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Mittran Nay Peeni Daru



Picture 24

Jagga hooked us up with another track “Mittran Nay Peeni Daru” (produced by Raj Singh)  it’s currently featured on the Junction’s “you got mail” track… here is a 40 second snip of the track, we will be featuring more of Jagga’s music on UDR. His new album will be dropping really soon… we can’t wait Jagga!

Blitz at the East London Mela



Picture 22

This is why the melas in the UK rule… you get Blitz and Roach Killa on the same stage!! In the SF Bay Area Melas, we just get stale Bollywood actors! So lame… Blitz is currently touring the UK and getting the crowd hyped up for his new album dropping in September! Be sure you go to iTunes and download Kiss (Chumma) feat. RDB and the Tigerstyle remix!