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Sometimes we get calls regarding pre-mature ejaculation and how to stop it, one of our sponsors “Erectomaxx” it can help with that problem, not only that but it will help with an enlarge prostate and other needs both safe and naturally. It’s an herbal treatment, no prescription required. Call 510-329-5736 to place an order or order from their website


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FAQ from Erectomaxx Website

Frequently Asked Question

1. What makes Erectomaxx so unique?

Erectomaxx is a leading trademark among all the other innovative brands. Erectomaxx combines four precious herbal ingredients – Cynomorium, Cordyceps, Ganoderma and Spirulina Polypeptide. Erectomaxx has become a unique treasure. It has undergone many years of professional studies, product development and testing, boasting patented technology particularly the nanotech extraction in the four herbal essences. One only needs a packet to experience its amazing goodness. Erectomaxx effectiveness is related to its entirely natural ingredients of highest quality. It does not contain any stimulants or artificial ingredients.

2. What are the advantages of taking Erectomaxx?
May reduce prostate problems – such as prostate inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer
May help to Improve urology and nephrology function, balance physiology
May help to enhance blood circulation and prevent cardio-cerebral vascular disease
May help to delays aging by shaping youthful cells
May strengthens immune system, prepares body to heal itself
May reduces fatigue and helps restore energy
May improves acidic physique condition – such as: allergies, forgetfulness, backache, cold hands and feet, inability to concentrate, bad breath
May help to protects the liver and kidney, improves nephritis and renal failure syndrome
May help to promotes sleep and improves skin complexion

3. What are the other advantages of taking Erectomaxx?
As herbal treatment works well in balancing physiology, Erectomaxx also boasts the following recuperation effects:
May promotes cell regeneration and metabolism
May help to increases oxidation resistance
May enhances the functions of the adrenal glandsTerms & Conditions        800-950-8521
May  help to reduce blood pressure
May help in healing infection, reduces pain
May improves gastrointestinal function

4. From which country does this high quality product originates from?
Erectomaxx is the wonderful result from a meticulous and successful scientific research study leading by American Scientist.  Combining precious Chinese herbal medicine essences, optimizing warranted and patented technology, the most unique and exclusive secret formula in the market is born.  Erectomaxx contains Chinese herbal essences especially cynomorium, a precious herbal medicine sourced from the north Gansu Province. Cynomorium is locally and richly grown in a natural environment without any form of pollution. Using direct extraction and processing technology, this valuable active ingredient is retained fully and plays a pivotal role to bring out such wonderful effects. Erectomaxx is a joint effort and an assimilation of Chinese and Western technology and scientific research.  Hence, Erectomaxx is truly a remarkable product that transcends borders and exceeds all expectations.

5. Why is Erectomaxx more effective than other products with similar ingredients?
Erectomaxx has undergone extensive research. It leaves a better result without any side effects and is second to none, thanks to its unique formula and natural active agents.

6. Is Erectomaxx suitable for everyone?
Erectomaxx is derived from natural herbal ingredients. It may boost energy and strength effectively. This product has been verified to be safe and suitable for adults above 18 years old. For ladies who take Erectomaxx, it may also play a big role in anti-aging, improving physical treatment, physical fitness, blood circulation, etc. For special needs, please consult your nutritionist or diet therapist before taking.

7. For patients with chronic diseases: hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes, what should they be aware of?
If you are suffering from chronic diseases, start taking a small amount (half tablet). You may increase the dosage slowly. Before taking, please consult your nutritionist or diet therapist for their opinion.

8. How much Erectomaxx should I take to achieve optimal result?
If your physical condition is good, you may take a packet daily. If there are undesired complications after first trial, you may take another packet on alternate day for duration of two weeks. Later, when your condition is stable or improved, you may increase dosage to a packet per day.

9. What is the best time to take Erectomaxx?
Since Erectomaxx comprises of rich and ultra concentrated herbal essences, it provides instants medical results. But due to the fact that all our physical conditions vary from one to another, the general recommendation is to consume 1 tablet in the morning or after lunch.

10. If I take more than the prescribed amount, will there be any problems?
Our entire formula is herbal based. Hence, many people may feel some improvement in their health. Some will experience reactions such as softened stool, body sensation, warm or uncomfortable. To avoid these unnecessary reactions, please follow the consumption instructions of this product. If you feel uncomfortable after taking, please reduce the consumption and consult your nutritionist or dietitian for their opinion.

