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We Raise Our Glass to Tony Singh Pabla



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Customers adored him… Artists loved him and the tributes painted Tony as a person who would do anything for someone trying to break into the scene – but not expect anything in return. And that’s how he will always be remembered.

That integrity and passion is so rare in the scene, Tony was truly a gem.

I never met Tony, but shortly after Punjab2000.com launched, I signed up for the message board. It was a great place to network and chat about music.

When Tony passed away – petty differences between were put aside, the UK Asian Scene came together to remember him. There were over two million social media interactions about Tony.

Sunny and Shay & Bobby Friction gave artists, Tony’s family & friends and fans of Punjab2000.com a platform to tell stories and give their condolences to his family.

We raise a glass to you Lionheart – Rest in Power Tony.

UK Asian Radio Diaries




Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 9.09.00 PM


I have a soft spot for Asian Radio and presenters, similar to the way Rich Lieberman has a soft spot for the Bay Area media. He’s one of my favourite media bloggers. But when I hear presenters being treated unfairly, I see the red. I get really angry. No one is talking about it. No one is blogging about it.

I once got really upset with someone from the marketing team (at one of our team meetings) during my time at AsianFX. The marketing team did so much for Panjab Radio…but presenters at AsianFX – we were getting sloppy seconds.

Presenters are unique creatures (whether they got talent or not) we (listeners) invite presenters into our homes, our cars, our offices and our bedrooms. Ahhh… I miss Bobby Friction’s late night show.  They keep us informed, they entertain us and they become almost like a friend. There’s a special bond between the presenter and their listeners.

UK Asian Radio Diaries… it’s not going to be something I’m going to dwell on. But when something isn’t right, as far as presenters are concern, I want them to know that they can drop me a line anytime here at UDR. This isn’t a bash session, there are some good things that should be noted. You always have to give credit where credit is due.

I thought about this and I know there could be consequences, but I’m not affiliated to any stations and I think people getting treated badly in Asian Radio has gone on long enough. It’s time we start talking about it and making workplaces an environment for presenters to thrive in.

If you’re a presenter on a zero hour contract… fyi you do have rights. Read here.

– It looks like Raj Baddhan and his team had a great time at the Sabras 20 year anniversary party. Our timelines and airwaves were filled with #Sabras20 promos. According to party-goers and supporters – they had a great night and I quote from one person “#Sabras20 should get the best Asian Jam award” Wow… speaking of awards… Sabras has an UK AMA nomination for “The Best Regional Station” Congrats!

– Kudos to Lyca Radio/Dil Se for their money giveaway contest. A presenter will call a listener and the listener has to say/sing LycaRadio or Dil Se. But again there’s no massive promotion behind it. The listeners seem pretty clueless.

– Keep your ears peeled a well loved and respected presenter coming soon to Sunrise

– Want to be a presenter? Lyca Radio is still hiring, particularly for the weekends and fill in shifts. It’s ideal for folks who live in and around Central London or the SE area.

– A few weeks ago…LycaRadio team hosted a scrumptious dinner with all the trimmings for their staff. Perhaps management figured “If we feed the presenters… they won’t lash out at us.” But truthfully… Presenters are frustrated, mid management feels overwhelmed and upper management has no clue what goes on behind the scenes at the Battersea Studios. It didn’t take too long for one veteran presenter with over 20+ years experience to stormed in like Amrish Puri and announced “I QUIT!!!!” He threw his station fob key at one of the managers. The   person leading the meeting didn’t seem to care and someone from station management team burst out laughing (which others watched in utter silence). Needless to say you could cut the tension with the knife. After dinner presenters left still feeling frustrated, but their bellies were full. That has to count for something right?

– Someone from LycaRadio‘s mid management was told if they were caught talking to anyone from Sunrise Radio they will be fired. Nice huh? But let’s face it, the UK Asian Radio scene is so big, yet so small. I’m not sure if presenters got the same memo, it’s one thing not to talk about confidential activities (that’s a no brainer) but not being able to say “hello” or hang out with an old colleague – that’s just bonkers.

