Bikram Singh Performs in the Heart of San Francisco



Bikram Singh

A Rockstar…with that perfect dose of Urban Desi. What? You don’t get it? “Beyonce” ? I don’t need to go down the list of his discography to explain what a clever genius he is to have combined urban pop, soul, and hip hop into his music. It’s almost as if he has a new age way of singing kaliyan but with that contemporary urban feel. What could be more 2012, yet so traditionally sweet straight out of the heart of Punjab? BIKRAM SINGH!! (In his case, straight out of the heart of NYC, woot woot). I won’t go into all the extra details of his talents. Only because you know them already. I will mention however, that I love and respect the fact that he writes his own lyrics. That’s definitely what makes his songs more divergent.

Also, let’s not forget what a good ear he has for production…which is why he joined Tigerstyle to build the musical platform within Bik.I.AM. Let’s also not forget “Electro Love Boliyan” –the version by Mixtabishi & Mofolactic-The 2012 Edit. This superhit club track is played by EVERY deejay in every part of the world. You know you can agree with me when I say I can’t listen to Rihanna’s “We Found Love” the same ever again. It just doesn’t feel right when you don’t hear Bikram’s voice trickling in from the corner of the track.

About two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch Bikram perform live at Nonstop Bhangra at Public Works in San Francisco. As I am a sucker for good live performances, I was very happy with Bikram’s deliverance. Actually, I was more than happy; as were my girlfriends. He totally blew the stage with his energy. It’s part of the reason why I got very short footage. That too of little bit of the old skool. All his other super hit songs– I was too busy shaking my tail feather. :)

I also got to spend a little time chatting with him. He is an amazing man–motivating, humble, intelligent, nurturing, and super creative!

I look forward to another show and more new music by him..


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