Culture Shock and Their New Found FIRE



Culture Shock Fire Tour

Culture Shock Fire Tour

If you haven’t heard of Culture Shock… you betta ask somebody!!! Culture Shock’s musical formula combines South Asian music and lyrics with head-bangin’ urban beats. This combo really helps them define music for the younger South Asian generation. If you ask us, they are really pushing the envelope in terms of progressive South Asian music.

If you’re a Culture Shock fan, you’ve probably heard about their new single Fire. These guys really aim to please their listeners by releasing incredible music every few months. Not only have they released a new single, they are setting out on a world tour! A few cities on their list include: Toronto, Long Island, Tennessee, Houston and Paris, France. Yup, you read that right, Paris. Where do these guys not have any fans?  Culture Shock kicked off their tour in Stanford, California (San Francisco) and we got a chance to catch up with them.

Continue reading about the true inspiration behind their new single “Fire” and how they had fight for what they believed in, in order for this single to be released…

Download “Fire” here or for more info, check out Culture Shock’s official websiteFacebook page or Twitter page.


UDR: What was the inspiration behind your new single FIRE?

Baba Kahn: Fire is really and truly a song that wasn’t what our music label wanted, but it’s a song we put out anyway to show that “we want to do, what we want to do!”. This track really explained who we are– it’s raw and it’s in your face. It might be egotistical to say, but we remained true to ourselves and our creativity. That’s why we had to put it out for our fans.

Lomaticc: What happened was… Our label wanted us to produce certain type of music. We’re a fusion band, but as creative as we are, we still had to follow some sort of format according to the label. However, being music artists, you’re always trying to find the next creative way to make something work. We always work around our mission and what we want to do as fusion artists; we don’t want to do what all the other music artists are doing. So we thought, if we got this far without much of the label’s help, why don’t we continue to do what we want without their format?

 The music in “Fire” is the type of music we’ve wanting to make for a long time. I feel like not a lot of other artists are doing that right now. So we took that type of music and put in our own institutional style. So going forward, that’s exactly what we want to do. We’re not going to listen to formats, and this and that. We’re going to make what we truly believe in that works, and that’s where the passion comes out on stage and in the studio.

Sunny Brown: FIRE! I love it. It’s our latest single! We produced it last year, but just as the guys mentioned, there was an issue with the label and we couldn’t release it. They wanted us to go the “Top 40s” route, and we wanted to stay within the Culture Shock sound. Now that we’re kind of done with the label, we were finally able to release it. I’m very proud of that song, I love it. It’s all about Punjabi Kuriyan, (Punjabi Girls) and that’s what we wanted to do, and that’s exactly what the song says!

Culture Shock Fire Tour

Culture Shock Fire Tour

 UDR: So you guys are all just like brothers, always in the studio or on tour. What do you provide to the group, individually?

Baba Kahn: I feel like I provide a lot of things to the group. Producing, managing and writing, I like to do all the stuff that I have energy for. I think I add an element to the group that’s urban and raw. We all have our own special ways that we add to the group.

Lomaticc: I’m a producer, singer, song writer in the group. Actually, we all produce.  I’m also the R&B flavor and I’m appealing to the ladies – well that’s what Baba Kahn would say! *Laughs* In all honesty though, whatever one person has a void in, the other person fills, so the chemistry is wicked. We do everything together, they are like my brothers, and it’s the best. I love living! I love living life!

Sunny Brown: Me? I’m the Indian guy. Baba Kahn and Lomaticc have no idea about what the Indian crowd is. They don’t speak Hindi or Punjabi. These guys always want to go into “English, English, English”, but I’m always like “wait guys… come back, we have go for Punjabi because we have a lot of Punjabi fans.” So if you hear a lot of Punjabi in our music, it’s because of me. *Laughs*

I make sure we have Punjabi in our songs, and I’m sort of slowly pushing the group to get into Bollywood. We actually are, I have a few contacts in Bollywood lined up. You won’t believe me, but Baba had no clue about the Hindi or Punjabi language before, but now I can have a conversation with him in Hindi or Punjabi and he can understand. I’m getting there!

The Culture Shock Crew - Lomaticc, Sunny Brown & Baba Kahn

The Culture Shock Crew – Lomaticc, Sunny Brown & Baba Kahn

UDR: You Culture Shock is finally selling music finally, what pushed that?

Baba Kahn:  It was just time. We’ve put out close to three albums including remixes and we’ve done enough to really, really lock in our fan base to support us and appreciate us for what we do. I think this is the next step as a music group. We will still give our stuff for free. But right now, our single is on sale on iTunes and so far the response has been phenomenal! I can’t lie, it’s really great.

UDR: I’m glad you guys are finally making some dough from your fans!

Baba Kahn: *Laughs* It took us a while, but sometimes you have to give and take a little bit and now it’s about selling it, and doing what we have do as music artists.

UDR: What does 2013 have lined up for you or Culture Shock?

Sunny Brown: Lots of music, we have four singles lined up this year and a video of the new single should be coming out soon. I think I might be giving you guys too much information *laughs* hopefully another album by the end of the year and like I said, some Bollywood projects and that’s it.


Well there you have it folks, details about Culture Shock’s inspiration behind FIRE! Among all the differences between Culture Shock’s old music label and their mission, the group still stays true to what they believe in — giving their supporters music that’s fresh and distinctive while challenging the musical norms of the South Asian music scene.

For more info, check out Culture Shock’s official websiteFacebook page or Twitter page.

Interview conducted by written by Urban Desi Radio reporter, Mandee Banga.


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