Preity Zinta taking heat for Kings XI Punjab cricket team



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I remember briefly, I mean BRIEFLY meeting Preity Zinta, who did a show here in the Bay Area back in 2002. She was running late and quickly came out of her limo with a couple of her costumes, frantically asking me WHERE IS THE DRESSING ROOM?! I showed her to her dressing room, she thanked me and that was that. My first impression of her that she wasn’t expecting the VIP treatment, she simply wanted a room to get ready in. Let’s face it, the backstage to the SF Cowell Palace was no VIP backstage. Pretty cold and drafty.

She love for a lot of things, especially her cricket team Kings XI Punjab. But some fans are under the assumption she makes all the players calls. A lot of the cricket fans aren’t happy with some of the players who got pick for KXIP. Preity being the pretty face of the Kings XI Punjab, has to take the heat from the angry KXIP fans.

She tweeted, “Ok guys! Cannot answer any more cricket questions! Am neither an expert nor a cricket guru ! All KXIP player selections were by the coach !” On that note, don’t go to Preity when it comes to making your bets!


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