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10 Things That Really Piss Me Off About The South Asian Music Scene




I was taught to never hold in feelings or thoughts which are bothersome. Otherwise they turn into a big ball of fire.  Well, too late….I’ve finally complied a list of what really bothers me about the South Asian music scene. It might be a harsh article, but it’s seriously how I feel. Read it, and weep.

Trance & House Bollywood Remixes – A Bollywood song is released. Whether it’s about Munni’s Jawani. Or about Sheila being badnaam’ed. Or about a Jawani being Halkat. Whatever it may be… you’ll have a house/techno/trance REMIXED version of it before you can  quickly say


Bay Area Comedy Show Benefits Infanticide Documentary



On the occasion of International Day of the Girl, Bay Area Local Organizes  Comedy Show- ‘Stand Up for the Tender Gender’

Petals in the Dust

In light of the growing violence and atrocities against girls across the globe, the UN has declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl. On this inaugural Day of the Girl,Samson Koletkar, the world’s only Indian Jewish Stand Up comedian, and a father of a sweet little girl, brings you a stellar all female lineup of comics to benefit the making of Petals In The Dust: The Endangered Indian Girl, a documentary film that highlights one of the worst tragedies against girls – female foeticide and infanticide.



Bikram Singh Performs in the Heart of San Francisco



Bikram Singh

A Rockstar…with that perfect dose of Urban Desi. What? You don’t get it? “Beyonce” ? I don’t need to go down the list of his discography to explain what a clever genius he is to have combined urban pop, soul, and hip hop into his music. It’s almost as if he has a new age way of singing kaliyan but with that contemporary urban feel. What could be more 2012, yet so traditionally sweet straight out of the heart of Punjab? BIKRAM SINGH!! (In his case, straight out of the heart of NYC, woot woot). I won’t go into all the extra details of his talents. Only because you know them already. I will mention however, that I love and respect the fact that he writes his own lyrics. That’s definitely what makes his songs more divergent.


An Enchanted Experience with SonnyJi



Sonny JiA week ago today, Sonny Ji hopped on his 1’s and 2’s and created magic through his impromptu mix.

Of Course, being a fan of the Bhangra Mixtape, I was selfish enough to have Sonny Ji spin..How was I going to have him be physically in front of me and not experience the magic in real life? That’s like waving a freaking strawberry lollipop in front of a toddler and then saying, “neener neener neener, you can’t have this”. Yeah. Cruel. Anyway, I called a few connections and booked him an impromptu gig to spin 2am-4am at a bar in the heart of San Francisco.


Urban Desi Artist Ginz’ Tribute to Gurdwara Shooting



photoEvery South Asian was truly shocked by the Sikh temple shootings that took place in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, Sunday morning August 5th. Urban Desi rapper Ginz has dedicated a track to the Gurdwara shooting that took place. He calls it “an open letter tribute” and expresses his emotions the best way he knows how, through rap and hip-hop. Kudos to Ginz for expressing how the South Asian community is feeling right now.


India & Hip-Hop Collide at “Word to Your Motherland” Art Exhibit



Word to Your Motherland

WORD TO YOUR MOTHERLAND is a very unique art exhibit which transpires a cultural urban movement of the Indian diaspora and the engagement of Hip-Hop in India. Betti Ono Gallery in Oakland, California is hosting this exhibition from July 6, 2012 – August 11, 2012.WORD TO YOUR MOTHERLAND is one of the first art shows in California to showcase this type of movement which has not been given any type of platform.


Bhangra Music Has Lost An Icon: Rest in Peace Kuly from RDB



RIP Kuly RDBSimply Bhangra has announced  that Kuly from RDB (Rhythm Dhol Bass) has passed away on the evening of May 22nd. No news media can confirm or comment on the cause of his death right now.

Plenty South Asian music artists and fans from all over the world are being effected by this tragic loss. RDB was one of the first Bhangra groups to be noticed worldwide among the young South Asian generation. RDB consists of three brothers Manj, Surj and Kuly – who was the eldest.

We at Urban Desi Radio are really touched by this loss in particular because RDB was one of the first Bhangra groups to really showcase what Urban Desi music really was. The integration of East meets West Bhangra music was mastered by RDB. They have really paved the way for many South Asian artists in the past decade. When RDB partnered with Snoop Dogg, they made immense waves in the South Asian music industry.

Kuly will be missed, but never forgotten.

*Special Thanks to for breaking the news.


OTinaOTina Drops a New Mixtape – “Bhangin’ & Raw”



Urban Desi Radio presents….





