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Behind the scenes with Jay Sean’s 2012



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“2012” will be out on iTunes on August 3rd and the video will be debuting on MTV August 8th! Nicki Minaj is featured on the track. The bootlegged version was hijacked and put on youtube. It was quickly taken down and replaced with an instrumental track. The song made it’s radio debut on the Panjabi Hit Squad show,  with Rav and Dee, on the BBC Asian Network. It’s been making its way on the airwaves here in the states…check out the behind the scene videos of 2012…

Jay Sean – “2012” (MAKING OF) PART I from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Jay Sean – “2012” (MAKING OF) PART II from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Cash Money recording artist Jay Sean in the studio working on his new single “2012” produced by OFM.

Directed: Aristotle
Produced by: By Any Means
Editor: Footnote Media Group
2nd Camera: Troy Leach

Dafa Ho Ja staying strong for 19 weeks…



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Foji Gill jolted us with “Dafa Ho Ja” which I loved the music video for this song, I would rave about it on my radio show… I loved the old school style with traditional beats. For the past 19 weeks, Dafa Ho Ja has stayed in the top 10 on the “Official Download Chart” on BBC Asian Network. The single dropped on Feb 26th, every one wanted to know… who is Foji?! I remember Bobby Friction interviewed him, when Bobby took over the Charts show on the BeeB. He’s young and has already proven he’s no “one hit wonder” in the scene. Miss Pooja was featured on the track (folks who listen to my show loved Foji vocals with Miss Pooja up in the mix). Dafa Ho Ja probably saved me one too many times, when I would constantly get bombarded with Miss Pooja request.

His new single, Bruahhh, is currently number 1 on the SimplyBhangra Charts, Foji is gearing up to launch his forth single. The single is going to be dedicated to his hero, Bhagat Singh. The music video will be shot in rural spots in Punjab, he’s definitely setting trends in the Asian music scene.

A present from Mixman Shawn




Mixman and Diamond Lane Records want to give a “Thank You” for a limited amount of time you can download Qadir’s Mahia, produced by Mixman Shawn… Qadir’s album is coming up next! Mahia was featured on Bobby Friction’s show on the BBC Asian Network and here at UDR we have gotten positive reviews from our visitors!

Your First Song for your Wedding?



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This week on “Street Talk” with PHS, Rav and Dee, they asked “what would be your alternative first song for your wedding?” I just finished listening to “Desi Rock” from Swami… the beat was fresh in my head, I was picturing “Desi Rock” as a first wedding song, I would love to have it as my first song… its an upbeat tempo, I like how its different and unique. I would love to have Swami be there PERSONALLY at my wedding… that would ROCK. Follow up by Taz singing “Rapture of Love”

Taz and Swami…. I would be in Urban Desi Heaven…. I wonder if the PHS boys made fun of my pick off air? Check out Panjabi Hit Squad on the BBC Asian Network every Saturday.

Save the BBC Asian Network



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It’s time we come together as a media community and do whatever we can to save the BBC Asian Network. Deeps and Petz, founders of UrbanDesiRadio.com have looked to the BBC Asian Network as a source of inspiration. If they fall… is there any hope for us? Please take the time to sign the petition, the goal is to get over 100k signatures. Write a letter to the executives of the British Broadcasting Corporation that the Asian Network is a vital source for all of us worldwide!

“I love the BBC Asian Network, while I was working in the UK as a radio personality, I had dreams of one day being on the BBC Asian Network,” says Petz. “Even though it’s very competitive, the dream that others share with me shouldn’t be taken away, it’s an important platform for every one who shares the love of music.”

Sign the Petition

Join the Campaign

Send an email to the BBC


Bobby Friction meets Disco Stu



9316_159038227050_531822050_3299595_4171041_nI love the Fric-man! He’s definitely one of the best BBC Asian Network personalities. Like most of his fans, I’m one of his “facebook” friends. He posted a picture with the tagline “float like a butterfly sting like a bee”

I don’t know if he was trying to pull off a Muhammad Ali look….you know who he reminds of in this picture? Disco Stu from the Simpsons!!! Why??? Hmmm… good question… it was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the pic.

Perhaps he’s sporting that look of exposing a little chest hair? Men in the 70s were notorious for exposing their chest hair in polyester suits. Speaking of hair… Bobby rocks in hair styling…he’s got amazing hair… God forbid if he gives up radio, he could make a new career as a hair stylist.

Love the Fric-man? Check him out on BBC Asian Network!