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Bay Area Punjabi Girl Campaigns for Miss California 2013



Jesse Deol


Miss California 2013

Jesse Deol, 23, is campaigning for Donald Trump’s Miss California 2013 and has officially claimed the title “Miss Bay Area”.


Deol is looking forward to her journey in the competition but also looking for making a difference by having her voice to heard among her generation. Deol is 100% East Indian

and grew up in the Bay Area which makes her one of the first South Asian females to be competing in such a competition.

“I know my friends have always laughed at me for saying I want to save the world, but hey, why not try? I would take the fact of knowing I’ve helped someone or made some one’s day over any materialistic object, any day” said Deol in a personal one-on-one interview.

“I believe the world is lacking of sincerely compassionate people who genuinely care about the well-being of others; however, this does not mean ALL are, or that people cannot be changed. I want to be apart of making those positive changes”, she said.

jess2Deol’s passion includes saving the environment and believes it is the essence of our existence which needs to be preserved and maintained.

Deol is planning to work on numerous charity projects in the upcoming year along with attending plenty of important community events in the Bay Area.

Deol studied Pre-Veterinary medicine and minored in Wine and Viticulture at San Luis Opispo, CA. In her undergrad she began losing faith in the medical pharmaceutical industries and realized the detrimental effects on agriculture and animal production, consequently human health. Her interests to protecting the environment. She one day hopes to fight for the people as an environmental lawyer, or another advocate of related field.

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