Sunrise’s social media was in the gutter earlier this year, but with the help of Bliss PR and social savvy presenters they have done a 360. “This Is Sunrise” is a much better social identity than their old one . Dare I say… those weird late night tweets with flowers, teddy bears and cheesy joke memes are a thing of the past. They definitely increased their engagement numbers at the London Mela.

– How come LycaRadio and Dil Se were MIA at the London Mela? Our inside sources tell us the presenters don’t get paid for outdoor events. Again… they missed out on a huge opportunity to mingle with their listeners and to get their brand out there. Could this be one of the many reasons why the presenters feel frustrated?

Got a tip? Need to vent? Email us urbandesiradio[@]gmail.com

Taz Challenges BBC Asian Network



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The BBC Asian Network was like the jewel in the crown for other Asian stations to look up to. Like most Radio presenters on Asian Radio …whether you admit it or not – most of us had escape dreams to join the BBC Asian Network.

I got plenty of BBC rejection letters that would make lovely wallpaper for my bedroom.

Even though I never got to present with them, I was still a listener and a fan. My favourites were Nihal (still love his debates and topics), Kayper, Sonnyji and Bobby Friction (the pre-antakshari Bobby Friction — sorry Bobby)

When the station was put on the chopping block in 2009, I sported the “Save BBC Asian Network” twitter ribbon on my twitter handle.  I also talked about the importance of the BBC Asian Network on 1170am in California.

The station was saved… presenters, artists and fans rejoiced. Until 2012 when the “Blood Bath” took place.

They changed the format to more Bollywood … less underground, Urban Desi and Bhangra (no more Friction lab)

We said goodbye to Kayper, Sonnyji, Dipps and Bobby got a co-host (which I thought was an insult to his intelligence) and when they started to do antakshari on air… I tuned out.

It’s never been quite the same and my argument was there were plenty of stations in the UK playing Bollywood all the time.

I still mourn for their old platform where ALL TYPES of genres were featured from Desi artists. That’s what made the Asian Network unique.

This past weekend I scrolled through my FB timeline and saw a long statement posted by Taz.  His track “Shake Ya Body” is currently at number four on the BBC Asian Network’s Download Chart.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.01.11 PM

But even though his song is number 4, allegedly AN refuses to put this in their playlist rota.

“My new single ‘SHAKE YA BODY’ has been Nos.1 in the iTunes download charts for 4 consecutive days last week as well as entering straight into Nos.4 in your very own BBC ASIAN NETWORK CHART this morning. YET the so-called Asian Network has REFUSED to playlist the single. BUT WHY? WHO and which FOOL is making these decisions?

THIS clearly says to me that THESE DECISION’S ARE BEING MADE by someone completely BIAS or simply ignoring the fact that the playlist should be made up of POPULAR MUSIC that is decided by PUBLIC DEMAND!!! Otherwise we would be not be in the charts at NOS.1 position.

Without naming names WHEN WE ASKED a member of their team WHY WE WERE NOT PLAYLISTED the reply was – “We did not like TAZ’S chorus.”

Shouldn’t the results of chart positions be simply down to popular demand and that should the basis upon which you put your chart together?”

In my personal experience, if I worked for a station that had a top 10 or 20 list – those songs would be constantly rotating throughout the day.

I forward Taz’s statement to the BBC press office and a BBC spokesperson issued this comment. I would encourage other media publications to press for a statement.

We wouldn’t normally issue a statement to another radio station. We only usually deal directly with press on any queries/complaints.

Therefore you should go ahead with your blog posting as planned, and if we are to issue a statement I shall let you know.”

**A BBC Spokesperson emailed me a statement

BBC Asian Network’s Playlist committee make the decision on whether to add a record based on two things: relevance and merit. When making these decisions we take into account a range of information – with the most critical element being our listeners. An artist or record should be relevant to BBC Asian Network’s primary target audience of 18-34 year olds. 