1. Dope Shope – Honey Singh- International Villager
2. Hey Hey- Swami – Tigerstyle Remix – Equalize
3. You can dance – Bikram Singh – Bik.I.Am
4. Disco Da Dance – Dj Harpz
5. Challan Pakhiyan – Balwinder Safri – Rewind- Dj Sanj
6. Jaadu- The Dark MC – Retribution
7. Das Ja -Disc spin Bootleg remix – Dj Sanj
8. Notorious Jatt – Randy J
9.  Tutan wale – Mangi Mahal
10. Ik Gera Ik Gera – Breaking Beats
11. Husen Di Rani – Sidhu Tajpuri – Tigerstyle
12. Gora Gora Rang( Wiz Khalifa vs. Imran Khan) – Mixtabishi, Bhangrology
13. Mukhada feat Jay Status Deep Cold (DJ Sanj)
14. THE KANGSAAB remix — Mukhada feat Jay Status feat Deep Cold
15. Menu Tera Jeya (DholStep Remix) – B-STar vs. Akademik -Miss Pooja
16. Miss Soniyeh – Panjabi Hit Squad- World Famous
17. Jaan Mangdi- “Ripped off the internet” version – Jassi Sidhu
18. Brown Rang – Honey Singh – International Villager


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8 Reasons Why We Love Culture Shock



Culture Shock Music

After the recent release of their new mix tape – Leger Tender 2.5, we fell in love with the Baba Kahn, Sunny Brown and Lomaticc  all over again! We couldn’t take it anymore and had to express our feelings about what makes them one of the best South Asian music groups! Keep reading to find out the top reasons why they are loved by thousands of people from all around the world.

8. Down to Earth Kinda Guys

The Urban Desi Radio team has been lucky enough to meet the Culture Shock crew. We can genuinely say that they are nicest guys in the business! They love making time for the fans and always make sure they keep their followers happy!

7. Excellent Management & Media Support

The trio is supported by some of the greatest entertainment professionals in the South Asian music business. Their direct manager Rinku Ghei plans and executes everything from marketing to show production with great ability. The group’s biggest media sponsors–Desi, do a great job promoting their success as well!

6. Everyone Gets a Backstage Pass

We love the fact that the group is always making an effort to give their fans a sneak peek of their production process through videos on YouTube. Their fans love to see how their creativity unfolds which gives everyone a feeling of closeness to the group. Score!

5.  Damn Good Looks & Charm

This trio has the perfect mix of good looks, charm and sexiness! Each one of the guys bring something different to the table and the ladies go completely ga-ga over it!

4. Ability to Produce All Types of Music

Calling these guys creative is an understatement. Not only can they produce amazing music, but they seem to have mastered every type of music genre. From hip hop, R&B, dance, urban Desi  to  traditional Desi music – these guys have it on lock.  They are jacks of all trades!

3. Social Media Savvy

The Culture Shock team are pros at marketing their content on the net through social media but most importantly, we love the fact that they take time out of their busy schedules to reply back or re-tweet their fans. And if you’re a fan, getting a re-tweet or a reply is the best feeling in the world!

2. Free Music = Happiness

To be quite honest, our jaws dropped when we saw that their new album – Legal Tender 2.5  was up for free download! In this day and age, you won’t find many music artists putting up an entire album up for grabs like that. For this reason, we bow down to them!


1. They Know How to Rock a Crowd

If you’ve ever seen Culture Shock perform live, you know what we’re talking about! We’ve seen these guys pump up the crowd like no other music group. Not only do the ladies go crazy, but their music sends intense shock waves to your brain making you realize how awesome they are on and off the stage!

Time and time again, Culture Shock proves to be one of the most loved South Asian music groups. We wish them a long and prosperous music life and hope they continue to produce amazing music for many years to come!

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Dil Ki Baatein – The 515 crew ft. Chirag Rao OUT NOW ON iTunes



Dil Ki Baatein brings together an array of amazing talents. The tune written and composed by World Music artist the lovely Sonia Panesar.  You throw in the 515 Crew who delivers musical influences from all around the world with that Bollywood flare. They have performed with Legendary Alaap, Navin Kundra, Sunil Kalyan and Sonia Panesar. Besides 515 Crew amazing hook in the beginning of the track and Chirag’s smooth vocals really pulls you in.  Chirag studied under the phenomenal Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, whose also taught singers such as Hariharan, Shaan and Sonu Nigam.  Get your copy Dil Ki Baatein now!