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Morning my sexy jalebis

As I mention last night, I believe every day is a valentines day, whether you are single or not, you always have someone to love, even its not in a sexual way… here’s the list I read last night … just to refresh your memory. Have fun!!!

  1. Day Off.
    Devote the entire day to each other. Take the day off from work and spend it doing things together that you normally don’t have the time to do.
  2. Honeymoon Again.
  3. Take a second honeymoon… even if it’s in your hometown and only for a night!  Book the honeymoon suite at a nice hotel and lavish each other in luxury.
  4. Week Long Celebration.
    Who says that Valentine’s day has to last for just one day? Break the rules and celebrate for an entire week! Do something special together each day.
  5. Be Kids Again.
    Get several boxes of kids valentine’s cards and write a different love note on each one. You can use love quotes, love poems, or just words from your own heart. Give her valentine’s each day, each hour, or all at once. Fill them with candy or just words of love.
  6. Travel.
  7. Take her on a special getaway… find a poster for the location and give it to her as an over sized valentine’s card with a written love note and the tickets taped to the back!
  8. Bed & Breakfast.
    Book a room at a local bed & breakfast for an incredibly romantic night. Find the perfect place with this online B&B directory.
  9. Romantic Movies.
    Head to your video store and rent several romantic movies. Bake your own pizza together (how about a heart shaped one!) and spend all day (or night) watching movie after movie.
  10. Gifts of Love.
    Tired of your lover nagging for that one gift? Keep your ears open to what they really want… and make it a point to get it for them on valentines day. If it’s small enough, hide it around the house and leave cheeky post-it clues.
  11. Music to Your Ears.
    Compile all of your love songs onto your love song CD mix and have romantic music playing throughout the day/night in the background.
  12. Game On.
    Romantic game that is… Spend the night having fun in the bedroom with a sexy, romantic game.


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