 Chart position on The Official Asian Download Chart (independently compiled for BBC Asian Network by The Official Charts Company) is just one factor that we take into account. A high chart placing does not guarantee a place on the BBC Asian Network playlist. There are always more contenders than spaces each week and we cannot add every record that gets released, irrespective of the artist.

 BBC Asian Network’s Playlist process is exactly the same as on Radio 1, Radio 2, 1Xtra and 6Music, with a Playlist committee comprised of a range of experience and input from across the station. Every station makes decisions that are informed by a range of editorial and audience factors. We recognise that music taste is subjective and we do not expect everyone to agree with every track on our playlist. But it is these decisions, along with unparalleled support for new British-Asian artists, that sets the BBC Asian Network apart from other stations and has helped us to deliver record audiences. Our audience enjoys the distinctive range of music that we support each week.

Taz is an artist who has been heavily supported by BBC Asian Network in the past, for almost 20 years, and because his new track “Shake ya Body” is not on the current playlist this does not mean that BBC Asian Network won’t play another Taz record in the future. 

An inside source told me he feels this was a political decision and the Asian Network has lost their identity.

“They have intentionally allowed the UK Asian music scene to slip because they cannot be asked to support. There is a conscious split of 75% Bollywood and 25% UK Asian music. UK Asian scene is getting marginalised,” the source revealed.

Artists like Ravi* who come from an Urban music background feels Asian Network tends to ignore artists from different genres.

“They are not interested in integrating, but truthfully they are segregating the scene.”

After Ravi’s calls and emails fell on AN’s deaf ears, he got the opportunity to go to America to meet a mainstream record label.

“Funny enough as soon as they heard this label took an interest in me, they acted like they supported me from day one. It’s a joke.” Says Ravi.

Ravi feels he doesn’t experience much backlash as before from presenters and producers, but he admits things could be better.

A DJ who has secured top 10 spots in the past on AN has had his tracks put in rotation.  He questions the chart making decisions because on the iTunes charts, he was at number one – but AN put him at number two.

But unlike Taz, his track was put in the playlist.

“If Taz made it to number four, he should be put on rotation.  If our fans are downloading our tracks and securing a spot for us on the AN Download chart – clearly they want to hear our music.” states the DJ.

Envy Worldwide who released “Shake Ya Body” stressed they’ve received good support from all media platforms, however they feel since the track is on the chart it shouldn’t be ignored on the playlist.

And like other artists that I’ve spoken to, Envy also feels the “Bollywood Fatigue” the dire need for a stronger platform to support British Asian artists and music made here in UK.

Perhaps BBC Asian Network should consider to have a town hall meeting for artists/DJs/Producers hosted by Bobby Friction (I still like you Bobby) regarding how the Download Chart process works.  It would help mend bridges and give artists a clear insight on the download chart.

*Names were changed

**Article revised BBC issued a statement

To support Taz and file a complaint click here

Here’s an old article I found on Media247.co.uk, keep in mind this was published in 2010. But the concept of the Chart show is stated here.  Perhaps a revision is in order?


An Enchanted Experience with SonnyJi



Sonny JiA week ago today, Sonny Ji hopped on his 1’s and 2’s and created magic through his impromptu mix.

Of Course, being a fan of the Bhangra Mixtape, I was selfish enough to have Sonny Ji spin..How was I going to have him be physically in front of me and not experience the magic in real life? That’s like waving a freaking strawberry lollipop in front of a toddler and then saying, “neener neener neener, you can’t have this”. Yeah. Cruel. Anyway, I called a few connections and booked him an impromptu gig to spin 2am-4am at a bar in the heart of San Francisco.


Our people are saved, Our music is saved. BBC Asian Network, Zindabad!



No need to fear all you UK music lovers – The BBC corporation has decided they will not shut down the BBC Asian Network after a year of deliberation.

As soon as the news hit last year, South Asians all over the world began to protest against the debunking of the network. More than 100 British South Asians signed a letter to a popular media outlet as well as the BBC corporation,  pleading for the network to be saved.

