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Get Real with Apache Indian



Picture 56

Picture 55A couple of weeks ago, I was thinking what happen to Apache Indian? Growing up, I wore out my “Wild East” tape, I loved “pyaar pyaar (sample) 40 seconds

Had he dropped off the face of this earth? Little did I know, in his hometown of Birmingham UK, he opened a pub/restaurant called “Apache Bar” located at 190 Corporation Street, B’ham B75 6DP.

Last week, Brit Asia TV (Sky Channel 833) debuted “Real Talk” hosted by Apache Indian. It’s shot at “Apache Bar” and it’s a platform where they plan to talk about issues like politics, music, religion, identity, racism and problems the younger generation are concerned about. Toward the end of the show they will have musical performances… hopefully Brit Asia will put these clips on youtube for Apache’s American fans to see!

We need a show like this in America…. my TV media friends…. are you reading this! no more green screen with cheesy backgrounds, no more stale Bollywood songs… let’s learn from Brit Asia!

You can catch “Real Talk” every Thursday @ 9pm, repeated on Sunday @ 6pm & Tuesday @ 2pm

For those who are interested in performing or participating in real talk email – apachesbar[@]hotmail.co.uk  or realtalk@britasia.tv

Sensazn Magazine calls it quits!




When I lived in Hayes, UK… I loved going to one of shops in Southall and picking up Sensazn Magazine… just the name itself was so catchy…I loved the articles and even wanted to write for them at one point. It’s sad to see that after a couple of years, they decided to close shop. Not even maintaining their online website… media of all types are really feeling the lack of businesses willing to advertise. No advertisement = no money = no magazine. Sad but true.

here’s the letter from the editor…

Thank you for all your love and support over the past few years…we really do appreciate it! Due to the relevant slow down in the advertising markets, we’ve decided not to take Sensazn any further, both in print and online.

It’s been a very eventful and exciting time since 2008, and I personally want to thank each and every supporter, reader, and everyone that provided us with the words of kindness and encouragement to keep us going, in particular  I’d would like to thank each and every member of the Sensazn team, who put in the time, effort, sweat and blood to make and create the great content that we did.

Anyone who spared a second of their time for us. You all know who you are, and every second dedicated has been appreciated more than you think.

We made a positive impact in the music scene, and then later in other areas, but as with all good things – one day it must come to an end.

Thank you.

Ahmed Hussai