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Petz UK AMAs Picks…



I don’t believe in Award Shows, I think we should just celebrate the music as is and let it speak for itself. I tell artist that a trophy isn’t your acclaim to fame, the only thing it attracts is dustmites. Just like my opinion won’t matter too much. I’m simply competing with the other founder of Urban Desi Radio, most of you in twitter world know her as Miss Banga (Mandeep Banga). If I’m wrong with my prediction, she gets to hit me in the face with a pie, if she’s wrong, I get to hit her in the face with a pie, if we are both wrong we both get to hit each other with a pie. I prefer berry pie, nom nom nom.

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Foji – Dafa Hoja
Mumzy Stranger – Journey Begins
Panjabi MC – The Raj
PBN – Crowd Pleaser
Sukshinder Shinda – Jadoo

Petz Pick: PMC The Raj – believe me though each of these albums there was something I liked, The Raj is NOT my favorite PMC album, Indian Timing rocked my world.

Picture 32

Gary Sandhu
Jernade Miah

Petz Pick: Foji – he just came out of nowhere, he produced some pretty good videos for someone just starting out. When I was doing a show on AM radio in the states, people wanted to hear Dafa Hoja. It could be a tie too between Foji and Garry. Dil De De always gets stuck in my head!

Picture 33

Aman Hayer
Panjabi MC
Rishi Rich
Sukshinder Shinda

Petz Pick: Rishi Rich – He’s done some amazing work with Mumzy and Veronica, now he’s off to start a new chapter in his life with Timbaland’s camp, I think this will be his last AMA, we will be hearing more about him in the mainstream. I still believe he will stay true to his roots tho…

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Bobby Friction –‘Friction’
Neev – Kiss 100
Nihal – On BBC Asian Network
Nikki Neru – Buzz Asia
Noreen Khan – on BBC Asian Network

Petz Pick: Bobby Fiction – With the threat of the Asian Network closing, he’s been inspiring us all to continue to fight and keep it open. The points he made on that channel 4 special sent chills down my spine. I love his spirit and his passion for music. I’m happy to see Buzz Asia on the list, a few of my old c0-workers from AFX are now presenting on Buzz, so if Bobby doesn’t get the AMA, I hope Nikki gets it.

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Hard Kaur
Kazz Kumar
Preeya Kalidas

Petz Pick: Kazz Kumar – Two Words – Dirty Word haha. Kazz has worked hard this past year, I have a feeling 2011 will be her year.

Picture 39

Jay Sean
Jaz Dhami
Juggy D
Mumzy Stranger
Sukshinder Shinda

Petz Pick: Mumzy Stranger – I got my first dose of Mumzy from Taz’s album Rewind Selecka, I feel in love with his voice. You guys probably think I’m crazy for not picking Jay Sean, no disrespect to Jay, I just think it’s not fair to put him in a category. He’s had his AMA time, let the others have their time to shine.

Picture 41

Karen David
Navin Kundra

Petz Pick: Navin Kundra – Jee Li ripped through the top 10 charts over the UK, this section always seems to be my favorite section. If it was up to me, all the artists would get an award.

Picture 42

DJ Ams
DJ Kayper
DJ Vix
Jags Klimax

Petz Pick: DJ Kayper – I’m still working up a sweat to her 2080s remix tape at the gym, its a great time killer too.

Picture 43

Harbhajan Mann
Master Saleem
Miss Pooja
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Petz Pick: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – he had a lot of sold out concerts here in the states last year. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for qawwalis too. I know the popular choice is Miss Pooja, we all know she gets featured on 90% of the bhangra tracks out there.

Picture 45

Jaz Dhami
Jazzy B
Juggy D
Shin DCS
Sukshinder Shinda

Petz Pick: Juggy D – I had a tough time picking someone, I really liked Sukhshinder’s new album. I like Jaz Dhami as well, but I think he needs to push himself to start his new album, although a friend told me he’s really trying to push his brother, which is sweet, but I want to hear more of him. I think Juggy is on a pressure cooker, just ready to explode with his upcoming album.

Picture 39

Jay Sean
Mumzy Stranger

Petz Pick: Mumzy Stranger – I think MIA and Jay Sean have outgrown the AMAs, especially MIA. Menis, Raghav and Mumzy are the true contenders of this category, it’s ashame the two who had the second highest votes behind MIA and Jay Sean won’t get a chance to compete.

