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About A Girl (Raxstar)



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An amazing EP from Raxstar, it gets right down to the core of raw emotions of losing someone and moving on. We featured it on THE JUNCTION and Raxstar gave us permission to give out the tracks to our listeners, so if you were feeling this EP, here’s a copy! Enjoy!

Our Time

Cooler Than Me

Within Memories


Cant Be Friends


Can We Go Back


Cornershop new album coming up in March!



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I had a hard time picking out a screen cap for Cornershop’s track Topknot because the video itself was filled with colorful imagery. We all have memories of flying our first kite, this takes me back to my childhood. UDR will be featuring their new album on the Junction “Cornershop and the Double O Groove of” it’s dropping in March, featuring Bubbley Kaur. Stay tune!

When Tjinder and Bubbley decided to work with each other, she had not recorded a note of music.  They had met very fleetingly, years ago at a cellar gathering in Preston Lancashire, where Tjinder & Benedict studied.  So it was much surprise when a taxi driver friend mentioned an Asian lady that liked to sing, was the same lady that worked in a local launderette, was the same lady he had seen in a northern cellar bar.

They then met a good many times at Tjinder’s house where they would listen to and discuss traditional Punjabi Folk Music, and slowly Bubbley came out writing her own original lyrics, which were set to a varied range of modern musics.  ‘Natch’ was the first song she recorded, followed by ‘Topknot,’ and together they became the first double ‘A’ single on Rough Trade Records.

The complete recordings have now been finished in their own good time. Tjinder explains “There was no need to quickly put the album out, but there was a need to make it top rank and evergreen, especially as I have wanted to do an album like this for 20 years.”

Benedict & Tjinder set up their own label, Ample Play in 2009 to release the highly acclaimed album ‘Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast.’  Always known for being innovative, the band finished this album with the support of pre-orders via the PledgeMusic platform.

More about the album.  The way Tjinder & Bubbley met was like a hindi movie script, and the outcome of the music is like an Asian version of The Kids From Fame – totally upbeat, giving rise to new ways of expressing yourself.  Full Album Tracklisting on the next page: