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Doni Brasco’s “Cos I Can” Movement





Do you believe in the kindness of strangers? I remember one time being in Starbucks and the person ahead of me paid for my coffee. She gave the Barista 10 dollars, which covered my grande caramel frappacino.

That random act of kindness made me smile.

Imagine making over 100 lunches in one afternoon…

The whole point of making these lunches is just to make people smile.

Welcome to Doni Brasco’s “Cos I Can” movement.

Every month, Doni and his friends gather at his house to make over 100 lunches which include a peanutbutter/jelly sandwich, a fruit drink, an apple, a bag of crisp and a sweet cake.

They pick a spot around Newham and pass out the lunches to anyone who wants one.

Doni and I met through a mutual mate, but I’ve followed Doni’s career since Sunrise Radio. I fell in love with his outrageous sense of humour and his gutsy approach to push the envelope. There’s nothing stale about Doni’s shows and the way he mixes is absolutely superb.

I didn’t know any of Doni’s friends, but it felt a connection as we were making the sandwiches and packing the lunches. We all shared a common goal – to make people smile.

Doni explained to me that Newham has been rated one of the worst places to live in London. That’s what inspired Doni to start “Cos I Can” because he wanted to get past that bad image of Newham and spread cheer all around. I really admire that about him, you can be an amazing radio presenter on air, but be a real asshole off air. We’ve all come across those types, but Doni is all heart.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but as a newbie, Doni expected me to pass out the first two lunches along with his other mate.

I was rejected the first five times. I got weird looks, angry stares and a lot of hesitation. It made me think we’ve become so engaged in our own bubble that we’ve forgotten how to trust one another.

I can go on and on about the random folks we ran into. But let me tell you this one scenario, a man came up to Doni’s mate Mo and asked if Mo was a Muslim…

 “This has nothing to do with religion. Yes I am a Muslim but we also have a Sikh, Hindu and an agnostic with us. This is about spreading happiness and doing something nice for the Newham community.” Mo replied.

That showed me that some people believe if they get something for free, there always has to be some sort of hidden agenda.

I really enjoyed spending my Sunday in East Ham, getting to know Doni’s mates and being a part of “Cos I Can” it was just such a nice way to connect with humanity.

If you would like to be a part of “Cos I can” please join their facebook group.