Also, the South Asian musichead community has been coming together to have their voices heard and to keep this network alive. I love the track streaming below (by Shizzio and Tigerstyle) because it’s a prime demonstration of this hardfelt work. Which in fact…has yielded desirable results. Well done!

This decision will have to be approved by the BBC  Trust in the  next few months.  Let’s hope they make a good decison.

Keep supporting the BBC Asian Network and spread the word. The South Asian community does not have much of a mainstream platform and let’s do our best to keep it alive.

Yours truly, Tina xoxo @ http://www.otinaotina.us/

(Scroll down below for extended blog entry by Deeps)

Save The Music – Tigerstyle feat. Shizzio by TigerstyleOnline

BBC Asian Network Stays, For Now





No need to fear all you UK music lovers – The BBC corporation has decided they will not shut down the BBC Asian Network after a year of deliberation.

Although BBC has reversed their decision, they will cut the network’s budget in half, which can possibly cause cancellation of shows and reduced hours.

BBC executives have  understood that the  BBC Asian Network is the only national radio station in the UK which  remains the best way to reach South Asian listeners. The BBC Asian Network has also reach much world-wide fame throught their BBC iPlayer which can be heard from any corner in the world. Many South Asians tune in because of the  up-to-date South Asian news, the latest in music and renowned on-air personalities. Their international listener base has grown tremendously in the past two years. This proves that this network is not only impacting the South Asian community in the UK but, around the globe.

One member of the network staff claims “It is a pity it has taken them a year and they have had to spend all this money to come round to what we were saying all along, there’s not a feeling of anger so much as vindication. We need to brinSave-ANg the cost base down and make sure the audience keeps going up. Nobody objects to that. There is a feeling of unbridled joy, but also a nagging sense that the really hard work is only just about to begin.”

As soon as the news hit last year, South Asians all over the world began to protest against the debunking of the network. More than 100 British South Asians signed a letter to a popular media outlet as well as the BBC corporation,  pleading for the network to be saved.

This decision will have to be approved by the BBC  Trust in the  next few months.  Let’s hope they make a good decison.

Keep supporting the BBC Asian Network and spread the word. The South Asian community does not have much of a mainstream platform and let’s do our best to keep it alive.

Check out some real-time excitement from fans of the BBC Asian Network on Twitter:

“YESSSSS  the bbc asian network IS HERE TO STAY!! Meaning years more of  Bobby Friction, Murtz Murtz and DJ Noreen Khan !! InshAllah.. Made my day.” -@dotfuz

“Congrats to BBC Asian Network on dodging a bullet. Let’s hope the budget cuts are not too deep” -@browngeek

“That’s awesome news! The Friction show  is the backbone of the desi music scene!” -@simonrai

“Asian media has a place in the world and BBC Asian Network is the ultimate platform! Congrats to all involved & fought for it!” -@MissBanga

“Great news for our industry and supporters of asian music across the globe!” -@DASrecordsUK

UK Asian Music Awards 2011




  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Apache Indian
  • Commitment to the Scene Award – Corner Shop
  •  Album –  ”Crowd Pleaser” by PBN
  •  Female Act – Preeya Kalidas
  •  Male Act – Jay Sean
  •  Video – “2012″ with Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj
  •  Urban Act – Mumzy Stranger
  • Newcomer  – Jernade Miah
  •  International Album – “American Desi” by DJ Sanj
  •  Music Producer – SukshnderShinda
  •  Desi Act – Jaz Dhami
  •  International Act – Miss Pooja
  •  Alternative Act – Rumer
  •  Radio Show – Bobby Friction
  •  Club DJ – DJ Kayper
  •  British Single – “Kaun Nee Jaanda” by Punjabi by Nature





Photos courtesy of Desi-Box and BBC Asian Network

Can’t stay good…why would we want to? ;)



Picture 31

We played this track on the Junction last week, I have to say it gave me a musical orgasm. Let’s see if this stimulates your… ears :) hehe. Hit up @MixmanShawn for the track to play on your radio show or lock into your mp3 player.

