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Foji invites YOU to come and dance in his new music video



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I’m really impressed with Foji’a music videos, ironically, I was chatting with a Bay Area artist, Hari-B yesterday and just raving about how Foji just jumped out of nowhere. For an artist up for a newcomer award, he produces quality videos – WITH A  STORY. Now folks in Birmingham, UK will get a chance to be in one of Foji’s music videos! He’s inviting all races to come out and jam with him at Birmingham Town Center, March 5th. In this video, shows everyone how to do the dance steps. Watch carefully, practice hard and good luck!

Urban Desi Artist Stepping Up To Help Pakistan



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Maz and Ziggy from Bonafide participated in a charity car wash to help the flood victims in Pakistan. The fundraiser was held at Express Car wash in London. The Bonafide duo is currently working on “Jeevan Pakistan” a charity single to benefit the Pakistan Flood relief efforts.

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Zam Hussain is planning a series of events around Birmingham, UK… he’s currently producing a compilation album, for anyone who would like to be on the album please get in touch with Zam

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Uzazi’s Epic Pakistani Anthem Remix…Uzazi expressing love and devotion for Pakistan through music, purchase this track and all proceeds to to the Pakistani Flood relief.

Pakistan Anthem (Uzazi’s Epic Anthem Mix) by djscoop

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For those of you who follow Bohemia the Punjabi Rapper on Twitter, you might of notice the green ribbon he’s sporting on his default pic, you can get yours right here

Check out Urban Desi Radio’s PSA running in all our programs.

If you are an urban desi artist and you are doing something to help the folks in Pakistan, please send us an email urbandesiradio[@]gmail.com and thanks for stepping up and doing something positive for the community!

Taz Big Bash @ Apaches Bar



Twist and Shout has gone platinum in India, as we previous reported, I know Taz and he LOVES to party. Check out these pictures of him at the Twist and Shout launch party in Birmingham at Apaches Bar. Sonia Deol was up in the mix and it looks like Taz & Apache Indian gave the crowd a good show! Photos taken by Kamal Uddin.

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Get Real with Apache Indian



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Picture 55A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking what happen to Apache Indian? Growing up, I wore out my “Wild East” tape, I loved “pyaar pyaar (sample) 40 seconds

Had he dropped off the face of this earth? Little did I know, in his hometown of Birmingham UK, he opened a pub/restaurant called “Apache Bar” located at 190 Corporation Street, B’ham B75 6DP.

Last week, Brit Asia TV (Sky Channel 833) debuted “Real Talk” hosted by Apache Indian. It’s shot at “Apache Bar” and it’s a platform where they plan to talk about issues like politics, music, religion, identity, racism and problems the younger generation are concerned about. Toward the end of the show they will have musical performances… hopefully Brit Asia will put these clips on youtube for Apache’s American fans to see!

We need a show like this in America…. my TV media friends…. are you reading this! no more green screen with cheesy backgrounds, no more stale Bollywood songs… let’s learn from Brit Asia!

You can catch “Real Talk” every Thursday @ 9pm, repeated on Sunday @ 6pm & Tuesday @ 2pm

For those who are interested in performing or participating in real talk email – apachesbar[@]hotmail.co.uk  or realtalk@britasia.tv