Put Down The Desi Daroo And Support Your Local Music Artists



support-your-localI wish I saw more of this! Speaking from personal experience, why do people not support local artists? I’m talking about the South Asians mainly. If you look at the white kids, they absolutely love their local artists and bands. They would do anything to support them, have it be a concert at a local dive bar, a radio-hosted event, an appearance at t nightclub – you name it. I just don’t see this happening in the South Asian community, mainly with the younger South Asian generation.

If I had a dollar for every time a macho Desi guy said, “That XYZ Punjabi rapper sucks, he doesn’t know what he’s doing”, I’d be rich. Even though this “Punjabi rapper” has produced chart-topping music, is pretty talented and knows what he’s doing, a lot of the community wont give him the benefit of the doubt. It’s like the South Asian community does not want to have these artists back. I’ve heard South Asians say that Jay Sean sucks as an artist. Oh, really? Is that why he was discovered by one of the greatest rappers of all time Lil’ Wayne and was signed to Cash Money Records? Do these people say this because they are jealous?

There is lack of community support from the younger South Asian community. Now and day, a popular South Asian music artist will come to perform in the Bay Area and the venue will not swarming with people. In fact, less people will come, I don’t understand why that happens. Oh, if it was a Bhangra competition after party, everyone and their moms would come for a chance to get drunk and wear slutty dresses (for the girls). Even if I do go to these events where these artists are performing, a lot of the people won’t know much about the artist, or what they stand for. That makes me sad.

The younger South Asian generation need to stop being so defensive and hate every Desi artist in the area. We need to support each other so our underground South Asian music scene can survive!


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