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The Junction – DJ Gurps Interview



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This week we interviewed DJ Gurps on the Junction, who resides in West London and has been a DJ for over 10 years. He’s encouraging his fans to vote for him so he can get a nomination for the UK AMA awards (Time is running out!). During the interview we played tracks from his album “Expectations” download the interview!

UDR Simply Bhangra Top 5 01/10/10



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5. Twin Beats – Sounds of Punjab

4. Amrinder Gill – Dooriyan

3.  Sardool Sikander – Ik Tu Hove Main Hovan

2. Dark MC feat Angel – Incisive

1. Surjit Khan – Headliner

Bhangra Punjabian Da – feat. Sonu Behlopuri by Virsa Productionz



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North America Booking: UrbanDesiRadio@gmail.com

Label: Creative Independent
Genre: Bhangra / Desi Beats

Creative Independent launches the promo single titled ‘Bhangra Punjabian Da’ by Virsa Productionz, a new & innovative London based team of producers, musicians & DJ’s.

The production team are:
Indy: Producer/Keyboards
Raju: Co-Producer/Dholi/DJ
Ranj: Tabla/Dholki
Sonu Behlolpuri: Vocalist/Lyricist

Founded in 2004 they have performed along side some of the biggest names in the industry such as Manak E, E=MC, DJ Vix, Kaka Bhainawala, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Jaswinder Daghamia, Aman Hayer & H-Dhami. Since inception Virsa Productionz have been busy working on various projects, as well as their own debut album, which is now nearing completion. ‘Bhangra Punjabian Da’ is a promo single track and is just a taster of great things to come. Voiced by Sonu Behlolpuri, a talented new vocalist and lyric writer of inimitable style. ‘Bhangra Punjabian Da’ showcases a production style that is truly innovative and one that demonstrates Virsa Productionz passion for creating hard hitting desi sounds that make dance floors all around the world come to life. The release of the single is supported by a colourful fast paced video that perfectly complements the production style, so tune in to your favourite TV Channels to catch it now.

UDR SimplyBhangra.com Top 5 Tracks 1220 – 1227



5.  Malkit Singh - Billo Rani
4. Surjit Khan - Headliner

3. U Music - The Intro
2. Sounds of Punjab - Twin Beats
1. Incisive - Dark MC Feat. Angel

SimplyBhangra.com Top 10, Hits the Urban Desi Radio….





SimplyBhangra.com Top 10, Hits the Urban Desi Radio American Market.

SimplyBhangra.com now proud to be one of the leading sites for Asian Entertainment; will be contributing their top 10 Bhangra hits weekly list to Urban Desi Radio, the first Urban Desi station established in America.

Urban Desi Radio broadcasts from 1170am in San Jose, with over 50,000 watts it can be heard all over the Bay Area and streamed on the internet for their worldwide audience.

“I’m excited UDR (Urban Desi Radio) will be showcasing a top 10 Bhangra list, something like this has never been showcased in the US. Ish and his team have done an amazing job with SimplyBhangra, over the next month, the visitors will be seeing more of our ideas fall into place,” states Peta Cooper, co-founder of Urban Desi Radio.

“We are pleased to partner with Urban Desi Radio, whose commitment to the user experience has inspired new ideas by creating a worldwide network that will be bridging the narrow gap between the South Asian Entertainment Scenes,” says Ish.

In an age of ever increasing information and constantly changing user needs, it is time to introduce a simpler way to manage online activity. This partnership will allow SimplyBhangra.com to showcase their content to a wider range of audience by using the platform provided by Urban Desi Radio.

For more information please contact –

Ish Singh

Peta Cooper

Jingle… Jingle… Balle… Balle



Mixman Shawn interviewing Bhupinder Babbal TONIGHT!



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After we kick off the show with a small tribute to Dean Sheikh, we got Mixman Shawn in the house with Bhupinder Babbal! You don’t want to miss this exclusive interview…. What’s Bhupinder up to? Find out right here on Urban Desi Radio!


Sneak Peak: Chako Na Glassi



Vocalist Jagmeet Singh Jagga does it again! My only complaint is that this preview isn’t long enough!!!  Stay tune for the full version… we will be featuring it on UDR!!!! Lyrics also written by Jagga and music by Sunil Naughty

Baby Does Bhangra



Remember the “dancing baby” craze in the late 90s? UDR decided to bring the Baby back!!!

Putt Sardaran De & Taubah Taubah – ADH feat Gop Virk



Another exclusive from ADH (courtsey of SimplyBhangra.com) Putt Sardaran De feat Kuldeep Manak (from the Taubah Taubah album) – This video was released today. Ladies, check out the beginning – has that ever happen to you? 😉

Putt Sardaran De Video

In the next couple of weeks, UDR will be having Gop Virk on air for an exclusive interview. I personally can’t get enough of Taubah Taubah! The music video is HOT!

Taubah Taubah Music Video

Special Thanks to Ish, Sukhvir & the SimplyBhangra team!