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Conscientious Hip-Hop with South Asian Voices



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Just as Talib Kweli and Mos Def joined to combine Hip-Hop and education awareness among the African American community, these young South Asian artists are doing the same for theirs. I feel that these young Sikh rappers are an excellent example of hip-hop as current politics, history, inventive poetry and wordplay, critically reflective insight, and musically captivating activism. These artists are beginning a strong underground movement for social awareness that will exist not only among the young Sikh community, but for the South Asian community as a whole.

Kudos and peace to these brothers for enlightening many youthful souls… with each show at a time.

*****This limited video footage is of the show which was held at Sol Collective in Sacramento, CA on December 22, 2010.  Sikh Knowledge + Mandeep Sethi + Humble the Poet + Hoodini and King! + Povan Beats + Baagi + Push. Hosted by AKA Amazing. DJ Rav-E

“Today’s Special” has something good cooking…



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I’m really excited about this new movie Today’s Special starring Aasif Mandvi, about ten years ago, he published a monologue book called Sakina’s Restaurant my HS drama teacher gave to me as a graduation gift. After reading the book, I fell in love with his cheeky sense of humor, he had a wide array of characters from an uptight boss to a struggling bus boy, each had their stories perfectly crafted by Mandvi. If you live in the San Francisco, the Bridge Theater is showing this movie, I would highly recommend going there because its a single screen (HUGE) and doesn’t have that sterile metreon feel to it.

In Today’s Special Samir (Aasif Mandvi) instead of following his dream of cooking up tantalizing tidbits at a French culinary school, he ends up at his father’s flailing Indian restaurant in Jackson Heights, New York. If you never been to Jackson Heights, it’s dubbed as the “Little India” of New York, but also has a very strong Bangladeshi & Pakistani community too. Samir’s father suffers a heart attack, leaving Samir, whose clueless about Indian cooking to run the restaurant. To keep himself from cracking up, Samir comes up with his own unique dishes with a little help from a least likely suspect, Akbar (Naseeruddin Shah) a taxi driver. The slicing and dicing antics between Shah, Mandvi and the rest of the cast is guaranteed to bring you comedy substance we ALL crave during the stressful holiday season.

Break Your Back



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I think Jay Sean has to keep a close eye on who he keeps company with, to me, this is another song that got out a little too soon. I’m not going to pass judgment on it, I’m sure it needs a couple of more trips to the studio before we hear the complete version. Do you think some artist let these things happen on purpose? Then they complain “my music gets leaked too soon” and then they are still the talk of the bloggers (including myself). Whose the real genius here? It’s like celebrities and their sex tapes, the same story “some maid” or “some burglar” got a hold of the sex tape. Or is the celebrity the real culprit?

Those DJ shoutouts are annoying, but you won’t see this video on youtube (it was on there – but got muted). I think Jay Sean’s folks are like the “big brother” of youtube, the “burglar” has gotten smart and just put it on of facebook.

Jay Sean’s new album “Freeze Time” will be out November 2nd

Jay Sean’s 2012 Music Video



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According to a tweet from Jay Sean (poor bloke was trapped in an elevator today) the video leaked and this isn’t the “official” video, despite it’s title. The official one will have a BIG ENDING to it… hmmm “free my lil weezy” I’m thinking maybe a cameo from Lil Wayne? He’s out of jail in about 70 something days??? In the mean time though, enjoy the 2012 video with Jay Sean featuring Nicki Minaj.

Win a Junction Mug from KryKey Internet Radio!



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You wake up to Urban Desi music on The Junction, now you have a chance to win a coffee mug of your favorite Urban Desi radio show hosted by Petz! The mug was made possible by KryKey Internet Radio

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Good luck!

Raje Shwari is back!!




In 2003, I remember when I saw Raje on BET TV here in the states, ironically her PR manager contacted me and I got a chance to interview her… she was a part of Timbaland’s camp and in 2005 Timbaland and Raje went their separate ways.. I lost track of Raje and often thought about her, especially when I was in one of those music “throwback” moods… I would put on Indian Flute.

Recently we reconnected… she’s working on her debut album “I’m famous in Bollywood” coming out in 2011…

Check out a sample of her new single “Keep a Secret” debuted on THE JUNCTION. You can buy the single here