11. While taking Erectomaxx, what are the things that I need to take note of?
Try to avoid raw, spicy and exotic food. Reduce smoking and alcohol intake. Do rest and be relaxed to ensure its effectiveness.

12. After taking Erectomaxx, how long does it takes to see the results?
It varies according to your own physical conditions. Generally, a healthy person will be able to feel the difference rather quickly. A person with health problems needs a longer time. Due to unhealthy living lifestyle and bad eating habits, the person’s physical condition prevents itself from fully absorbing the nutrients in the product. If you fall in this category, please follow the instruction and continue to take Erectomaxx, in order to improve your health and return your organ functions to its normal condition.

13. Will Erectomaxx cause any side effects?
Erectomaxx is manufactured in factories which met GMP standard. Our production process is strictly supervised, using pure natural raw materials, which is completely free from pollution. After a number of research and stringent testing, Erectomaxx is proven to be without stimulant, heavy metal elements or aphrodisiac ingredients. Erectomaxx comprises nutrients with rich in mineral substances, vitamins and amino acids that are essential to our body. It will not create any side effect. Our product has undergone hundreds clinical trials and product testing. In short, it is confirmed and verified that it will never be a threat to our health. On the contrary, the guaranteed impact in enhancing the various functions of your body will ultimately elevate your health in body, mind and spirit.

14. How long should I take Erectomaxx?  Can I stop? Are there any physical problems or will my health deteriorates if I discontinue?
We are not fully dependent on Erectomaxx (Erectomaxx). After a certain health improvement, you may stop using gradually. Many people discovered that even after they have stopped taking Erectomaxx, the results last a very long time. It is due to the improvement of body health. However, we suggest a pill usage every 3 to 4 days to maintain your health at its best.

15. Can I treat the product as a tonic for long-term usage?
Erectomaxx provides rich nutrients to the body which may effectively improve personal health. All active ingredients are chosen from natural plants with no added chemical substances. Hence, there are no side effects to our body. Using Erectomaxx in long term will keep the body in a balanced state, increasing its potential to heal itself. The human body consists of around 70 trillion cells. For the cells in cortex layer to regenerate and repair it takes at least 28 days; renew blood metabolism 4 months; improve organ functions 18 months, rebuild muscle tissues at least 36 months, reproduce bone marrow require years. Therefore, to achieve the optimal health, a person should wait seven years. In addition, a number of studies have shown that long-term use may promote longevity. Taking it on a long-term basis will promise a balanced physiology. You will feel energetic, motivated and strong!

16. Can I take other health supplement or drugs together with Erectomaxx?
Since Erectomaxx comprises of all natural herbal essence, it would not affect consumption of other products or food. However, we suggest that you take them separately to make sure all the benefits of Erectomaxx are absorbed. After meal, take a packet of Erectomaxx, and make sure the separation of two hours before taking other medicines.

17. Will there be any discomfort or adverse results after taking Erectomaxx?
Erectomaxx has no side effect. This has been tested and verified. The main components in Erectomaxx have been widely used. Each herbal extract is collected from natural environment. It is pollution-free and does not contain any harmful elements.

18. Does Erectomaxx contain aphrodisiac drugs?
Erectomaxx contains no aphrodisiacs elements, heavy metals or stimulants, which has been tested and verified. It is absolutely safe.

19. Who would benefit much from taking Erectomaxx?
Those with prostate problems – such as prostate inflammation, benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer
Often having difficulty in urination (difficulty starting urination, thin urine flow, urination slow down, urinary incontinence/urination is interrupted midway, cannot completely urinate, frequent urinary, weak urination, blood in urine, etc)
Poor energy, lack of concentration
Often feels dizzy and fatigue
Weak bladder and kidney
Smoking or often stays in smoky area
Take soft drink or alcohol frequently
Often work under pressure
Cold hands and feet
Weak immune system
Anyone who pay great attention to health and to prevent disease
Suffering from insomnia
Unhealthy eating habits: often eat barbecued / fried food, processed food (color-added, with preservatives)
Abnormal blood pressure


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