From Badmash: Goodbye Naughty Nights




Dear Sexy Jalebis,

As I drink this glass of wine… I’m thinking what do I say to you all? I just wanted to thank you for supporting the Temptress and myself since October, you all have showered us with your love and we’ve shared some crazy times. The idea of naughty nights wasn’t about “turning” people on, but more importantly educating our community. I wouldn’t call it “ignorance” but lack of education some people in our community have regarding sex. Regardless of the advice we’ve shared the important thing we advocated was safe sex. My favorite part of the show was bringing you all good music, I have a passion to share tunes… if I can give advice to any other host on 1170am it would be don’t belittle your audience or deprive them of good music. Get out of the Bollywood square and educate yourself on the different genres in our Desi community. The audience and your listeners deserve it.

One thing you have to realize 1170am is produced by individuals, we aren’t getting paid but go out to find sponsors to cover the cost. With the Temptress blessing, I decided it was time to end “Naughty Nights” we could of continued, but I would rather end this on a positive note – not a dried up one.

It’s going to be hard to say goodbye to all of you, but remember we all got a little “badmash” in us and you will always be my sexy jalebis – not dosto 😉




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