Courtenay Semel interview on UDR Presents…Naughty Nights



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There’s an old saying… a woman knows what another woman wants. Is it true? On Naughty Nights this week, Courtenay Semel will be joining the Temptress and Badmash for an exclusive interview. Some of you might remember Courtenay from E! reality show “Filthy Rich Cattle Drive” she’s the daughter of Terry Semel (Former CEO of yahoo) and an out and proud lesbian.

There’s certainly more to Courtenay than her sexuality, she went into rehab and now has a clear vision of what she wants to contribute to this world. She would like to help out children in difficult situations and become the next Oprah (what a goal to aim for!)… she has a couple of interesting projects lined up that will be discussed on Naughty Nights…Be sure you check out the interview live and direct on Naughty Nights 1am (overnight wednesday) 1170am KLOK or