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Coffee and Anjulie To Go?




I was getting my ritual coffee; I quickly glanced at the “Starbucks” music selection. I always thought that was a joke, Starbucks and music? Give me a break! But this one artist, Anjulie grabbed my attention. I picked up the free download card (via itunes) and download “Boom”.

The best way to describe, “Boom” it has a lounge feel. Or it’s a tune I could picture myself waking up to on a pop station.

I asked my friends, if they would take the time to download one of the free tracks from Starbucks? Is this a successful marketing tactic to all you coffee junkies?

*drum roll*

Some would… simply because it’s free!

Others wouldn’t… because of their attention span/steps they need to take

I’ll admit, I’ve had this song on “repeat” – it’s catchy. Give it a try! Download it! It’s free…

Download Boom