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Save the BBC Asian Network



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It’s time we come together as a media community and do whatever we can to save the BBC Asian Network. Deeps and Petz, founders of UrbanDesiRadio.com have looked to the BBC Asian Network as a source of inspiration. If they fall… is there any hope for us? Please take the time to sign the petition, the goal is to get over 100k signatures. Write a letter to the executives of the British Broadcasting Corporation that the Asian Network is a vital source for all of us worldwide!

“I love the BBC Asian Network, while I was working in the UK as a radio personality, I had dreams of one day being on the BBC Asian Network,” says Petz. “Even though it’s very competitive, the dream that others share with me shouldn’t be taken away, it’s an important platform for every one who shares the love of music.”

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Mumbai Salsa



Kick back and relax here on UDR, we randomly found this film featured in the movies section on youtube!!! Maya Chandhok lives a wealthy lifestyle in Delhi along with her parents. Refusing to buckle down to her mother’s demands to get married, she re-locates to Kolkata, obtains her MBA, and then goes to reside in Mumbai where she gets a job in a bank, and shares a flat with two room-mates, Zenobia and Neha. She meets with Sanjay and both fall in love. Then one day he dramatically and publicly dumps her. A few days later she meets with Rajeev Sharma, who is heartbroken after his fiancée, Pooja, dumped him to re-locate to America, and both are attracted to each other. She is delighted when he proposes to her, but her delight turns sour when he asks her to re-locate with him to Singapore, drop her career, and be a home-maker for the rest of her life. Maya must now make up her mind amidst chaos and heartbreak that also threaten to tear apart lives of both Neha and Zenobia, who are also dating Rajeev’s friends, Karan Kapoor and Shaji, while conservative Tyagraj, Rajeev’s pal, struggles with his feelings about a much liberated Caucasian co-worker, Pamela.

Naughty Nights kicking off 2010 with…




Naughty Nights on 1170am every wednesday overnight from 1am – 4am or ustream.tv/urbandesiradio

Greeting Darlings,

Badmash and Temptress here, we hope you had a wonderful new year with your love ones and lovers… did you do anything naughty? Badmash did… in fact if you tuned in last night, Badmash stopped by the studio and kicked it with KLOK employee Marko, we wanted to kick off with the sexy, sultry, brilliant, amazing and quite bold Mallika Sherawat, the interview was done a couple of months ago from the twitter office, thanks to Desiclub.com but we can’t wait to broadcast it to you and we promise we will bring Mallika back again for round two….

Why do we love Mallika???

She steps out of the box… and doesn’t let any boundries hold her back… she has the naughty nights appeal to inspire women to be different and go against any sort of pre-judgement norm…


Temptress & Badmash

Meet the all star salesman – Rocket Singh!




Just give him 60 seconds of your time, that’s all he wants! Honestly… he won’t let you down. If you don’t like him, he promises to refund the 60 secs and throw in an additional 120 seconds! What a deal! Rocket Singh Trailer starring Ranbir Kapoor. UDR is not liable for the you losing 60 seconds of your life. Please direct all comments and concerns to Rocket Singh.

De Dana Dan – RDB feat Manak-E



The track, according to RDB will be dropping in november, for now you can catch a sample in the movie trailer.

De Dana Dan starring Akshay Kumar & Katrina Kaif

Aish and AB on Oprah



It was AB’s first time coming face-to-face with the daytime talk show queen – Oprah, but for Aish it was a piece of cake. Aish has been on Oprah before, many of us remember how Aish shocked Oprah, when she revealed the fact she still lived with her parents. AB got put in the hot seat with the whole ” living with the parents question” he simply turned it around and asked how can Oprah not live without her parents!

AB showed his sensitive side and revealed how he proposed to Aish, it seem like a scene right out of a Bollywood film! He was out on a balcony and he “wished” that Aish would become his wife. When it was time to propose, he took her to the same balcony and asked her to marry him.

The interview was fun and fresh. It’s reported that Aish makes over 15 million dollars per film, just like Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts.

The best part is when Aish and AB surprised a Bollywood dance troupe!

DJ Nawed Interview



DJ Nawed Spinning We had DJ Nawed in the studios, he spoke about the scene in Mumbai, his take on Bollywood and dropped some exclusive mixes on UDR! Check out the interview!

DJ Nawed Interview

Urban Desi Radio Interviews Manj from RDB



Manj from RDB UDR interviewed Manj, from RDB a couple of days before his concert in   California.

UDR Interview with Manj from RDB