Petz UK AMAs Picks…



I don’t believe in Award Shows, I think we should just celebrate the music as is and let it speak for itself. I tell artist that a trophy isn’t your acclaim to fame, the only thing it attracts is dustmites. Just like my opinion won’t matter too much. I’m simply competing with the other founder of Urban Desi Radio, most of you in twitter world know her as Miss Banga (Mandeep Banga). If I’m wrong with my prediction, she gets to hit me in the face with a pie, if she’s wrong, I get to hit her in the face with a pie, if we are both wrong we both get to hit each other with a pie. I prefer berry pie, nom nom nom.

Picture 31

Foji – Dafa Hoja
Mumzy Stranger – Journey Begins
Panjabi MC – The Raj
PBN – Crowd Pleaser
Sukshinder Shinda – Jadoo

Petz Pick: PMC The Raj – believe me though each of these albums there was something I liked, The Raj is NOT my favorite PMC album, Indian Timing rocked my world.

Picture 32

Gary Sandhu
Jernade Miah

Petz Pick: Foji – he just came out of nowhere, he produced some pretty good videos for someone just starting out. When I was doing a show on AM radio in the states, people wanted to hear Dafa Hoja. It could be a tie too between Foji and Garry. Dil De De always gets stuck in my head!

Picture 33

Aman Hayer
Panjabi MC
Rishi Rich
Sukshinder Shinda

Petz Pick: Rishi Rich – He’s done some amazing work with Mumzy and Veronica, now he’s off to start a new chapter in his life with Timbaland’s camp, I think this will be his last AMA, we will be hearing more about him in the mainstream. I still believe he will stay true to his roots tho…

Picture 35

Bobby Friction –‘Friction’
Neev – Kiss 100
Nihal – On BBC Asian Network
Nikki Neru – Buzz Asia
Noreen Khan – on BBC Asian Network

Petz Pick: Bobby Fiction – With the threat of the Asian Network closing, he’s been inspiring us all to continue to fight and keep it open. The points he made on that channel 4 special sent chills down my spine. I love his spirit and his passion for music. I’m happy to see Buzz Asia on the list, a few of my old c0-workers from AFX are now presenting on Buzz, so if Bobby doesn’t get the AMA, I hope Nikki gets it.

Picture 38

Hard Kaur
Kazz Kumar
Preeya Kalidas

Petz Pick: Kazz Kumar – Two Words – Dirty Word haha. Kazz has worked hard this past year, I have a feeling 2011 will be her year.

Picture 39

Jay Sean
Jaz Dhami
Juggy D
Mumzy Stranger
Sukshinder Shinda

Petz Pick: Mumzy Stranger – I got my first dose of Mumzy from Taz’s album Rewind Selecka, I feel in love with his voice. You guys probably think I’m crazy for not picking Jay Sean, no disrespect to Jay, I just think it’s not fair to put him in a category. He’s had his AMA time, let the others have their time to shine.

Picture 41

Karen David
Navin Kundra

Petz Pick: Navin Kundra – Jee Li ripped through the top 10 charts over the UK, this section always seems to be my favorite section. If it was up to me, all the artists would get an award.

Picture 42

DJ Ams
DJ Kayper
DJ Vix
Jags Klimax

Petz Pick: DJ Kayper – I’m still working up a sweat to her 2080s remix tape at the gym, its a great time killer too.

Picture 43

Harbhajan Mann
Master Saleem
Miss Pooja
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Petz Pick: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – he had a lot of sold out concerts here in the states last year. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for qawwalis too. I know the popular choice is Miss Pooja, we all know she gets featured on 90% of the bhangra tracks out there.

Picture 45

Jaz Dhami
Jazzy B
Juggy D
Shin DCS
Sukshinder Shinda

Petz Pick: Juggy D – I had a tough time picking someone, I really liked Sukhshinder’s new album. I like Jaz Dhami as well, but I think he needs to push himself to start his new album, although a friend told me he’s really trying to push his brother, which is sweet, but I want to hear more of him. I think Juggy is on a pressure cooker, just ready to explode with his upcoming album.

