RGM Making New Treks in the Urban Desi Scene



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Naanak Sodhi , Bhaveek Makan , Liz Arru , Jashan Makan & Bhavesh Chauhan

RGM (Rendering Glint Music) takes time out to talk to Dalvinder about their latest project and what sets them a part from other artists, we will be featuring their music on the Junction. Stay tune.

By: Davinder Dhaliwal

What sets you apart on the Urban Desi scene.

We present ourselves in a way no other desi group has probably done before. We started off as a initially as an independent filmmaking group called “Rendering Glint Films” on YouTube back in 2007. Our producer, Naanak Sodhi used to help out in scoring these films and he would also produce remixes on the side. We always make our own background music for our films so we decided to try making music for the sake of music on its own. Somewhere in 2010 is when our transition to serious music began happening. We wanted to try a different style of “desi music” – we thrived for more originality essentially. Each group member comes from a different background thus providing their own respective stylistic elements to the songs produced. Brothers Bhaveek and Jashan Makan are of Gujarati descent raised in South Africa and Newfoundland. Naanak Sodhi is Punjabi and was born in India and moved to Canada at a young age. Bhavesh Chauhan grew up in the United Arab Emirates and Liz was born in New York. We have always believed that music should have a global feel and should not be restricted nor directed towards any one specific group of people. Music is something everyone around the world should be able to appreciate and enjoy, and this is clearly reflected when one listens to each track we put out. We are primarily a “music” group. There is no particular genre that can define us since we are pretty much everything from R&B, to urban desi, to electronic, to rock and dubstep. There are just so many different styles of music we enjoy and we would like to try them all out. All our music is produced whenever we have free time from school and university and we have a lot of fun doing it. We are all closely knit friends so it’s really easy to get along with each other and we accept everyone’s input when making our music.

Tell us about “Driving In Europe”

The beat for Driving In Europe was produced by Naanak Sodhi (who also sings on the track) in late 2009. However, the beat only caught our attention in October 2010 when Bhavesh Chauhan eventually wrote the lyrics for the track and started singing some raw samples just to see if it would fit the beat. We realized that female vocals were needed to complete the song so we got our great friend, Elizabeth Anne (who is also an actress in our films) to sing on the track as well. The song went through 10 different versions in an attempt to make it sound radio perfect until the final product was released on Valentine’s eve of this year.

What are your future plans? (in terms of music)

We don’t exactly know where our music is heading, however we would want to find many talented independent artists around the globe to feature in our upcoming tracks just so they too get the exposure they deserve. The music industry is tough especially if you don’t know the right people to get yourself in. For now, we are using the internet for promotion and we’ll see where that goes. We are putting an album together by the end of this summer and a lot of the artists featured on the album are not well known but extremely talented from all over the world! As we mentioned before, we want our music to sound different. To the point where people will not be able to tell who our influences were. Instead, we hope one day people can find music that was influenced by us. We will also continue scoring our own music for our films just so people can really feel the mood set for this music in visual ways too.

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