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Can Bollywood Keep Up With Ms. Kardashian?



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If there’s a Bollywood Director out there, email us for Kim Kardashian’s agents number, she has recently expressed interest in taking on Bollywood. We’re sure you wouldn’t have any trouble finding a leading man for this Armenian bombshell.

“I would love to be in a Bollywood movie. Every time I see a Bollywood film it seems so glamorous. My brother actually went to India once and came back with all this amazing jewellery and so many stories. I would love to go there.”

India has got the best of Kim, since she’s been spending time in Dubai (We are sure she knows Dubai ISN’T in India) there’s no immediate plans for the Kardashian sisters to open up a Kash store, however, she’s excited to open up”Millions of Milkshakes” in Dubai.

Remember the string of sweet and funny tweets Jay Sean left for Kim? Perhaps the next time he tours India, he should take Kim along!

PS. Bollywood Directors, if Kim has trouble crying on cue? Just hide her earrings! You will get more tears than Kareena Kapoor!

Happy New Years from Urban Desi Radio




This picture was taking by Urban Desi artist, Sam Khan, in Dubai! What a beautiful shot! Thanks Sam for sharing it with all of us! Urban Desi Radio wishes all of you a wonderful 2011!

Imran Khan took a fall…




For those of you who follow Imran Khan on twitter, he tweeted “at the hospital in Dubai” the UK AMA winner has been touring the world on his unforgettable tour, according to his tour DJ Kay, he clarified that Imran took a fall in Dubai, he’s alright just needs some rest.

For those of you who bought tickets for his April 10th show in the Bay Area, the date has been rescheduled for may 1st, if you bought tickets they will be valid. So hang on to them! Imran, UDR wishes you a speedy recovery!