Picture 39

Jay Sean
Mumzy Stranger

Petz Pick: Mumzy Stranger – I think MIA and Jay Sean have outgrown the AMAs, especially MIA. Menis, Raghav and Mumzy are the true contenders of this category, it’s ashame the two who had the second highest votes behind MIA and Jay Sean won’t get a chance to compete.

Picture 48

Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj – 2012
Juggy D – Panjabi Rockstar
Mumzy Stranger – Fly With Me
PBN ft. H Dhami – Gerah

Petz Pick: Gerah – I still think putting these videos against MIA and Jay Sean isn’t fair at all,  I know Jay Sean will probably win it, but I think Punjabi By Nature and H Dhami did a decent job. I was expecting something a little more unique from Juggy D, so I was slightly disappointed by his music video

Picture 72


DJ Sanj – American Desi
Gunjan – Echos
Harbhajan Mann – Vaari
Master Saleem – Jind Mai
Miss Pooja – Janjaban

Petz Pick: American Desi – It was on the SimplyBhangra charts for a long time, I loved the Milna Zaroori track feat. Taz. While others felt this album was watered down, I enjoyed it.

Will Bobby Friction leave the UK?



Picture 1

These next few weeks will be crucial, as a fan of the Asian Network, in particular, Bobby Friction’s show, he truly inspires me – we will find out if the Asian Network will be off the air for good. In one email exchange with Marc Strippel (BBC employee), back in September, he seemed optimistic.

The station in many ways – despite the ongoing work on the strategic review work there is some really great output and outreach work going on.” according to Mark.

But you can make your calls to complain and to try to save the BBC Asian Network.  03700100222, remember calling from the states at 011 44. Add #savebbcasiannetwork on your twitter.

Last week, on Bobby’s facebook, he wrote… Time to leave the UK for good? he got a massive response from his friends and fans.

  • Daljit Kaur Chhokar que?

    January 11 at 5:18am
  • Imranio Jilanio Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin! #DramaticBollywoodMusic

    January 11 at 5:40am
  • Ian Golding why’s that then. whats up then bobby? who’s upset you bro

    January 11 at 5:43am
  • Heather Lockard-Wheeler What! Where would you go?

    January 11 at 5:43am
  • Nita Duggal No you should not JU K wont be the same without u!

    January 11 at 5:45am
  • Parm Panesar I’ve heard so many people say that recently…

    January 11 at 6:40am ·
  • Bobby Friction Hey..not upset.x As parm has just said, Ive heard a lot of people say it recently…last time I felt a tinge of it was during the last recession in early 90’s….also generally the UK seems to be having problems with multi culturalism at mo, and sometimes I feel like I’m treated like a stranger in this land…last time I felt like that was 70s/early 80s.

    January 11 at 6:48am
  • Fari Bradley How are you treated as a stranger in this land? You’re part of what made it what it is today.

    January 11 at 6:56am
  • Firouzeh Razavi Yeah if I can the chance to im gonna take it! X Its awful here now :-( x

    January 11 at 7:00am ·
  • Padma Aon I did and i returned but prob go again …people also make a place …

    January 11 at 7:01am
  • Heather Lockard-Wheeler Intolerance is everywhere – you think that by this day and age we wouldn’t be so petty … Good luck!

    January 11 at 7:10am ·
  • Bobby Friction I know what u mean Fari…but just try being a brown man with a beard in a town outside the major cities…no one smiles at u even if you’re smiling at them, no one makes eye contact…and the vibes…oh the vibes….I know when I’m getting bad vibes, yaknowwhatimean?

    January 11 at 7:23am ·
  • ‘Ali Zaidi Middlesbrough ain’t so bad. I was there with a beard for 8 years, and no problems (well pretty much).

