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RIP Jayaben Desai



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“We Are Those Lions”

Jayaben Desai, who protested for the factory workers in North London Grunwick film processing factory, passed away at age 77. She led a two year strike in the mid 70s, a Gujarat-Born, who lived immigrated from England from Tanzania felt the need to stand up to the poor treatment and wages. The little fireball, who was slightly under 5 feet tall, fired these haunting words to her manager, Malcom Aiden. What you are running here is not a factory, it is a zoo. But in a zoo there are many types of animals. Some are monkeys dance on your finger-tips, others are lions who can bite your head off. We are those lions, Mr. Manager.

A majority of the factory workers were Desi immigrants from East Africa. While the two year protest didn’t get the factory workers jobs back or changed the working environment. Desai’s efforts paved the road for equal rights in United Kingdom’s workforce.

Rasika Mathur in “The Wait” CureSonia.org



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Rasika Mathur promoting how easy it is to become a Bone Marrow Donor, as most of you have heard, Sonia Rai has been diagnosed with leukemia, her chance for survival is finding a bone marrow match. There’s an urgent need for South Asians to step up and become donors. You could be the one to save Sonia’s life. Remember it only takes ONE match.

Rasika’s The Sari (W)rap is currently playing on the Junction until Jan 9th 2010

Bone Marrow Donation Dates For Sonia

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New Jeet Video – Vaada Ikrar Da



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Over a year ago, we fell in love with Jeet’s Zara Bachke, an upbeat tune with funky lyrics. He’s flipped the switch and composed this emotional love song – Vaada Ikrar Da. Jeet belongs to the “The Family” a BAFTA Nominated UK channel 4 series.


*DOWNLOAD* Dancing in the Moonlight (Dilpreet Bhatia)



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We were the first Radio show in the US to air “22 No. Faatak” album and the first to interview Dilpreet Bhatia. Dilpreet and his band focuses on folk, rock and acoustic genres. Over the holidays, Dilpreet gave out his album, Dancing in the Moonlight, free for his fans to download. There are no vocals; just pure electronic beats to take you on a journey around the moon. Dilpreet’s Rabba Es Dil Nu track, from 22 No. Faatak, was featured on UDR Top 60 Desi Beats for 2k10.

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1. Dancing in the moonlight

2. Lover’s Moon

3. Where is the moon

4. Dark Side Of the moon

5. Blue Moon

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UDR Top 60 #1 artist Jasmine Sandlas interview on Sitaarre TV



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Kavita Arora from Sitaarre TV, interviews Urban Desi Radio’s number one artist, Jasmine Sandlas, on our Top 60 Desi Beats for 2010. In this interview you get to see Jasmine singing live, no special effects, no magic from Mixman Shawn… just her in front of the camera singing raw. Check it out!

Electro Dil Puts a Funk to a Beat



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Last month, in London, @BeatWala produced Desi Dance Beat featuring @PrymmeMusic. The tracks on the album have electro funk with a desi twist. It’s refreshing to see artists and producers to fuse music together to make some killer beats, half the time when it comes to fusion, we are seeing more and more producers just throwing tracks down as trends, rather then taking it seriously. Check out Electro Dil below…

Electro Dil feat Prymme (prod. BeatWala): Twitter @Prymmemusic by Prymm

Conscientious Hip-Hop with South Asian Voices



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Just as Talib Kweli and Mos Def joined to combine Hip-Hop and education awareness among the African American community, these young South Asian artists are doing the same for theirs. I feel that these young Sikh rappers are an excellent example of hip-hop as current politics, history, inventive poetry and wordplay, critically reflective insight, and musically captivating activism. These artists are beginning a strong underground movement for social awareness that will exist not only among the young Sikh community, but for the South Asian community as a whole.

Kudos and peace to these brothers for enlightening many youthful souls… with each show at a time.

*****This limited video footage is of the show which was held at Sol Collective in Sacramento, CA on December 22, 2010.  Sikh Knowledge + Mandeep Sethi + Humble the Poet + Hoodini and King! + Povan Beats + Baagi + Push. Hosted by AKA Amazing. DJ Rav-E

Mr. Khan Christmas Message



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Click here for Mr. Khan Message

If you find her majesty the Queen’s Christmas message a little dry and boring, flip the channel and tune in to Mr. Khan. He’s giving out gifts to folks at the mall, cooking up a “chili” christmas meal and serenading the ladies. Mr. Khan is played by BBC Radio personality Adil Ray.

OmgFactsSex about Mohandas Gandhi



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Mohandas Gandhi and his grand-nieces.

On twitter last night, I came across a tweet last night from @OMGFactsSex tweet saying “@OMGFactsSex Gandhi used to sleep with naked girls in his bed.” I was taken back by the tweet and had to look into this. Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve heard something unorthodox about someone’s sex life – look at JFK, RFK, Martin Luther King, Bill Clinton and in recent memory John Edwards. In no way am I comparing Mohandas Gandhi to those individuals, his situation is different, but it leaves the door open for interpretation.

In April 2010, a book was published Gandhi: Naked Ambition documenting previous statements of what went on behind Gandhi’s bedroom doors. At 38, he took a vow of brahmacharya, which meant living a spiritual life and ignoring sexual desires. Gandhi “rewrote” the chaste rules for himself – by writing letters, engaging in explicit sexual conversations and unorthodox sexual behavior.

Within a year after taking his vow, he set up ashrams where boys and girls bathe and slept together, chastely, they were punished if any sexual talk or behavior occurred. For men and women, they were segregated, Gandhi believed husbands shouldn’t be alone with their wives, if they felt sexual desire they should take a cold shower. I wonder if that’s where the “cold shower” joke originates from?

While Gandhi was applying these rules to his followers, in no shape or form did these rules apply to him. He would have his grand nieces and other women sleep next to him, naked, and he would sleep naked next too. In Gandhi’s mind, this was his “test” could he pass it? Would he give in? Similar to what the young boys and girls, but why not follow the lead of the married couples? Why put yourself in that sort of position? Those questions are left unanswered. So the tweet is stem towards this “challenge” Gandhi put himself through. He would also read those letters to the women. A majority of them got destroyed, but there’s still bits and pieces, for example: “Vina’s sleeping with me might be called an accident. All that can be said is that she slept close to me.”

Sushila Nayar, who was Gandhi’s personal physician and sister to his secretary. They would bathe with each other, when questioned about this, Gandhi ensured decency and found the bathing to be perfectly natural. “While she is bathing I keep my eyes tightly shut,” he said, “I do not know … whether she bathes naked or with her underwear on. I can tell from the sound that she uses soap.”

The women who were forbidden to sleep with their husbands, were allowed to sleep and bathe with Gandhi. He would have the married women perform stripteases, sleep naked next to him and read his sexuality explicit letters.

Buy Gandhi: Naked Ambition

Jeevay Pakistan Music Video



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The voices behind one of my favorite albums “Life Through Melody” Maz and Ziggy from Bonafide put together this emotional heartfelt song – Jeevay Pakistan. Ziggy got to go to Pakistan  to see the horrendous damage the floods caused this past summer. Bonafide also had a car wash fundraiser to raise funds for the folks in Pakistan, it was a huge success. After a story fades from the media spotlight, we tend to forget and assume every thing is back to normal – which couldn’t be further from the truth. Buy this track and help support the people in Pakistan.