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FIFA Street 4 picks up Dub Reflex by Celt Islam




After a four year hiatus, FIFA Street 2012 is back and one of the tracks featured in the game is Dub Reflex by Celt Islam. I love the FIFA series and the fact the pick unique beats to go with their games makes me a bigger fan!

Dub Reflex by Celt Islam { From the album Transnational Dubstep and FIFA Street4 2012 game } by Celt Islam

3 Desi Dub-Step Artists You May Not Know About



3. G-Ta


G-Ta is into experimenting Punjabi music with Dub-step and Drum & Bass.  “He is definitely in the vanguard of the new collection of producers on the electronic side of Asian music coming out of Dubai, India and Pakistan!” – Bobby Friction

Tigerstyle – KUDI [G-TA Remix – VIP Version] by g-ta

2. Dub Sharma


This guy was an 8th grader when her entered the electronic music scene and started using beat programs to produce hip-hop and bhangra beats. Dub Sharma was introduced to the world in 2010 with his track “Raaz” featuring Jeetu Ramachandran. Since then he’s be discovered by numerous South Asian radio DJs around the world!

Dub Sharma by Dub Sharma

1. Kumarachi

kumarachi pic

2011 was Kumarachi’s year! Let’s just say Bobby Friction really spread the word about this guys impecible talent to fuse industrial dub-step beats with melodious Desi sounds. His tracks “Bombay Sapphire”, “Keep Moving”, and “Chasing Ghosts” are some of his hottest tracks which have gained much notoriety in the past year!

Kumarachi – Chasing Ghosts by kumarachi

Tigerstyle remix for South Rakkas Crew single Gangsta Revival



Picture 64

For our listeners who love bhangra and dubstep fusions, you can download “Gangsta Revival” Gangsta Kid F ft. South Rakkas Crew (Tigerstyle remix). D-Rakkas of the South Rakkas crew is dropping a 8 track EP on Aug 30th. Preview the tracks right here.

D-Rakkas(South Rakkas Crew)-Gangsta Revival (Tigerstyle Remix) by maddecen

You Got Mail Artist: Celt Islam



Picture 38

Meet Muhammad Abdullah Hamzah (Celt Islam) a fair warning to all you listeners, HIS BEATS ARE ADDICTING. I caught him on chat yesterday, one thing I respect in an artist is when they are aware of current events and not into themselves, but show a genuine concern about the world around them. I had a lot of fun chatting with Muhammad about the protesting/violence in Egypt, David Cameron and students fighting the UK government. Become a fan of Celt Islam on Facebook