    January 11 at 7:40am
  • Sledge Vega

    Hey Bobby. Seriously… someone looks weird, doesn’t smile, ignorin you, take a sec and get into offense …… ask for the way, ask for the next cornershop, ask for something, make em talk to you…. make a joke, wish them a nice day and leave them …for good with the feeling they had it wrong….be a scientist in this situation and check if your feeling was rite, because part of your feeling could be self-fulfilling-prophecy... you get the feeling and might not able to shake it off…and thats wot makes tings really difficult then….UK is your turf, man….hold to itSee More

    January 11 at 7:46am
  • Heather Lockard-Wheeler Mr. Sledge Vega I like the way you think! We should all try and operate that way – being nice and kind while maintaining our inner strength.

    January 11 at 7:53am
  • Sledge Vega ‎:) Thanx. They say you learn to fight, to avoid fighting in the end. So everyone of us should be a perfect warrior, i guess …. this is just my way of being a warrior in present life.

    January 11 at 8:13am
  • Bobby Friction Sledge..totally up with yo philosophy…totally practice is too, which is why I said “even if you’re smiling”…can u imagine me being quiet, non cooperative etc? The point is whichever way u look at it, a brown male is treated suspiciously in the ‘regions’ coz of what’s going on in the world right now, and coz of how Britain as a society is dealing with it.xx get what u mean about staying in the UK….its my home & I’d hate to walk away..x

    January 11 at 8:16am
  • Terry Hooligan my thoughts exactly!

    January 11 at 8:24am
  • Rajan Jangda ‘Nfnitm’

    ‎”also generally the UK seems to be having problems with multi culturalism at mo, and sometimes I feel like I’m treated like a stranger in this land…last time I felt like that was 70s/early 80s.” <<< I know exactly what you mean, this seems to be getting more racist, ive experienced it formally, informally, academically, institutionally and socially, ive been hearing cousins who work in motorsport, tv, media and IT say that old proverb “you have to work 3 times harder than the white man to even get noticed”, and everytime i look at people every day i see the divisions becoming more and more evidentSee More

    January 11 at 8:42am ·
  • Sledge Vega

    ‎@Bobby nah bruv, we know you ain’t a quiet type and i totally get your frustration about the whole situation. This is just a reminder …..
    we will always be foreigners, aliens, …some of you guys in britain, me in germany, even in the countries, where our parents were raised, and i guess a lot of ppl out there, whereever they are, will face same things in different ways….if not by race, then in other ways…. this will never change unless humans unite against some extraterrestrials, you know the movies….in the end, it can’t be bout wot happens in the media, the country or wotever, unless we talking bout the masses, the mob (not the mafia-type, the social-type) … if its not about you in the mob or against the mob….. its very often about you and other individuals…… and its your choice to say, yes somethings going down and it has to do with how i look and you start playing this game ( – which is definetely an option -) or you just keep that in mind and say to yourself ‘i don’t play that shit’ at no point of that game. This is a discussion i often have with my own brother. Like i said, i totally feel you…we need to work harder, we have to be more eager to get wot we want, but the strongest of us, are the ones that seems to ignore, what is happening out there….. doesn’t mean that they don’t face it, try to to forget or something….. no …. they just don’t play that game…. ergo i make my own rules by which i am living and home is whereever i decide to be.See More

    January 11 at 8:51am
  • S Endz Neofunk

    Bobby – those EXACT reasons, along with my personal issues with living under David Cameron’s rule (if you remember the encounter that Diamond and I had with him on a plane that was printed in The Guardian), are why that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m sick to death of this country and i’m in the process of getting my greencard to move to the US permanently later this year. Fuck this backward-ass, institutionally racist country. The system in this country only works for the middle class whites, and all the money/power here stays in the hands of the same families that it’s always been on for hundreds of years…. no coincidence that David Cameron is the descendant of royalty and went to Eton. I’d much rather be somewhere that has elected a minority as their president… meaning that everyone has the same chances to do whatever they want regardless of their ethnic or social status. Plus, every time I’m there I can’t help but feel there’s just WAY more potential for me as a musician. I’m done with the UK, and aside from family and a few close friends, I’m not gonna miss it.See More

    January 11 at 8:54am ·
  • Hetul Chagane i think i just made the wrong decision moving to Portugal to Uk! Uni fees just rised like hell! and its so f word difficult to find a nice decent job without any special contact, oh dam!

