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Bikram Singh Performs in the Heart of San Francisco



Bikram Singh

A Rockstar…with that perfect dose of Urban Desi. What? You don’t get it? “Beyonce” ? I don’t need to go down the list of his discography to explain what a clever genius he is to have combined urban pop, soul, and hip hop into his music. It’s almost as if he has a new age way of singing kaliyan but with that contemporary urban feel. What could be more 2012, yet so traditionally sweet straight out of the heart of Punjab? BIKRAM SINGH!! (In his case, straight out of the heart of NYC, woot woot). I won’t go into all the extra details of his talents. Only because you know them already. I will mention however, that I love and respect the fact that he writes his own lyrics. That’s definitely what makes his songs more divergent.


Urban Desi Radio – Show #2 – March 2012



 Urban Desi Radio



1. “World” – Culture Shock

2. “Aint No Love” – Raxstar feat. Yamla Jatt

3. “San Franpsycho” – Mandeep Sethi

4. “Moorni” – Panjabi MC (Pure Music Generals Version)

5. “Bad Girls” – M.I.A. (Jimmy Love Moombahton Edit)

6. “Mahi Mahi” – Bilal Saeed

7. “Save the World” – Culture Shock feat. Nindy Kaur

8. “Nachengi” – Bikram Singh

9. “Depths of  My Soul” – Saint Soilder

10. “Oh Re Piya” – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan (DJ Amar Choudhary Mix)

11. “Boohey Baariyan” – Hari and Sukhmani

12. “Nachle” – Punjabi Hit Squad



Send your music requests to @urbandesiradio or urbandesiradio@gmail.com


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Official Remix of Ik Jindree dropping on The Weekend Jam



Picture 9

Tune into Buzz Asia TODAY for an exclusive remix of Ik Jindree by DDS, on The Weekend Jam with Indy. Remember on the west coast England is 8 hours ahead, for the rest of the region do the math after that. Bay Area’s own Ishmeet, was a part of Ik Jindree, along with the versatile voice of Bikram Singh. Ik Jindree is currently number 1 on Buzz’s charts. Indy B is part of Breaking Beats, we are currently playing Mr. Cas’s official “Casa-licious” Remix 2011 (what a tongue twister) remix on UDR’s The Junction. Watch out for Breaking Beats doing big things in 2011 and beyond!

Ishmeet talks about Ik Jindree on WomenNow



Picture 43

On WomenNow, we get the inside scoop on “Ik Jindree” featuring Bikram Singh and Ishmeet Narula. Ishmeet talks about her humble beginnings as an artist, which genre of music she feels closely connected to and performs a couple of lines for the ladies on WomenNow. Go Ishmeet!!

DSB Music presents… Bhangra Dub Step vol. 1




I got a soft spot for Dubstep, when you combined it with one of my favorite genres (Bhangra) it’s always a hit or miss with me because I tend to be tune and not too impressed 90% of the time.  But DSB comprised this cool mix tape, we are currently playing Miss Pooja, Dr. Zeus (listeners really feeling this one) and Bikram Singh on UDR’s Junction show.

Imran Khan – Bewafa DSB REMIX

Miss Pooja – Boli DSB REMIX

Miss Pooja – Nachdi De Pairan Vich DSB REMIX

PropheC – Sohni DSB REMIX

Bikram Singh – Tere Nain Nashiley DSB REMIX

Dr. Zeus – Kangna DSB REMIX

Surinder Shinda – Mirza DSB REMIX

Late Kaka Bhaniawala – Kise Hor Banereh DSB REMIX

Ik Jindree (One Soul) Feat. Bikram Singh and Ishmeet Narula



Picture 54

Picture 47

Local Bay Area artist, Ishmeet Narula, teamed up with Bikram Singh a couple of months ago, to produce this wonderful tune “Ik Jindree” (One Soul).  The video was shot in the UK. Ishmeet’s voice is refreshing and can revive the scene that’s over-saturated with Miss Pooja vocals.

Bikram, Pree and DJ Flawless out and about



Picture 73

A singer, a dholi and a DJ out loose in Chitown… Inner Vibes TV gives UDR an exclusive look behind the scenes of Bikram Singh, Pree Mayall and DJ Flawless gearing up for their show… Bikram takes a second to drop Pree’s new single “Sari Raath” featuring DJ Flawlees… check out this video…