BBC Asian Network Stays, For Now





No need to fear all you UK music lovers – The BBC corporation has decided they will not shut down the BBC Asian Network after a year of deliberation.

Although BBC has reversed their decision, they will cut the network’s budget in half, which can possibly cause cancellation of shows and reduced hours.

BBC executives have  understood that the  BBC Asian Network is the only national radio station in the UK which  remains the best way to reach South Asian listeners. The BBC Asian Network has also reach much world-wide fame throught their BBC iPlayer which can be heard from any corner in the world. Many South Asians tune in because of the  up-to-date South Asian news, the latest in music and renowned on-air personalities. Their international listener base has grown tremendously in the past two years. This proves that this network is not only impacting the South Asian community in the UK but, around the globe.

One member of the network staff claims “It is a pity it has taken them a year and they have had to spend all this money to come round to what we were saying all along, there’s not a feeling of anger so much as vindication. We need to brinSave-ANg the cost base down and make sure the audience keeps going up. Nobody objects to that. There is a feeling of unbridled joy, but also a nagging sense that the really hard work is only just about to begin.”

As soon as the news hit last year, South Asians all over the world began to protest against the debunking of the network. More than 100 British South Asians signed a letter to a popular media outlet as well as the BBC corporation,  pleading for the network to be saved.

This decision will have to be approved by the BBC  Trust in the  next few months.  Let’s hope they make a good decison.

Keep supporting the BBC Asian Network and spread the word. The South Asian community does not have much of a mainstream platform and let’s do our best to keep it alive.

Check out some real-time excitement from fans of the BBC Asian Network on Twitter:

“YESSSSS  the bbc asian network IS HERE TO STAY!! Meaning years more of  Bobby Friction, Murtz Murtz and DJ Noreen Khan !! InshAllah.. Made my day.” -@dotfuz

“Congrats to BBC Asian Network on dodging a bullet. Let’s hope the budget cuts are not too deep” -@browngeek

“That’s awesome news! The Friction show  is the backbone of the desi music scene!” -@simonrai

“Asian media has a place in the world and BBC Asian Network is the ultimate platform! Congrats to all involved & fought for it!” -@MissBanga

“Great news for our industry and supporters of asian music across the globe!” -@DASrecordsUK


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