    January 11 at 9:54am
  • Rajan Jangda ‘Nfnitm’ ‎@Hetul – plus side is the economy isn’t on the brink of collapse

    January 11 at 9:56am
  • Hetul Chagane thats true lol =)

    January 11 at 10:09am
  • Neil Nebesnuick Do you need a lift to the airport!!

    January 11 at 10:23am
  • Bobby Friction maybe not as militant as S-Endz – i do feel less judged on a day to day level in the US – trouble is America is Freeer than most & more oppressive than most too. America can be as good as god & as evil as satan all in the same day…xxx Still – Good luck with yo green card.x

    January 11 at 10:49am ·
  • S Endz Neofunk

    As a liberal, I’m happy to stay in the “Blue States”…. those are the places that hold the most interest for me anyhow…. Oregon, California, New York, Washington, etc….. most of the “Red States” are places I have little interest in going, like Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Alaska! I can honestly say I have never felt a shred of oppression in the states where people are smart, and vote Democrat…. it’s those Republicans in the Red States who voted for Bush and think that Palin would make a great president that you gotta be afraid of!!!See More

    January 11 at 10:56am ·
  • Rajan Jangda ‘Nfnitm’ and this ‘Tea Party’

    January 11 at 10:57am ·
  • S Endz Neofunk

    Don’t get me started on that moronic Tea Party movement…. they aren’t even a party… just a group of fundamentalist crazy Republicans trying (and failing miserably) at shedding the bad PR associated with the Republicans… unfortunately they’ve made themselves look even dumber in the process… you see that map on Palin’s website with crosshairs over the names/locations of certain Democrats? Then, some psycho shot the Democrat congresswoman in Arizona, one of the people on Palin’s map…. Palin essentially has blood on her hands for promoting these sort of radical ideas…. who would have thought these right wing nutjobs would have been able to find a politician even dumber than George W Bush?See More

    January 11 at 11:03am
  • Ruth Cheshire Could it just be the living in a city thing ? Everyone’s so friendly in our village :) all colours, creeds and blow ins from around the map xx

    January 11 at 11:27am ·
  • Hmd Dhillon Canada welcomes you Bobby anytime! we have our little run in’s here and there but in the most part Canada is the Country of the future! True multi-culturalism! everyone is respected with major ethnic diversity here.

    January 11 at 12:00pm
  • Irfan Hasan I know the feeling Bobby, I’m looking to go Uni this year and then plan to leave for good! plan to go to the Sytes, more space and opportunities and The u.k climate just isn’t good for us Tropical people!

    January 11 at 12:22pm
  • Reza Mann to be honest yaar there aint no “real place” to be anymore. even the land down under sucks now!

    January 11 at 4:56pm
  • Ami Dhillon The doors are always open for you and our Sis all the way in NZ xxxxx

    January 11 at 8:01pm · 
  • Mango Dolly bobby. i’m moving to india, via a quick tour of south, central and north amrika.come with me. i’m serious. big tings aguan. call me x

    January 11 at 8:38pm
  • Filmi Bollygirl time to live with us in NYC…

    January 11 at 8:56pm ·
  • Ninad Satpute Come to India. Everyone looks like you. The food is better. The women prettier. And your music will have more takers,.

    January 11 at 10:49pm ·
  • Rishi Rishpal Rich Come visit me in NYC

    January 12 at 1:18am
  • Sean Dinsmore Bobby, you always looked happy in Bangkok…I’m just sayin’ 😉

    January 12 at 3:37am
  • Pam Sidhu The lost generation…the indians don’t see us as indian and the english don’t see us as english…

    January 12 at 4:30am via Facebook Mobile
  • Bobby Friction ‎@Ami Must visit NZ soon, @Filmi seriously considering dat, @Rishi sooner than you think!, @Sean Oi!!!

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