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*DOWNLOAD* Dancing in the Moonlight (Dilpreet Bhatia)



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We were the first Radio show in the US to air “22 No. Faatak” album and the first to interview Dilpreet Bhatia. Dilpreet and his band focuses on folk, rock and acoustic genres. Over the holidays, Dilpreet gave out his album, Dancing in the Moonlight, free for his fans to download. There are no vocals; just pure electronic beats to take you on a journey around the moon. Dilpreet’s Rabba Es Dil Nu track, from 22 No. Faatak, was featured on UDR Top 60 Desi Beats for 2k10.

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1. Dancing in the moonlight

2. Lover’s Moon

3. Where is the moon

4. Dark Side Of the moon

5. Blue Moon

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Jagmeet Singh Jagga interview on THE JUNCTION



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Petz and Jagga (a local bay area Punjabi artist) sit down and chat it up on the Junction! Check out the interview at 3am!!! on 1170am and urbandesiradio.co.uk

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