Desi B finds inspiration in Sikh Knowledge’s beats



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Desi B (Bhavdeep Rehal) will be on The Junction’s “You got Mail” segment, we will be playing “Reel Queen No I Mean” produced by Desi B. You can feel the dancehall vibe, so for you dancehall fans you are in for a real treat! The instrumentals were “jacked” from Sikh Knowledge, who gave Desi B his blessing. We know how important it is to have someone to look up to, Desi B finds his inspiration and connects to music, especially the beats Sikh Knowledge puts out.

Desi B is proud of his Indian-African heritage, he was born in the UK and currently resides in Canada. He was brought up in a loving Sikh/Hindu household, which taught him no matter what you believe in, you should always show respect for other people. He considers himself an experimenter of Urban Themes, a dreamer, a Poet with something to say, something of a psychological Painter who wants to use every color on the emotional spectrum to make a lyric.

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