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Bay Area Comedy Show Benefits Infanticide Documentary



On the occasion of International Day of the Girl, Bay Area Local Organizes  Comedy Show- ‘Stand Up for the Tender Gender’

Petals in the Dust

In light of the growing violence and atrocities against girls across the globe, the UN has declared October 11 as the International Day of the Girl. On this inaugural Day of the Girl,Samson Koletkar, the world’s only Indian Jewish Stand Up comedian, and a father of a sweet little girl, brings you a stellar all female lineup of comics to benefit the making of Petals In The Dust: The Endangered Indian Girl, a documentary film that highlights one of the worst tragedies against girls – female foeticide and infanticide.



The Global Walk for India’s Missing Girls – San Francisco



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2011, for me personally, it’s all about getting healthy and participating in worthy causes. Please check out and join Global Walk for India’s Missing Girls. Over 7,000 female babies are murdered on a daily basis. Imagine, we are killing tomorrow’s future, simply because they were born female. Urban Desi Radio looks forward to seeing you, please join us for this peaceful march.

Rally starts at 11AM at City Hall followed by a peaceful march to Union Square.

We will have several speakers before we start walking to Union Square
Dr. Harmesh Kumar – Founder, SABH Foundation and SF Walk Sponsor
Manju Seal, – American Marshall Fellow
President, Narika Board of Directors
Baljit Sandhu – CEO of Sahaita
Sudha Reddy – Coordinator, US Operations, Aarti Home

The Global Walk for India’s Missing Goals has several goals
1. Protest the daily murder of over 7000 baby girls in India.
2. To create awareness and remember the victims of this genocide.
3. To pressure the Indian government to enforce the laws to protect these baby girls and their mothers.
4. To highlight non-profits and activists who are fighting to end female foeticide and infanticide in India.

The Walk will take place in several cities across the world including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jamshedpur, Chandigarh, Pondicherry, Toronto, Melbourne, Kampala, San Francisco and Washington D.C

Please join this Global Movement to Protect and Save India’s girls!!

Tell your friends about it too.

Contact us at walkindiasf@gmail.com

Take 5 with Nitin Kapoor




From Rooh Ba Rooh Simran’s emceeing to the believable performances each actor gave in “Dheeyan Marjaania” – the positive reviews have been pouring in… the play was based on “Neon Jarh” written by Ajmer S. Aulakh, the purpose of  DM was to awareness of female foeticide. DM was directed by Ashok Tangri and music by Parminder Guri, the proceeds went to the Sahaita organization.

I’ve known Nitin for awhile, he’s such a sweetheart. When he told me he was taking on a bad guy role, I couldn’t wait to see him in action. I even volunteered to bring him a punching bag, some folks joked that he would need “extra” security after the last act.

Nitin and I we “take 5” in this exclusive interview…

Petz: What made you want to audition for the play?

Nitin: I have been doing theater in the bay area for past 5 years. Highly respected Ashok Tangri (director of DM) discovered me and I learned everything I know about acting from him. Dheeyan Marjaania is our 4th play together in which he directed me. I think I was lucky to get this role and I am thankful to Mr. Tangri and Amrit Sra. so basically I didn’t audition for the play I was just picked to play this character.

Petz: Who were you and what sort of role did your character play in the family?

Nitin: I played the role of Babbi who was the son of the family born from the second marriage of Kulbir(Amrit Sra) with Bhagpari(Ruby Deol). Babbi is the antagonist of the story. Babbi is a spoiled young boy who is 19 years old. He do drugs, drinks and does not respect anyone in the family. The evilness of his character is shown when he kills his own grandmother and kicks his own dad out of the house. Babbi is the son that no one wants. He is materialistic, disrespectful, addicted to drugs, and very evil.

The lesson that Babbi’s character teaches the audience is that even if you kill daughters to get a son there is no guarantee that your son would be the “perfect” son. An evil son would only make your life a living hell instead of taking care of you in old age.

Petz: What have you gain from this experience? And what sort of impact do you think its left on the community here in the Bay Area?

Nitin: This was my first time playing an antagonist or a negative role. I got to learn a lot about how to handle different emotions and how to make your character more dramatic at the same time keeping it close to reality. My director – Ashok Tangri helped me a lot in understanding the character of Babbi and worked very hard on my dialogues, gestures, facial expressions etc. among other things. It was a wonderful experience and I met a lot of new people.

The feedback for the play has been very positive and we hope this play impacted the Bay Area community in a positive way. We are happy that we were able to spread awareness about female foeticide in attendance of 1200+ people. We sincerely hope that our message to the community gets viral and follows a ripple effect.

Petz: Are there any plans to take DM on the road?

Nitin: After the huge success of the opening show of Dheeyan Marjaania we are getting flooded by inquiries from all over North America. Hopefully you would see us taking our message all over U.S. and Canada in near future.

Petz: I’ve seen nothing but praises for DM, but in your facebook status you thanked the critics, what sort of things have they said?

Nitin: Thanks for your unconditional support and love Peta. Being in this business you very well know that it’s impossible to please everyone. We stage actors have our own set of critics. Even though I do what I do to please the masses I also respect the opinion of subject matter experts about my art. I always welcome constructive criticism and I thanked everyone who gave me constructive suggestions. Everybody loved the play and each individual performance was highly appreciated.


Dheeyan Marjaania – A play on Female Foeticide



Sahaita Presents…. Dheeyan Marjaania

When a baby comes into our lives, its normally a time for happiness; but there’s a silent killer lurking in the shadows – female foeticide. A cruel act of killing a baby girl after she is born… Dheeyan Marjaania play explores this and brings this issue to light.

Check out the video of Rooh Ba Rooh’s Simran giving a speech on female foeticide.

Buy Dheeyan Marjaania tickets through Rooh Ba Rooh, buy 4 tickets and get one ticket FREE call 925-789-0922

Dr Sonie Sandhu is offering a 60 minute massage if you buy 4 tickets at her clinic located at 1590 Oakland Rd, #B102, San Jose Ca 95131

Buy online tickets @ DesiClub.com Dheeyan Marjaania

Amritpal S. 510-394-5959

Chabot College Performing Arts Center Auditorium

Saturday July, 24th 2010


25555 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward CA 94545