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Get Political About Love this Summer!



Picture 31After two years promoting for this film, Politics of Love, starring Brian White and Mallika Sherawat is hitting the screens this summer. After reviewing the trailer, as I predicted it’s going to be light comedy, where political seriousness goes out the window. Brian’s character is the McCain volunteer coordinator, while Mallika’s character is the volunteer coordinator for Obama. Can you feel the tension? This trailer produces some witty lines that has peaked my curiosity. Brian and Mallika both hold their own regarding sex appeal, Mallika certainly doesn’t follow the Bollywood “turnaway cheek” rule when it comes to kissing – and why should she? She’s an actress after all, if the Bollywood moguls has any issues, they need to take the ladoos out of their ass and deal with it. Just like Sarah Palin needs to deal with that fact she has an IQ of a door knob and has no business being a part of the presidential campaign.

Wait a minute.. who is @BarackObama?




It’s a no brainer that Kayne West has interns writing his blog entries (sometimes) but does Barack Obama have interns doing his tweets? I think that would be cool job, handling Barack Obama social networking sites. Can you imagine running in the oval office and saying “Hey Mr. President!!! What did you have for lunch?! I gotta tweet it for you!”

The President and the first lady visited the American Cross headquarters, someone from their new media team quickly logged an twitter and wrote “President Obama and the first lady are here visiting our disaster operation center right now,” the new media employee went up to the President and asked him to hit the update… this tweet went under the @redcross

The President admitted he has never used twitter before and that his thumbs are too clumsy to do the tweets from his phone!

So who is @BarackObama? you guessed it… even though its a verified account … the tweets were done by staffers and volunteers from his campaign when he was running for President. His techie fans were let down… but give Mr. President some time… the twitter bug will hit him!

Do you think Shah Rukh Khan’s assistant is tweeting for him? Hmmmm.

Welcome to San Francisco Mr. President…




It’s not everyday the president of the US comes to SF, I don’t recall Bush ever visiting (not that I wanted to see him – but I would of  participated in a protest against him and his policies)

I got a call from Deeps, telling me that I should head to Union Square  because Obama was going to be there (to speak at US Democratic Fundraiser). I heard about this news a couple of weeks ago from my aunt, but couldn’t find any articles linking back to Obama’s speaking engagement. The only article I could find said he might be in the Bay Area for the golf tournament.

At 4:53pm, Obama’s plane landed at SFO, it was a dreary day, but towards the end of the afternoon, the sun came out – a perfect theme song to end the day, would of been the Beatle’s George Harrison’s “Here comes the Sun”

Union Square, it’s a significant place between Obama and myself, after he was elected my friends and I headed to one of the Hotels to see his speech on the big screen. Emotion was mixed on November 2nd, with the California’s YES on Prop 8 winning, but Obama defeated McCain. For the first time in US history, a newly elected US President, acknowledged LGBT citizens in America deserves the same rights privileges, just like any other citizen.

Last night, I was back in Union Square, I just wanted to catch a glimpse of him. Back in the 60s, my mother got to see President Kennedy’s motorcade in the San Francisco Market St area. It was my turn to see a President that I elected…. security was tight… there were groups of protesters for health care, bringing the troops back home and the Defense Marriage Act. I spent a better part of the night on the Union Square side, I happen to come across this young couple and this older woman, who was a cancer survivor. That caught my attention, I told her about Urban Desi Radio, and our breast cancer campaign. The young couple took down our website, because his mother was a cancer survivor too.

For the rest of the night, Bobby (the older woman) kept me company. She worked for Obama’s primaries here in SF, it was around the same time she found out she had cancer. She told me it was her will to live that kept her going, she didn’t break down, one of her daughters kept breaking down at the thought of losing her mother. She had to be close to my mother’s age, and she had that motherly compassion because she used to be a school teacher. We talked about Kennedy, Mascone, Harvey Milk, Women as cops, her experiences living in the South during segregation, and of course our love for Obama. We made our way across the street and she pointed out that she remembered the SUV because Obama had rode in one, when he campaigned in SF.

Sure enough, he finally came out, I saw his shadow because the cop lights started to blink. I wish we could of got closer, but I know he will be back in SF… until next time, have a safe journey back Mr. President.

I hope the next time he comes to SF, he makes it a point to have the Democratic Committee in SF, set something up for the folks who can’t afford 3-10k a head fundraisers. Everyone deserves a chance to hear our President speak in person.