Picture 48

Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj – 2012
Juggy D – Panjabi Rockstar
Mumzy Stranger – Fly With Me
PBN ft. H Dhami – Gerah

Petz Pick: Gerah – I still think putting these videos against MIA and Jay Sean isn’t fair at all,  I know Jay Sean will probably win it, but I think Punjabi By Nature and H Dhami did a decent job. I was expecting something a little more unique from Juggy D, so I was slightly disappointed by his music video

Picture 72


DJ Sanj – American Desi
Gunjan – Echos
Harbhajan Mann – Vaari
Master Saleem – Jind Mai
Miss Pooja – Janjaban

Petz Pick: American Desi – It was on the SimplyBhangra charts for a long time, I loved the Milna Zaroori track feat. Taz. While others felt this album was watered down, I enjoyed it.

Official Remix of Ik Jindree dropping on The Weekend Jam



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Tune into Buzz Asia TODAY for an exclusive remix of Ik Jindree by DDS, on The Weekend Jam with Indy. Remember on the west coast England is 8 hours ahead, for the rest of the region do the math after that. Bay Area’s own Ishmeet, was a part of Ik Jindree, along with the versatile voice of Bikram Singh. Ik Jindree is currently number 1 on Buzz’s charts. Indy B is part of Breaking Beats, we are currently playing Mr. Cas’s official “Casa-licious” Remix 2011 (what a tongue twister) remix on UDR’s The Junction. Watch out for Breaking Beats doing big things in 2011 and beyond!

Support Indy Beats – 100KM walk



Support one of my pals, Indy Beats (Breaking Beats) from the UK, we used to work at the same radio station in the UK, this is for a good cause! – Petz

This weekend (17-19th July 2010) I’m taking on the biggest challenge of my life as I attempt to hike 100KM through the hills of South England. It’s a massive event organised by Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust and has over 2000 participants. I’m aiming to raise £500 and am asking for your support and sponsorship. However much you can spare is appreciated, every bit helps and it all adds up quickly.

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The Challenge
The challenge is called Trailwalker UK. Teams of four trek through the night to complete the 100KM course in under 30 hours. It’s an amazing experience that combines endurance, navigation, determination, and teamwork, into a truly memorable achievement. The course is split up into regular checkpoints and takes place on the South Down’s Way.
Trailwalker will test individuals and teams physically and creatively. Trailwalker is a unique charity event and one that will test teams to their physical and mental limits.

The Team:

One team leader. To organise and prepare the team
Three fellow walkers. To complete the walking team. Everyone brings a quality to the team, whether it’s energy, enthusiasm, organisational skills, fundraising ideas, map-reading skills, or an endless stream of amusing chat.
One support crew. A crack team of friends and family to be your support crew
Where the Money Goes:
The money raised for the event will be split 50 / 50 after event costs between the Gurkha welfare trust and Oxfam. Oxfam works in 3 main areas. Campaigning for change, development work and emergency response.
For every £1 given to Oxfam GB 80p is spent directly on our emergency, development and campaigns work, 10p is spent on support and running costs, and 10p is invested to raise more money.
People need help in an emergency — fast. Oxfam saves lives, swiftly delivering aid, support and protection; and help communities develop the capacity to cope with future crises. Currently supporting the Hunger Crisis in West Africa, Effects of the Earthquake in Haiti, Conflict in Pakistan, Guatemala Floods.
What’s the course record?
9 hours, 50 minutes!

What’s the average time?
Last year the average time was between 24 and 26 hours.

The History of Trailwalker
Trailwalker UK started as a military training exercise in 1981.

With an impressive 12 trails in nine countries. Since it began in 1981, 1000s of walkers around the world have successfully taken on Oxfam’s 100 km challenge: to walk 100km, in teams of four, in a limited time. Thanks to each and every one of them, more than £45 million has been raised to help overcome poverty and injustice. Trailwalker now takes place in Canada, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, Belgium, Japan, Netherlands, Australia, & Hong Kong.
Trailwalker UK- 100 km in 30 hours

The Queens Gurkha Signals Regiment are a big part of Trailwalker UK. In 1997, they established Trailwalker on the South Downs Way. By 2000, the UK event had become the nation’s largest ultra-distance marathon.
In 2002, the Gurkha’s invited Oxfam GB to partner them on the event and split the money raised between Oxfam and the Gurkha Welfare Trust. Within a couple of years the funds raised by the event increased ten fold and it became Oxfam GB’s top fundraising event. It now attracts more than 500 teams each year.
Pics from Trailwalker 2009: http://www.flickr.com/groups/trailwal…

So please, dig deep and give what you can. It all helps and every little adds up to a lot very quickly.
Once again you can sponsor me at www.justgiving.com/indyb or at www.uk.virginmoneygiving.com/indy

Thanks again!

Indy Beats

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