock bands you have to check out, I highly recommend them!

  • Bumbu Sauce
  • Aag
  • Kazak

Desi rock is just in it’s infant stages right now. I really hope a lot of musicians really pic up with music genre and run with it. We have plenty of remixing DJs, house music producers, hip-hop MCs, rappers and even traditional bhangra singers. We need more rockstars in the South Asian music scene. We all have a responsilbity to make the scene more diverse and universal!

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