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Sonny JiA week ago today, Sonny Ji hopped on his 1’s and 2’s and created magic through his impromptu mix.

Of Course, being a fan of the Bhangra Mixtape, I was selfish enough to have Sonny Ji spin..How was I going to have him be physically in front of me and not experience the magic in real life? That’s like waving a freaking strawberry lollipop in front of a toddler and then saying, “neener neener neener, you can’t have this”. Yeah. Cruel. Anyway, I called a few connections and booked him an impromptu gig to spin 2am-4am at a bar in the heart of San Francisco.

He started the night off with some high energy charged mainstream bhangra.. throwing in a little of DJ Sanj’s “Teray Hussain De” and “Bollywood’s Sajj Dhaj Ke”. Then he started mixing and mashing some crazy house vibes with stuff I was not too familiar with (lack of expertise with the progressive scene) while slowing the pitch up and down to master the perfectly seasoned and synced bhangra beats.

15 minutes in and the crowd was going W-I-L-D. People were walking into this bar with faces of utter bewilderment and a contingency of facial expressions demonstrating some serious physiological adrenaline highs. There were even a couple of BhangraMixtape fans who walked in screaming as soon as they laid eyes on Sonny Ji standing over his laptop at the tanned wooden bar. If I am not mistaken, one fan in particular reached over and grabbed Sonny Ji by the shirt, almost kissing him! (This same fan later came over and gave me a high five as we had a mini bhangra battle of gleefulness).

You want to hear about how I was feeling, do ya?? Well, you must keep in mind that I am a dancer before I ever was a radio presenter… and I was a dancer and radio presenter before I ever started spinning myself. In other words, you must remember that I am a dancer before everything else. So how did I feel? …..

As the sound waves bounced off the sides of my ear canal and became concentrated when they reached the eardrum….my body almost felt numb—

I felt as though I was on ecstasy pills mixed with a sexual high mixed with butterflies mixed with amphetamines mixed with coffee mixed with chocolate mixed with whipped cream mixed with “I just got straight A’s” mixed with “I’m getting married” mixed with …. Do you get the idea?

This was all naturally produced by the pure sound vibrations. NATURALLY.

What really did it for me was Sonny’s mix of a crazy low-tempo’ed ‘Bikram Singh’s Beyonce’ swirled with a wild trance beat, perfectly blended with some bhangra loops. I just wanted the dance floor to open up and hold me there forever—as the dance floor and I cuddled into the weeeee hours of the night.

I believe SonnyJi’s eclectic charged bhangra mashed up with every genre possible must be witnessed LIVE. It is one thing to hear it on BBC Asian Network every Saturday..and another to actually see/hear him in action. [You UK folks are taking him for granted at the melas].

The good news is that he will be back to rock San Francisco in February 2013. So far the plan is that he will be linked up with Non-Stop Bhangra

All Cali folks… get a feel of him right now so you are prepared to have your mind and body blown in actuality.

Sonny Ji’s Soundcloud


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