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UDR Artist of the Week: Swami



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Current Members

Diamond “DJ Swami” Duggal – guitar, keys and decks

S-Endz – vocals

Sups – vocals

Liana – vocals

Bobby – percussion

Former Members

Tarsame ‘Speed’ Jarnail – vocals (1999 – 2000)

Kamaljit ‘Kamo’ Bura – percussion (1999 – 2000)

Simon ‘Subs’ Duggal – drums and production (1999 – 2000)

Baba Stormz – bass guitar (2005 – 2006)

Rocky Singh –  drums (2005 – 2006)

Jagz – vocals (2004-2005)

MC Sarpanch – vocals (2004-2005)

The eccentric British Indian pop/alternative/bhangra band – Swami, is Urban Desi Radio’s Artist of the Week. Even though Swami is referred to a Hindu teacher, the name is an abbreviation for “So Who Am I” (something I just learn right now) they been keeping busy these days…they did several shows in Canada this summer (Sugarless Tour)… check out the clips of S-Endz and Diamond at a studio in Toronto.. wicked stuff.

S-Endz and I we had a little twitter banter interview and he revealed the band was working on their next album. They are one of the first groups in the British Desi scene, I recall who really made use out of ustream to connect with their fans… I remember seeing clips of their band practice, it really gave the fans up close and personal insight of what goes on during a Swami Band practice.

I can’t wait for their new album… but still jamming to sugarless (awesome track)




Broken Stars by Soniya Brar



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My friend Soniya is leaving the Bay Area, she got accepted into an awesome music masters program at NYU, originally from the east coast, she will be coming back to her friends and family. But her friend in the Bay, we will miss her. Soniya has been very supportive of me when we launched Urban Desi Radio, someone like her who has an amazing voice and music background, I kept bugging her to make me a CD, I wanted to play her stuff on radio… I got a chance to share music on 1170am. It made me so happy to share her music over the air….

I’m gonna miss our coffee dates, random and deep conversations and her laughter. I know its time for her to move on and start a new chapter in her life, good luck to you Soniya, you will make us all proud!

Enjoy “Broken Stars” by Soniya Brar

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